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Travel transportation旅游交通

International & Domestic Flights国际&国内航班

Flex departure

Flex departure time 便捷灵活的离开时间

Travelling with China unique tour, you needn’t to adjust to your time to fit the agency’s tour time, and we will arrange our time to fit your timetable.
Please tell us your arrive and departure time of tour in china, our travel operator will arrange the reasonable timetable for you according to your flight time.与中国特色旅游同行,您不需要调整您的时间以适应旅行社的团队时间,而是我们将调整我们的时间与您的时间相协调。请您告诉我们您的到达中国和离开中国的时间,我们的计调将为您安排可行的旅游计划表。

Time is permitted or not  没有准确的时间限制
if you want to travel China in advance , out consultants will adjust the timetable by your time. And early booking of air tickets often has better discount. However in some cases, you probably do not know exactly when your time is available for a tour in advance.
Our suggestions provide the estimated time range for you, also for us. It will greatly help your travel consultant in helping your tour plan. Not only save a lot of time for you, but also make you feel enjoyable during this trip.如果您想游览中国,请提前通知我们的旅游顾问

 China  Flight Travel 中国航空旅游

We provide flights & holiday packages to all destinations and we believe we are very competitive with our prices.

If you want to book your own international flight ticket, that’s all right. And China Unique Tour is glad to tell you we can also book the flight tickets both international and domestic about your plan.
We search over 400 airlines for the latest low airfares and optimal routes. So we are able to optimize your air travel plan to best suit your tour schedule.我们可以为您提供各个旅游目的地的航班及旅游配套服务,而且我们的报价是非常有挑战性的。如果您想自己订国际班,那也可以。中国特色旅游非常乐意为您预订国际和国内的航班。我们可以联系到超过400条航线和提供低价机票的航空公司。因此我们可以为您提供最适合您的最优航空旅游计划。

Air Transportation : Chinese airports and aircraft are regulated by the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC). Routes are operated by a number of domestic airlines. These use modern aircraft and operate to international safety standards.中国机场和飞机是受中国的民法(民航总局)航空总局领导下进行着。航线经营权是的国内航空公司的。所有国内的航空公司是符合现代的飞机和运作的国际安全标准。

As with air travel elsewhere, security issues mean that you must carry identification that matches the details we submit to make reservations so it is very important that you let us have your full passport details without error. A scanned copy is best. You must not carry prohibited items onto the plane with you. You must co-operate fully with the staff at the security checks. These checks may take some time.

Snacks and drinks are served on short flights; meals may be served on longer ones. You should let us know of any special dietary requirements that may apply to these at the time of booking.

We are required to advise you of the likely carrier(s) that will operate your flight(s). We use:

CA - Air China   中国国际航空公司
CZ - China Southern Airlines 中国南方航空公司
MU - China Eastern Airlines  中国东方航空公司
■MF - Xiamen Airlines        厦门航空公司
■3U - Sichuan Airlines    四川航空公司
■FM - Shanghai Airlines    上海航空公司
■ZH - Shenzhen Airlines  深圳航空公司
■SC - ShandongAirlines 山东航空公司
■HU - Hainan Airlines  海南航空公司

We are required to advise you of the actual carrier(s) and shall inform you of the identity of the actual carrier(s) as soon as we become aware of this. Any change to the operating carrier(s) will be notified to you as soon as possible

Domestic flight ticket 国内航班机票
Between international China and HongKong/Macau

Between mainland China and HongKong/Macau中国大陆与香港/澳门之间
Between Hong kong/ Macau and Asia香港澳门与亚洲之间
Between International and Asia其他地方与亚洲之间
Between mainland China and Asia中国大陆与亚洲之间
Between International and mainland China其他地方与中国大陆之间

How to book International flight from us?如何通过我们预订国际机票?
Our website doesn’t provide the booking flight online, if you want us to help you book the flight tickets, you can just send us an email, please attach the detail of your personal and flight information我们的网站不提供在线预订机票,如果你想让我们帮助您订机票,您可以给我们发邮件,附上您个人的相关信息和航班要求。

China Train Travel 中国铁路旅游
When you’re traveling across China, it’s a good bet that a lot of your destinations will be reached by train. China’s extensive train system is the best way to get to many cities and towns along your route and with the country’s high-speed rail technology. When you train travel in China, you'll see it is an efficient way to get where you’re going, as well as the best way to view the country-side. From impressive mountains capes and wild forest areas to bustling towns and cities, the sights of China are right outside your train window.Traveling by train in China is one of the cheapest ways to travel some of the long distances in China and is used widely by the local population. It is important to know what to expect if you decide to travel by train in China. If you choose to travel by train, China Highlights recommends booking a soft sleeper. The restaurant carriage will be the 10th car.如果您想在中国旅游,您就会发现乘坐火车几乎可以到中国所有的旅游景点。中国庞大的铁路系统可以为您提供到达各个城市,城镇的交通路线。当您乘火车游览中国的,你将会发现这是一种到达旅游目的地和欣赏乡村风景的有效方式。从原始森林和原野到热闹繁华的乡村城市,中国的美好风光就在你的窗子外面。乘火车出行是最便宜的旅行方式,也是当地居民所普遍采用的出行方式。如果您决定选择乘坐火车旅行,那么您应该要明白什么是值得您去期待的。如果你选择火车出行的话,我们建议您选择软卧,餐车一般是在10号车厢。

Although there are only four classes of tickets in China (soft/hard seater/sleeper) the standards actually vary more with the type of train taken. Express trains on the main routes have newer carriages with better facilities as well as better, more reliable, schedules. We use our knowledge of the rail system to choose optimal trains. We also choose the most comfortable style of travel for the journey, subject to local regulations (For instance, sleeper tickets are usually not available for short journeys). In most cases we travel soft seater for short journeys and soft sleeper for overnight journeys. Where these are not available we make a note in the itinerary.虽然只有4钟类型列车在中国(软/硬 座位  软/硬 卧铺 )的标准实际上是与所采取的不同类型的列车。在主要路线列车有更好的设施,以及更好,更可靠,进度较新的车。我们用我们的铁路系统的知识,选择最佳的列车。我们还选择了旅程的旅行最舒适的风格,受到地方法规(例如,卧铺票通常不为短期旅行提供)。在大多数情况下,我们的旅游过夜行程短行程和软卧软座位。如果这些都没有使我们在行程的说明。

Very occasionally we may not be able to get tickets of the stated class for one particular departure. We will do our best to find a suitable alternative; otherwise we will offer compensation in excess of the price difference.有时我们很可能无法获得一个特定的您预订等级的火车票。我们将尽最大努力找到一个合适的选择,否则,我们将提供不同的价格超过补偿。

The system for rail reservations in China will only allow Travel Agencies including China Highlights to confirm bookings 10 days prior to departure of the train.中国的铁路预定系统可接受旅行社的提前10天的火车票预订。

We provide a 98% success rate for obtaining tickets for reservations. We do however reserve the right to change your scheduled itinerary and mode of transport if required.我们订票的成功率为98%。当然,有需要的话,我们会为您保留改变行程或交通方式的权利。

Booking your China Trains 预定中国火车

Although we only include a train ticket selling service for our designated train tours, you can talk to us about your train destinations. Email or call our travel center and find out more from our friendly and expert staff for great information on train travel in China. 我们的铁路服务只包括订票服务,您需要告诉我们您的火车目的地。请您给我们发邮件或者来电话,这样我们才能更好的为您安排您的中国铁路之旅。

If you would like more information about train travel in China or want to ask a question to help you decide if train travel in China is for you please feel free to contact us. We will reply you within one working day.如果您想了解更多关于中国或侧车之旅的信息,或者您想了解乘坐火车旅行对您来说是不是适合的话,请您联系我们。我们将在一个工作日之内给您回复。


China Tour bus Travel 中国巴士游

By using our service, you'll be met by our guide/driver at the airport/railway station who will be holding a sign with your name on and then deliver you directly to your preferred destination. The vehicle is used only for you, your family or your party. Our veteran drivers have more than 5 years' driving experience and our English-speaking tour guides (other language tour guides are available as well) are professional and helpful. Return service is also easy to book. 如果您选择我们的服务,在机场/火车站您将会看见我们的司机或导游举着写有您名字的接机牌在等您,然后他们会直接送您去您想要去的旅游景区。我们的交通工具只为您,您的朋友,您的团队服务。我们的司机都是有五年以上经验的老司机,我们的英语导游(或其他语种的导游)都是很乐于助人的专业导游。返程服务也是很方便就能预订呢。

Private Vehicle: We use private air-conditioned vehicles of an appropriate size for the group so that everyone has a seat and room for their luggage. Our drivers are all experienced drivers licenced to carry passengers. The driving style in China is different from that in the west. Our drivers know this and modify their driving accordingly though we have no control over other road users. Should you ever have any concerns please raise these with your guide at the time.我们使用一组适当规模的私人旅游空调车,使每个人都有座位,有放行李的空间。们的司机都是有旅游牌证驾驶经验丰富的人员。在中国的驾驶风格是不同在西方。我们的司机都知道这一点,对于相当复杂路面的驾驶有着非常灵活和果断的处置能力。 如果你有任何对司机不满意的地方,请给导游提出。我们尊重您的选择.

1-2 traveling Party: we offer cars

Car type车型: Red Flag红旗
 Seat车座: 4 seats 4座
 Year出厂日期 : 2008 年

3-5 traveling Party: we offer vans

Car type车型: Refine Business Van瑞风商务
Seat车厢座位: 9 seats座
Year 出厂日期: 2008年

6-15 travelling Party: we offer 22-seat coach

Car type车型: Toyota Coaster考斯特
Seat车厢座位: 22 seats座
Year出厂日期 : 2008年

Company Overview                 Why choose us?
Our Provide  How  Services ?

Hiking: Each day contains some element of walking; some sites are quite extensive and require some effort to visit. We reserve the tag 'Hiking' for days when the main purpose of the day is to complete a set route of several hours duration (typically 3-5 hours). Although you do not need to be particularly fit to complete such routes we do advise that you do some practice walks of a similar length before coming to China, especially if you do not exercise regularly normally. This will ensure that you are able to enjoy this activity in-country.

Bicycle Rides: We have included bicycle rides where these allow for a better means of appreciating the local area, not as a form of exercise. You do need to be capable of riding a bicycle but routes are chosen to avoid hills,traffic and other difficulties as much as possible. Bikes are generally in a fair condition though you will be asked to check your own before setting out. You need only ensure that your brakes and gears function - and that your saddle is adjusted to suit your own preference. Your guide will accompany you and deal with any issues (such as punctures) that arise during the trip.

Animal Rides: We do not currently include any animal rides within our range of China Journeys. In some locations that we visit, animal rides are available as optional activities. We recommend you check that your travel insurance policy covers you for such activities if you intend to take part. The decision to take part is yours, and best left until you see the animals available and the supervision offered.

Boat Trips: We use a variety of craft to enjoy some sites from the water. These are all approved for tourists and safety procedures (including life-jackets) are monitored by the local authorities.

The larger craft are motorized but we also use bamboo rafts propelled by pole in some locations.

Rafting is undertaken on slow-moving sections of river although there are weirs to descend on some routes. Everyone should wear the lifejacket provided. You may opt out of the activity if you wish; your guide will arrange land transport to the destination.

Lessons: We have included a few lessons to add some cultural experience to the range of other activities in our China Journeys. These are intended to be fun and are therefore generally only for an hour or so. You will only see the basics but this may be enough to spark a longer-term interest.

Shows: The shows that we include are all highly rated and as much part of the China experience as any of the sites visited. We obtain standard seats. If you would like special seats for any performance then you should speak with your guide in advance though we cannot guarantee availability.

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