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Cautions  China remains one of the safer destinations in the world for tourists and the Chinese government takes the safety of visitors seriously. There have been no terrorist incidents in the country to date and any protest-related bombings have been isolated and not directed at foreigners. As with visiting any foreign country, however, it is always best to take special precautions to safeguard your personal possessions when in public places. Taking extra care in street markets and at tourist sites, where petty criminals tend to operate, is recommended. 旅游当中最需要之一的就是旅游景点的安全性,我国政府已经采取了安全保护措施。中国目前已经没有恐怖袭击事件,与爆炸有关的人员也已被隔离,不会有针对外国人的恐怖事件发生。因为您是游览其他国家,所以在公共场合您最好采取特殊防御保护措施,以保证您的人身和财产安全。在街头市场和景区景点,您要特别留意以防人多杂乱,出现意外。

Electricity: 220 volts, 50Hz.
Health  There are no special health precautions that are recommended when visiting China, although travel insurance is highly recommended to guard against any unexpected circumstance that might require emergency medical care or repatriation. It is also recommended that elderly travellers, or anyone having a medical condition requiring special care, have a thorough physical examination before leaving home and to bring copies of their medical records.


健康  游览中国时,我们没有办法为您提供特别的健康预防措施,但是我们强烈建议您购买旅游保险,以防在意外的情况下,您可能需要紧急医疗护理或遣返回国。我们建议年纪比较大的老人和身体有其他状况的人,需要特别的照顾。离家前做一次全面的身体检查,然后携带上医疗记录的副本。

No immunisations are required for entry, unless you are coming from an area where yellow fever is present. If you plan on travelling in rural areas, immune globulin is recommended to prevent hepatitis A, as is immunisation against typhoid fever. It's a good idea to drink only water that is bottled and to bring along anti-diarrhoea medication as well as a supply of any prescription medication you require on a regular basis. 入境不要求防疫接种,除非你是从当时的黄热病发区来的。如果您打算去去农村旅游,免疫球蛋白可以预防A型肝炎。最好是饮用瓶装水,携带抗腹泻的药物,定期储备处方类药物。

Useful information about Xian
Population: about 8.2 million人口:820万
Area: about 9,983 sq kilometers面积:约9983平方米
Area code: 029区号:029
Zip code: 710000邮编:710000
Toilet facilities: most toilet facilities in emporiums, shopping centers, supermarkets, stations and scenic spots are free. The other will charge no more than 0.5 Yuan.卫生间设备:商场,购物中心,超市,车站,景区景点内的厕所是免费的。其他的厕所需要收0.5元。

Banks: Shaanxi Branch of Bank of China offers money changing service.


        Shaanxi Branch of Bank of China中国银行陕西支行
Address: 21, Xianning Xi Lu, Xian 地址:咸宁西路21号
Xian Branch of Bank of China 中国银行西安支行
Address: 38, Juhuayuan, Beilin Qu, Xian地址:碑林区菊花园38号

        Nanshaomen Subbranch of Xian Branch of Bank of China中国银行西安南稍门支行
Address: 91, Youyi Dong Lu, Beilin Qu, Xian地址:碑林区友谊东路91号
Post office: (Opening Hours: 8:30-18:00)



City Center: Bell Tower Post Office, Northeast corner of Bell Tower Square


South Suburb: Xiao Zhai Branch, No.3 Xiao Zhai Xi Lu南郊:小寨西路3号
North Suburb: Bei Guan Branch, No.18 Bei Guan Zheng Jie北郊:北关正街18号

Internet bar: tourists can easily find internet bars near colleges or universities, usually it costs you 1 - 2 Yuan per hour, but those with better facilities and faster connection speeds may cost more.网吧:在高校附近很容易就能找到网吧,通常一小时的费用是1到2元,但是如果设备好一些,网络连接更快一些的话,价格可能就会更高一些。

Jiaoda Branch of Hong Shulin Internet bars红树林交大店
Address: 2/F, Zonghe Lou, Jiaoda Shichang, Xianning Xi Lu, Xian地址:咸宁西路 交大市场,综合楼 2楼

Xiao Mayi Internet Club 小蚂蚁网吧俱乐部
Address: 2/F, Seastar Supermarket, southwest corner of Wenyi Lu crossing地址:文艺路十字西南角,海星超市 2楼

Emergency Numbers: 急救电话

Fire: 119 火警:119

Traffic: 122 交通事故:122

Ambulance: 120 急救电话:120

Police: 110  报警电话:110


People's Hospital of Shaanxi Province (Shaanxi Sheng Renmin Yiyuan)陕西省人民医院
Address: 214, Youyi Lu, Xian地址:西安友谊路214号
Tel: (029) 85251331电话:02985251331

No. 2 College Affiliated to Xian Medical Unviersity (Xian Yike Daxue Di'er Fushu Yiyuan)西安医科大学第二附属医院
Address: 36, Xi Wu Lu, Xian地址:西安西五路36号
Tel: (029) 87273634电话:02987273634

Xian First Aid Center西安急救中心
Address: 24, Jiefang Lu, Xian地址:解放路24号
Tel: (029) 87427504 电话(029) 87427504


Useful Numbers 一些有用的号码

Zip code Inquiry: 184 邮编查询:184

Taxi Complain: 88624509 出租车投诉:88624509

Mayor's Hotline: 87295170 市长热线:87295170

Xian Tourists Complain: 87630166 西安旅游投诉:87630166

Shaanxi Tourists Complain: 85261437 陕西旅游投诉:85261437

Consumption Complain: 12315  消费投诉:12315

Telephone Number Inquiry: 114  电话号码查询:114

Public Buses Complain: 16801315 公交投诉:16801315

China Mobile Customer Hotline: 1860 中国移动客户服务热线:1860

China Unicom Customer Hotline: 1001中国联通客户服务热线:1001

China Telecom Customer Hotline: 10000 中国电信客户服务热线:10000


Xin Hua Book Store新华书店
Address: 377, Dong Dajie (100 meters away from Bell Tower)地址:东大街377号(距钟楼100米)

Shaanxi Foreign Language Book Store陕西外文书店
Address:.349, Dong Dajie (500 meters from Bell tower)地址:东大街349号(距钟楼500米)

Famous Universities:著名的大学

Xian Jiaotong University西安交通大学
Address: 28, Xianning Xi Lu, Xian地址:咸宁西路28号

Northwestern Polytechnical University西北工业大学
Address: 127, Youyi Xi Lu, Xian地址:友谊西路127号

Northwest University西北大学
Address: 229, Taibai Bei Lu, Xian地址:太白北路229号

Xian International Studies University西安外国语大学
Address: 437, Chang'an Nan Lu, Xian    长安南路437号


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