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           Xi'an local snack 西安当地小吃

Xi'an diet culture is rich in the Northwest flavor; it is indeed one of a major enjoyable in tasting Xian local snacks. As noodles and dumplings , which are always filling and warming, are the staples of the local food, both Xi'an beloved Yang Rou Pao Mo and “Xian dumpling banquet” that famous at home and abroad, all carry a distinctive local characteristics. In addition, Biang Biang Noodles, bean jelly, Guokui, oil pastries and other special snack, all of which as well appeal tourists.

Visitors to Xian must do two things: one is to see the clay figures of terra cotta warriors and horses. The other is to taste Yang Rou Pao Mo (a soup dish that involves breaking wheat flour flat bread into a bowl and adding a delicious mutton stock). Before dinner, you will be served one or two pieces of wheat flour flat bread which you into tiny chunks, the smaller the better. The waiter or the waitress will then hand your bowl to the cook who mixes the bread and mutton soup with an appropriate relish. When the steaming hot meal is brought in, the waiter will also offer you sweet crisp pickled garlic, coriander, and hot pepper sauce. The most famous, the Tong Sheng Xiang (Prosperity and Fortune) Beef and Lamb Paomo Restaurant done in Tang Dynasty style, is a time-honored establishment in the Xian Bell and Drum Tower Square. 来到西安的游客必做的两件事情:一个是去看兵马俑,另外一个是品尝羊肉泡馍(一碗汤,掰碎的馍,再加上美味的羊肉片)。吃羊肉泡沫以前,你要把馍掰成小块块,越小越好。这时,服务员,就把你掰好的馍拿给厨师,加汤。服务员给你把热气腾腾的饭端出来时,还会给您提供甜酥腌大蒜,香菜和辣椒酱。西安最有名气的是唐代建筑风格的同盛祥牛羊肉泡馍馆,在西安钟鼓楼广场附近。

Next to Tong Sheng Xiang is a great restaurant, De Fa Chang Dumpling Restaurant, with its own version of the Dumpling Banquet.Ingredients for the dumpling fillings include various meats, vegetables, and seasonings. Cooking methods include steaming, boiling, pan-frying, deep frying, and roasting. Many flavors, including salty, sweet, hot, and sour are offered. Other house specialties include Peking dumplings, steamed sweet bean paste buns, steamed shrimp paste buns, and various uniquely spiced dishes. While guests sample various delicacies, traditionally waiters will explain the cuisine culture of each dumpling.在同盛祥旁边是一家很大的餐馆,是专卖饺子的德发长饺子馆。饺子馅的配料包括各种肉类,蔬菜和调味品。烹饪方法包括:蒸、煮、煎、炸、烧等。口味包括:咸、甜、热、酸等。在您用餐时,我们服务员会为您解释饺子的文化特色。

One of Xian's most famous specialties is the Guan Tang Baozi (steamed buns served with sauces inside) served at Jia Brothers' Restaurant in Muslim Snack Street. You'll know you're there when you see the monstrous blue arch over the entrance and a wall festooned with photographs of Xian notables - TV hosts, writers, and musicians. The specialty dish is Guan Tang Bao Zi, with a choice of beef, lamb or 'three flavors' - lamb, mushroom, and prawns. The buns have piping-hot soup inside, so caution is advised. This dish is best washed down with Ba Bao Xi Fan, a bowl of sweet rice porridge filled with peanuts, sultanas, hawthorn, and medlar berries.西安最有名的特色之一是,灌汤包子(馅和汤在里面),穆斯林小吃一条街上的贾三灌汤包。当你看到入口处有蓝色的牌匾,上面是西安名流(电视主持人,作家,音乐家等)的照片时,那就说明你到了。包子有牛肉,羊肉,三鲜,蘑菇,虾肉的。包子里有热气腾腾的汤,所以的吃的时候要小心。吃灌汤包最好是要配上香甜滑口的八宝粥。

Fanji is the famous vendor of Shaanxi's most widely consumed snack, Rou Jia Mo, finely chopped pork stuffed in toasted wheat flour flat bread. A piece of good-quality (youzhi) bread and a bowl of mung bean flour soup will cost you no more than 10 Yuan. The state-run atmosphere is quaint and friendly, and the numerous awards that decorate the walls are well deserved. The restaurant is in a lane opposite the Drum Tower, south of West Main Street.樊记肉夹馍是西安久负盛名的小吃,是把切碎的猪肉加入小麦烤饼里。一个优质夹馍和一碗绿豆汤不会超过十块钱。店面在钟楼对面,西大街的南边的巷子里。

A fascinating lure for food buffs is Local Snacks Street (Moslem Street) near Drum Tower in Muslim Square. On the two sides of the 500-meter street, there are many restaurants of different cuisines along with unique snack shops. While enjoying true Muslim cuisine, tourists can learn customs of the Hui people.Besides guan tang baozi in Jia Brothers''Restaurant, there is barbeque in the Pingwa Kaorou Shop, sour cabbage and beef fried rice in Honghong Suancai Chaomi Restraunt, and beef noodles in Yifenli Restaurant. Other offerings, including fried persimmon cake (shi zi bing), fried dumpling (guo tie), stir-fried bean jelly (chao liang fen), chopped mutton fried in a wok with fine-ground wheat (fen zheng rou), and beef and vegetable pie (xian bing) are available on both sides of the street.If you would like to taste all the local food at one time in a budget meal, Xian Restaurant (Xian Fan Zhuang) offers more than 100 varieties in its first-floor self-service restaurant. It charges only CNY18 per person, and is very popular with visitors.对于美食爱好者来说,回民街的穆斯林小吃街绝对是一个不小的诱惑。在这条约500米的街道两旁,有许多不同风味的餐馆和风格独特的小吃店。在享受穆斯林美食的同时,您还可以了解回民的风俗习惯。除了贾三灌汤包,这里还有平娃烤肉店,红红酸菜炒米店的酸菜牛肉炒米饭,一分利餐馆的牛肉面。其他的,如柿子饼,锅贴,炒凉粉,粉蒸肉,馅饼等小吃,你都能够找到。如果你想一次品尝到所有的西安小吃,那么西安饭庄是个不错的选择,在它的一楼有超过一百种小吃的自助餐。每人每次费用为18元人民币,是许多游客的必选之地。

As the center of northwest China, Xian provides a wide range of table delicacies in addition to local and traditional cuisine.作为西北地区的中心城市,西安可以为您提供各种地方美食和当地小吃。

Xi'an's food, generally speaking, is served in large portions, is inexpensive and each dish has its own story.On a downtown street, everywhere one can see signs, including "Old Sun Family's Paomo (steamed bun soaking in mutton soup), "Old Ma Family's Mutton" and "Old Liu Family's Hulutou (a local snack)". At the food street, food stands one after another stretch several hundreds meters. At night, temporary food stands fully line both sides of the street. Everywhere, there is a smell of delicous snacks.On the street, small restaurants and temporary food stands serve very cheap snacks. A bowl of hulutou costs only three yuan. Many temporary stands sell Chengdu's hot specialty, 20 cents per cube. With so many rich snacks, a lot of local people do not prepare meals at home and are willing to eat at food stands.

Liangpi 凉皮
Liangpi (cold noodles) is a famous summer snack (also sold in winter) in Xi'an. a kind of steamed cold rice noodles. This is a typical food of Shannan area and also deeply favored by Xianers for a long time. Generally, there are two kinds of Liang Pi here—Mi Pi (米皮) and Gan Mian Pi (擀面皮), and the differences between them are that the previous one is tasted a little softer and seemed whiter in color. While eaten, the rice noodles are mixed with several kinds of seasonings including special hot red pepper, sauce, salt, vinegar, mashed garlic and bean sprout.
This snack is made from wheat flour (or other starch). It looks translucent and tastes cold, and known for its white color, thin shape, smooth surface, pliable texture, tender and savory taste. It is eaten along with garlic, ginger, pepper, sauce, vinegar, bean sprouts, capsicum flour, salt, sliced cucumber, caraway, chicken essence, sesame oil etc. Male is not so interested in this delicious snack, but female is crazy about it, especially the nice girls and the elder women who have past their prime 

Fan's Pancake with Stewed Lazhi Meat  范记肉夹馍
As a famous snack of Van, Fan's pancake with stewed meat was first created by Fan Bingren and his son Fan Fengxiang, with a history of nearly 80 years. Prepared with highquality meat, Lazhi meat is well stewed with broth of the preceding years. 



Hulutou 葫芦头泡馍
Hulutou(Broth with Intestines and tripe), Is a local delicacy In Xian. Its raw materials are Intestine. Before It Is served, the customer needs to break the pancake Into small pieces, then the chef soaks them In the boiling bone soup three or four times with pork Intestine, pork tripe, chicken, sea cucumber and squid on the top. Afterward, lard and greens are added to It. It Is often served with preserved garlic and chili jam. It Is said that this culinary method was passed down from Sun Simiao, the famous doctor In the Tang Dynasty, to an owner of a restaurant In Chang'an with a bottle gourd of medicine for the flavoring. After the owner of the restaurant Improved the delicacy In light with what Sun Simiao told him, the delicacy became known as Broth with Intestines and Tripe for thousands of years.


Qishan's Saozi Noodles with Minced Meat 岐山哨子面
As early as in the Qing Dynasty, Qishan's saozi noodles of Shaanxi Province were famous for a spicy, sour and delicious taste, thin noodles and a good smell. Such noodles are prepared with high-quality flour, pork, eggs, day lilies and edible funguses, in addition to a wide variety of seasonings.

Qianzhou Hard Wheat Cake 乾县锅盔
In ancient times, Qianxian County in Shaanxi Province was called Qianzhou. As a popular local snack, Qianzhou hard wheat cake is as large as a lid of a cooking pot, thin on the edges and thick at the center. Hard, crisp and tasty, this wheat cake can be stored for quite a long time.


Cold noodles凉面
Cold noodl is called Liangpi in Chinese. It is a local snack in Southern Shaanxi and Central Shaanxi. The cold noodles made In Central Shaanxi are generally made from the wheat flour through steaming while which made In Southern Shaanxi are made from the rice flour through the same process. Cold noodles are served after they are mixed with gluten, bean sprouts, sliced cucumber, chili oil, soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic sauce. Sometimes, they can be served as a hot snack after they are stir-fried with sliced meat, sausage and greens.

Zeng Gao 镜糕
Zeng Gao Is a traditional snack for breakfast In Central Shaanxi. It Is made from glutinous rice and dates In a steamer which Is developd from an ancient cooking vessel Zeng, hence the name Zeng Gao. Dates have a lot of medicinal functions such as enriching the blood and calming the nerves and Zeng Gao has a strong flavor of dates and Is soft, sticky and tasty.

Buckwheat noodles   乔面河洛
Buckwheat noodles are made through pressing the buckwheat flour through the special device with holes. They can be served either hot or cold. If It Is served cold, flavor It with salt, vinegar, mustard, garlic sauce and hot chili. If It Is served hot, warm It up In the hot soup and scoop It up and top It with stir-fried vegetables and meat. Buckwheat noodles taste a little bitter but delicious and they are beneficial al the year round for It's antipyretic nature.

Dumpling in Sour Soup(酸汤饺子)
It is an old traditional snack with a history of more than 1, 000 years. The dumpling eaten in this way is usually made of mutton fillings. When eating, people put mutton dumplings into the especially made sour soup. The sour soup in all contains 13 kinds of condiments including dried small shrimps, cooked sesame, minced caraway, minced leek, cattle oil, sesame oil,
chicken oil, sugar vinegar and soy sauce. 


Kettle oil tea : (油茶)
Tea is a very common drink in China, but in different parts of this country this drink with its special local color. In Xi'an, people like drinking oil tea. When boiling tea, the wheat flour and all kinds of condiments are mixed up and put into the boiling water slowly. Then the almond, benniseed, the long-shaped, sauce, salt flour, pepper, and monosodium glutamate are put into the boiling tea soup at a simmer and stirred until the color becomes yellow. When the tea soup thickens up it is poured into a big tea Kettle for drink. Kettle oil tea is a very excellent refreshant and the local people and many travelers are keen on it very much.

Xian Huanggui Persimmon Pancakes (黄桂柿子饼)
To make the best use of the Lintong fire-crystal persimmon, Huanggui persimmon pancakes become a specialty in Xian. Mixed with wheat flour, osmanthus sause, rose-petals, walnuts and sugar, then be baked until golden-colored on both sides. There is an interesting story about its origin that in 1644 while Li Zicheng, a peasant rebel leader, occupied Xian and claimed king. As his amy started to attack Beijing, the locals wanted to give something but nothing could provide due to the great famine except for some persimmon pancakes that were very much hungry-resistant. With improved cooking method, the present pancake turn out to be a delicacy soft and tasty.

La Niu /Yang Rou (Cooked Beef/Mutton)  腊牛羊肉 
The Moslem Cooked Beef/Mutton is a traditional Xian snack which has been famous from the end of the Qing Dynasty. Firstly, the selected beef or mutton should be prepare, and then some fragrant seasonings are added, after several courses, the fresh, soft and tasty La Niu/Yang Rou is cooked well. Besides of the locals' popular snack, it is also a good gift to friends and relatives.

Rou Wan Zi Hu La Tang (Vegetable Stew with Lamb/Beef Ball) 肉丸糊辣汤 
This is a delicious breakfast cooked by the skillful Moslems in Xian. Usually, besides of the fresh lamb or beef balls, the soup also has several kinds of vegetable, such as potato and cabbage. In the winter morning, having a bowl of hot Hu La Tang will make your body warm promptly. 


kabobs 烤肉
Travel in Xi'an you can taste many flavorful roasts such as the Brazilian cabobs, Japanese roasted meat, South Korea broiler and Turkey fried meat. But we give the local Xi'an kabobs a plug because they are inexpensive and palatable.
Xi'an kabobs were introduced from Xinjiang in many years ago but they are very different from the Xinjiang kabobs in flavor. Besides with the cumin powder they also with some chili powder and other many condiments so they taste a little hot. The meat such as mutton, beeves, pork, fish, kidneys, and so on can be the raw materials of the Xi'an kabobs. They taste crisp and tender, look oily but not greasy. When eating the kabobs, most travelers like drinking beer or soda water, undoubtedly, this is a not bad choice. You can try it when you visit this city.

To enjoy the kabobs, you can go to the Huis (nationality) Street or the street near the Drum Tower where the night market are very busy, many people often gather there to eat these tasty foods.

Xiaoliu Tangbao Guan Tang Bao Zi (Dumpling Stuffed with Hot Gravy) 小六灌汤包子
Guan Tang Bao Zi is a kind of the small-sized steamed stuffed buns, containing stuffs and the hot gravy together. It is one of the most well-known specialities of Xian, Xiaoliu Tangbao with thin cover 、tender meat、fresh soup、craft-oriented shape : to bring like lanterns,put down like chrysanthemum , is popular among different people .

Jia Brothers' Restaurant  西安贾三灌汤包子馆
When you are in Xian, it should not be missed to taste the Jia Brothers' Guan Tang Bao in the Moslem Street. It is one of the noted restaurants in Xian City, attracting a great number of locals and travelers every day. Here, you can enjoy the fresh Guan Tan Bao stuffed with mutton, beef or vegetable as well as the sweet eight-treasure porridge at a reasonable price.
Average cost: CNY15 per person
Location: No.93, Bei Yuan Men (the Moslem Street), Lianhu District, Xian City
Bus routes: Nos.4, 6, 7, 12, 32, 43, 206, 215, 300, 600, 603, 608, U-7, You8 (get off at the Bell Tower)

cured mutton. (辇止坡腊牛羊肉)
The local delicacy was connected a lot to a story of Empress Dowager CiXi, who was fond of it and gave highly price on it during her visit to Xian. And later to follow her advice, the three characters ��Nian Zhi Po�� were wrote down , as a tablet today over the store. From that time on, the Tong Family's Cured Mutton Store had come to front widely. It is a good choice while drinking wine and the history could be cast back to the XianFeng, TongZhi years. The making process is really a kind of art that would lasted for totally three seasons as summer, autumn and winter with shine, press, boil and salt down step by step, so to be a great enjoyment.

Fen Tang Yang Xue (Jello Stew with Rice Noodles) 粉汤羊血 
Another popular branch of the Yang Rou Po Mo, it mainly uses the solidified blood of sheep. When eating, the blood is cut into thin strips and accompanied with chili, bean curd and parsley in the hot soup.



 Fen Zheng Rou (Steamed Meat) 粉蒸肉 
Firstly, the fresh beef, mutton and wheaten flour should be selected, and then pickle these materials by Chinese prickly ash, fennel and the other seasonings. After well steaming, the meat will be tasted soft and fresh enough. Now, it is a kind of popular snacks for the locals all the year round so that you can find it at any Shaanxi restaurants, especially in the Moslem Street.


 Jin Xian You Ta (Crispy Fried Noodles) 金线油塔 
It is a traditional snack in Xian originated from the Tang Dynasty, which is noted for its complicated cooking skill, delicious flavor and unique appearance. The steamed noodles are often eaten with some tasty sauces. Besides of the local restaurants, it is easily for you to enjoy this snack in the city's streets or lanes at a very reasonable price.


Rice Noodles in Earthen Pot(砂锅米线)
The Rice Noodles in Earthen Pot are very delicious, alible, and good in color, smell, taste and appearance. They are cooked in a pot with rolled meat, sea tangles, vegetables, mushrooms, bean curd, hams, smoked sausages, garlic stems, gingers and many seasonings. Usually, you can choose your own flavor according to your appetite. This food is not only favorite for local people but for the travelers.

Dou Fu Nao (Extra Soft Tofu) 豆腐脑
In fact, the extra soft tofu is a common snack in China, but the tofu cooked in Qianxian County, Shaanxi has kept its unique flavor. It is made of the crushed soybeans which are soaked in water firstly, and then boiled to a solid tofu. When served, a series of seasonings are added to bring out the fresh flavor. It is also a kind of welcome breakfast for locals that can be found easily.

 Chao Liang Fen (Stir-fired Starch Rice Tofu) 炒凉粉 
Liang Fen, the cold bean jelly, is a homely food in central Shaanxi that is often cooked in hot summer. When eating, the vinegar, sauce, salt and little mustard are added. And, the stir-fired Liang Fen is more popular in winter which is added with salt, sauce and chili. Besides of the Moslem Street, you can taste Liang Fen at any Shaanxi flavor restaurants.

A fascinating lure for food buffs is Local Snacks Street (Moslem Street) near Drum Tower in Muslim Square. On the two sides of the 500-meter street, there are many restaurants of different cuisines along with unique snack shops. While enjoying true Muslim cuisine, tourists can learn customs of the Hui people.

Besides guan tang baozi in Jia Brothers''Restaurant, there is barbeque in the Pingwa Kaorou Shop, sour cabbage and beef fried rice in Honghong Suancai Chaomi Restraunt, and beef noodles in Yifenli Restaurant. Other offerings, including fried persimmon cake (shi zi bing), fried dumpling (guo tie), stir-fried bean jelly (chao liang fen), chopped mutton fried in a wok with fine-ground wheat (fen zheng rou), and beef and vegetable pie (xian bing) are available on both sides of the street.

Besides, there many tasty snacks in Xi'an City, such as sour cabbage and beef fried rice, beef noodles, fried persimmon cake (Shizibing), fried dumpling (Guotie), stir-fried bean jelly (Chaoliangfen), and beef and vegetable pie (Xi'anbing). Those snacks are available on both sides of the street.

As a popular saying that Xian is a legendary as the “capital of table delicacies”where provides a wide range selections in front of the people at home and abroad.

   If you want to get the essence of Chinese delicacies, learning to use chopsticks is highly recommended. As for me, one of the most exciting thing when travel to xi'an Dumplings Making
What happens during the class?
1. Full illustration of dumplings making by your tour guide.
2. Demonstration by the chef.
3. Learn to make different types of dumplings.
4. Taste dumplings you cook.

Price from: $9  p/p (2-5 persons)

   Xian, one of Chinese ancient cities, is not only famous for its ancient culture and scenic spots, but also well-known for its prosperous food and beverage industry. Foods in Xian are quite different from the rest of China; especially compared with more easterly regions. You can see a delicious combination of Chinese cooking with Muslim and other traditions.
Muslim Quarter is a fascinating place where you can find muslim dishes, interesting people (some people still like their counterparts in Arabia) and a souvenir worth it. You can enjoy many snack Islamic faith, such as beef or mutton Row Jia Mo (Chinese hamburger), the type of noodles northwest Yangrou Paomo and many other attractive snacks that will not make you disappointed. Shops and restaurants here serve food at a budget price


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