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Xi'an Taxi 西安出租车

For tourists, taxi might be the most convenient way to get around. Most taxi cars in xian are green in color with bright head lights, which are easy to recognize.


The Xian Xianyang International Airport (西安咸阳国际机场) is about 47 kilometers or 30 miles northwest of the center of the city. The center of the city is where the Xian Train Station and the Xian Bus Station are. Most of the travel highlights in Xian City itself are located close to the train station. At the airport, you’ll find two kinds of taxis. There are green taxis that start at 6 RMB or 90 US cents (7 RMB after 11 pm) for the first two kilometers and add 1.5 RMB for each additional kilometer. There are also more expensive luxury black taxis that start at 8 RMB and add 2.4 RMB for each additional kilometer. To take a taxi to the Xian Train Station or the Bell Tower costs about 100 RMB or about 15 USD. There is an additional 10 RMB toll for the toll highway that isn’t reflected in the meter’s price and is added on. To take a taxi to the Terracotta Warriors, the metered fee is about 85 RMB or 12.80 USD, and the toll fee is about 15 RMB. Here is some additional information about taking taxis in Xian.

Since taxi drivers sometimes try to scam tourists by giving fake money, going a long way around, and in other ways, if you are going to the center of Xian, Xianyang City, the Chan Ba district and many other places serviced by the Airport Shuttle Buses, it might be best just to take a shuttle bus. Tickets to Xian on the Airport Shuttle Buses generally cost about 25 RMB, and tickets to Xianyang City cost about 15 RMB. Taxis in Xian are not as well regulated as in other big cities, and the drivers may try to scam tourists who generally don’t know what the money looks like, the travel routes, and the ways of being tricked. If you do take taxis in Xian, here are some tips:

1) Have your destination written on paper in Chinese. Drivers might not speak any English.
2) Carry change with you. Because tourists often don’t know what Chinese money looks like, they often get counterfeit coins and bills. A typical scam is for a taxi driver to take a large bill such as a 100 RMB bill and switch it for a fake bill, and he then gives the fake 100 RMB back saying that the bill is fake. He might then ask you for another 100.
3) If you have a problem, write down the driver’s license number and his license plate number. Tell him that you will call the Taxi Management Bureau of Xian City. This may cause the taxi driver to stop his scam. 0086-029-88624509

Useful tips for taking a taxi at Xian Xianyang International Airport:
1. Please follow the indicators in the airport to the taxi parking lot and take the taxi in green which is the best choice for a budget trip. 
2. Most of the drivers refuse to charge by meter; therefore, you should bargain a reasonable price with them.
3. Alternatively, carpooling, which is preferred by drivers, is an economical way for travelers, too. The fare is around CNY60-CNY70 per person.

Taxis in Xi'an are predominantly VW Santana made in Shanghai, BYD auto made in Xi'an and Citroen made in Wuhan. Taxis work 24 hours a day, managed by the Taxi Management Bureau of Xi'an City which records complaints. Customers are charged by meter.上海的出租车主要是桑塔纳,西安的出租车主要是比亚迪,武汉的出租车主要是雪铁龙。出租车24小时营运,出租车管理中心来管理。按公里数来计费。

Most, if not all, taxis in Xi'an run on compressed natural gas (CNG).西安大多数的出租车都是加压缩天然气。



Taxi is a great way to get around inside Xian city. The roads in the central district are fairly well organized but be warned that some of the main roads can become very congested during rush hour. 在西安市内逛的话,出租车是首选。市区的主要地区交通很方便,但是要提醒您的是,出行高峰期可能会遇到堵车。

Taxi fares are only CNY 6 for the first 2 kilometers (CNY 7 between 22:00 and 6am) and CNY 1.5 for each additional kilometer. The fare is rounded off to the nearest yuan. 出租车的价格是前两公里6元人民币,(22:00至06:00是7元起步价),之后是每公里1.5元。

The taxi fee info is like the following: 出租车计费方式

6.00 or 8.00 for the first 2 kilometers based on different types of cars;
after the first 2 kilos, 1.50 or 2.4 per kilo based on different types of cars;
under certain circumstances like waiting in a traffic jam or for the lights to turn green, it is charged as 1 kilo per 5 minutes;
from 11.00 pm to 6.00 am, it is charged as 7.00 or 9.00 for the first 2 kilos based on different types of cars and after the first 2 kilos, 1.80 or 2.7 per kilo;
all the invoices should be printed according the actual distance instead of the former tickers with fix charges. 早6点到8点的起步价是根据车型来决定的,过了初始的2公里,以后每公里1.5还是2.4元也是根据车型来决定的。遇到堵车或者红绿灯的时候,价格是按每5分钟一公里来换算。

Shanghai Santana: lowest price 8.00 yuan (3 kilometers)
2.00 yuan/kilometer上海桑塔纳出租:起步价8元(3公里),2元/公里

BYD auto made :lowest price 6.00 yuan (3 kilometers)
1.80 yuan/kilometer比亚迪出租:起步价6元(3公里),1.8元/公里

 It is a good idea to write down your destination in Chinese since taxi drivers in Xian often do not speak English.将你要取得地址的中文名称写给司机看,是非常好的方法。因为很多司机不会讲英语。

1. Usually, there are two peak times in a day for taking taxi, 08:00~08:30 & 17:30~18:30. It is difficult to hail a cab during these times. On the other hand, during the drivers' shift change, they may refuse to take passengers who are not going to the same direction.
2. It is difficulty to hire a taxi just near a traffic light or a crossroad. In this case, you'd better walk to another stand a short distance. It is easier to hire a taxi close to a bus stop, in front of a hotel or a restaurant.
3. Most taxi drivers do not like to use all their change so it is better not to pay with a CNY 100 bill if the fare is very small.  Try to have close to the right amount of money. Also, the driver will not expect any tip.
4. In case of an unexpected accident, please keep the taxi receipt on which the supervisor's telephone and the taxi number are recorded.
5. Influenced by the Xian subway under construction currently, taxi drivers have to detour sometimes, especially around the city center. Therefore, the actual fare may be a little more than the suggested cost.
6. Travelers should know ahead of time that there will probably be no seatbelts and special seats for children and babies in the taxi! The drivers usually travel very quickly that foreigners are not used to the way that people drive here, especially cab drivers. But, cab drivers are excellent drivers and you can relax!


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