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"Food" has a special meaning to the Chinese people.  The ‘waste not, want not's ethos means that a surprising range and variety of plants and animals, and every part of a plant or animal is used.  This has given rise to a remarkable diversity in the regional cuisine, but to Westerners it can be overwhelming -surprising, fantastic, delicious, horrifying or disgusting-and above all, different.  Travelers are often surprised that it is not like the Chinese take-away in their home town. 食物在中国人的心里有不同一般的意义。在中国人的眼里,吃的食物的选材范围惊人的广泛,似乎各种植物动物的任何部分都可以用来食用。中国的美味具有区域多样性,但对西方人来说,那可能极其出乎意料,奇妙,美味或骇人听闻,或令人不舒服。不过常常令旅游和则感到惊讶的其实是我们的中国菜与他们在他们家乡看到的中国菜大不一样。

However, China is also a gourmet's paradise, and the food can be outstanding, if you know what to order. It includes a lot of fresh vegetables, meat, noodles, rice, fish, dumplings and regional specialties, with an amazing number of ways to prepare, spice, serve, pickle or preserve the food.  Chinese Food然而,中国依然是个美食天堂,食物味美出众。食物包含很多新鲜蔬菜,肉类,面食,米饭,鱼类,饺子等,还有很多种方法去准备香料,服务,腌制或保存的方法。

Most restaurants provide tea free of charge.  This is normally green tea, or similar.
Cutlery can be ordered if wished.
Tipping is not expected, although service charges may be included in the more expensive restaurants.
Street food can be excellent – and cooked as you wait.  However, you should be aware that sometimes that noodle broth may include horse meat or other creatures that are not usually eaten where you come from.
Bottled water: Bottled water for drinking is available for purchase everywhere.  It is not advisable to drink tap water, as you will not be used to the local flora.  大多数的酒店提供免费的茶水,通常是绿茶或其他茶类。如果喜欢,可以使用餐具。不包含消费,但服务费包含在餐费里。街边小吃也还可以,你可以站在那里等。然而,你会知道你吃的面条里可能含有马肉或其他你根本没有吃过的东西。

饮料 瓶装水 :饮用瓶装水到处都可以买到。尽量不要直接饮用自来水,我们的自来水是不能直接饮用的。

Soft drinks and beer: Soft drinks and beer along with tea and rice wine, are the most common drinks in local restaurants.  There are many local and imported beers available. 
wine: The Chinese have been making wine for 4000 years, and the grape wine industry is currently expanding, with "Great Wall" and "‘Dynasty" being two of the more successful local brands.  Imported spirits, wine or beer will cost more than local products.  Some of the local spirits are extremely alcoholic, and bottles of wine which contain snakes, scorpions or other animals may startle you.软饮料和啤酒:软饮料和啤酒都如茶和黄酒,在当地都是很普遍的饮料。您可以买到当地啤酒和进口啤酒。酒:中国人酿酒已有4000多年的历史了,中国的葡萄酒业正在扩大,例如“长城”和“王朝”已经成为比较有名的当地企业葡萄酒品牌了。进口的酒比当地的酒更能刺激消费。当地的一些酒可能比较烈,有些酒是用蛇蝎子等比较恐怖的动物酿制的。

  Tea: Chinese Tea is usually green tea, often scented with jasmine.  Black teas may also have a stronger flavor than you are used to.  Some China hotels may provide tea bags, but be prepared for tea to taste taste different to you.   Chinese Tea


Coffee: Coffee is becoming more popular, and chains such as Starbucks are opening up in major cities (along with Kentucky Fried Chicken and MacDonalds). 


Milk: Milk is more often soymilk than not cow's milk, but the latter is served in hotels which cater to westerners, and fresh, dry or long-life milk is available from convenience stores, as is yoghurt, and delicious yoghurt drinks.


Western-style food, which you may crave now and again, can also be found easily in China. Most of the star-rated hotels have a restaurant providing western food. In addition, some fast-food outlets, like McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut, are not only popular among Chinese people but also offer much convenience for overseas tourists.


   Chinese food, celebrates six thousand years of culinary tradition. An ancient Chinese saying goes like this "Food is the nearest thing to Heaven". It comes as no surprise that the cuisine of China is widely accepted as one of the finest in the world. You can find Chinese restaurants from United Kingdom to Malaysia. Chinese cuisine expresses the ascent into great food by earthly beings with immense passion for good food. Meals are meaningful social events enjoyed with family, friends and business contacts. Special meals like eight course dinners are created for auspicious occasions like the Chinese New Year, birthdays, weddings and the arrival of a new baby in the family. In Chinese food, the harmony of visual appearance, aroma flavour and texture come together in yin-yang unity. The Chinese favour the creative interplay of fresh ingredients from land, sea and air blended with an amazing assortment of sauces. 


If you want to enjoy the Chinese food , we will arrange the best plan by your suggestion.如果您想吃中国餐,我们将在您的意见下给您做最好的餐饮计划。

About meals关于饮食
Generally speaking, the hotel is include breakfast, different hotel has different breakfast, it has three kinds: western, Chinese and western and Chinese buffet.通常来说,酒店都含早餐,不同的酒店含不同的早餐,一般有三类:西早,中早和中式自助餐。
Lunch is the most important meal in the whole day, we can offer you the convenient place and delicious food, so that , it can save a lot of time for your tour, at the same time , you can taste the local snacks.午餐时一天中最重要的一餐,我们可以为您提供方便的地点和美味的食物,当然,这可以为您节省时间,同时您也可以品尝到美味的当地食物。
Sometimes , the dinner does not include the meals plan, and will let you have your free time to eat more local food, you can eat what you want, maybe your taste is different from others, so you have chance to eat food by your interested. Our guide also lead you to taste the local snack.晚餐,有时,餐饮计划里不含晚餐,是为了让您有自由时间去品尝更多的当地食物,您可以吃任何您喜欢的,因为也许您的口味与团队里的其他人不一样,所以您大可以根据您的喜好来决定要吃什么。我们的导游会带领您去吃当地小吃。
Special requirement特殊要求
If you have special requirement about meals, for example, you are a vegetarian , we will take you to the right place to have meals. And let you to comfortable and happy. If you have other requirement, please tell us, we will give you the best service.

For the dinner, you have chance to order dishes, and tell us what do want to eat, and we can choose the right place by your suggestion, such as Pot. our guides will also take you to taste the chinese traditional dishes like:SiChuan cuisine; HuaiYang cuisine; cantonese etc.please tell us your diet,and we do our best to keep you satisfied 如果您对餐饮有特殊要求,比方说,您是一个素食主义者,我们将带您去合适的地方去用餐。会让您舒适又开心。如果您有其他的要求,请您告诉我们,我们将会给您最好的建议。


About no meals

The best plan is no plan最好的餐饮计划就是没计划
Chinese food is delicious with a large variety of cooking styles, recipes, and tastes. As the food in china is cheaper than other countries, so you can spend few money for foods. We will offer all kinds of food for you as much as possible.
In china ,you can eat variety international food in some big cities, It is not a problem for you to find them.中国食物的烹饪风格,食谱,口味花样繁多。中国的饭菜比其他的地方都要便宜很多,所以在饮食上您可能花费会比较少。我们将尽可能的为您提供尽量多的食物品种。


Personalize your tour plan to suit your gourmet desires个性化您的餐饮计划,以满足您的美食欲望。
If you prefer not having prearranged meals, let your travel consultant know your gourmet needs. He or she will advise you on availability based on your tour itinerary, and ensure time flexibility in your tour plan for a culinary adventure.如果您不想要计划餐,那么把你的饮食喜好告诉我们的旅游计调。根据您的需求,他将会给您最合适的建议,而且也可以在您的旅游计划内灵活变通,以提高旅游质量。

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