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One-Day tour
  One day tour for Kungfu and Longmen Grottoes
  One day tour to Jiaozuo Landscapes
  Luoyang One Day Tour of Longmen Cave
  Luoyang Private One Day Tour
Classic Tour
  Line class-- Kungfu
  Henan tour
Special Unique Tour
  14 Day Beijing-Luoyang-Xi'an-Hangzhou-Nanjing-Shanghai Tour
  Chinese Kungfu Experience Tour
  A three-day tour to Luoyang's Landscapes and Spots of Interest
  15days Chinese Kungfu tour
  18days Chinese Kungfu tour
Coach Tour
Private Tour
  Kungfu Experience Travel—7days of Zhengzhou.Dengfeng Tour
  Three day tour to Jiaozuo Landscapes
  Luoyang 3 Days Private Tour
  6 Days Henan Tour
  8 Days Kung fu tour
Multi-City Tour
  A seven day tour to ancient Capitals: Beijing- Anyang-Zhengzhou-Luoyang-Xi'an
Sports Tour