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Xi'an Things To Do


Xian is a fascinating city bearing a rich heritagem, Xian is a fascinating city bearing a rich heritage, the remnants of which are still strewn across the city. Xian now stands as a central China and a number of tourists flock here each year to trace the city's medieval past. The city offers its visitors a number of things to do during their stay.This ancient yet modern city has is filled with unique cultural aspects that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.The most interesting engagement in Xian is naturally looking around the city. Sightseeing in Xian offers a number of interesting destinations for the tourists. As a capital of the country for more than thousand years, and home to several dynasties, the city has a rather interesting history to narrate. The ancient architectures and the traces of the past civilization attract the tourists with their old world charm. Given below are some of the most interesting places to see in Xian:

Many tourists say the city of Xian looks more Chinese than the those metropolitan cities like Beijing, Shanghai. It is a favorite haven for those who are interested in Chinese culture and its people.
If it is your first time to visit Xian, then you may wonder what are the most important things to do in Xian for a short trip of 2-3 days. There is huge information on what to see in Xian, which you may get from either some popular travel books or plentiful quality websites including tripadvisor.com and about.com. As a local travel expert, I'm happy to present you my version of Top 10 Things to Do in Xian for your reference.

Self-guide city tour  The most interesting activity in Xian is freely walking around the city. Sightseeing in Xian offers a number of interesting destinations for the tourists. As a capital of the country for more than thousand years, and home to several dynasties, the city has a rather interesting history to narrate. The ancient architectures and the traces of the past civilization attract the tourists with their ancient charm.
私人导游室内游 :西安最有趣的活动就是在自由的漫步于城市的周围,在西安游玩可以去好多有趣的地方,作为一个有着几千年历史文化的首都,是多朝的都城,这个城市有太多的历史,古老的建筑和文明的历史用它的迷人吸引着中外游客。

The Army of Tettacotta Warriors     The Army of Tettacotta Warriors is a valued possession of the city by the UNESCO which has credited it as a World Heritage Site in 1987. Over 8,000 life-size terracotta warriors and horses were arrayed in battle formation in many underground pits.
Currently, there are 3 major pits measuring about 4-8 meters deep, have been excavated and a museum set up on the ruins.

The excavated figures are found to be in several armed forces including standing infantry, kneeling archers, cavalryman as well as charioteers with horses. Each figure's appears to be unique showing a variety of facial features and expressions as well as their hair styles and accessories.

Big Goose Pagoda  Famous big goose pogoda situated in the Da Cien Temple.Originally built in 589 AD in the Sui Dynasty,the temple went under repair in around 648AD by Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty.In 652AD,big goose pogoda was built by monk Xuan Zang who made a proposal to the court to store the scriptures and statues he had brought back from India. You can climb the Pagoda for an extra fee which will gives you a great view over Xian.

Forest of Stone Tablets Museum  This  museum contains the heaviest collection of stone books in the world. It was regard as top 50 places of visit by foreigners in China in 2007. The musum was set up in 1087.Over 3,ooo tablets are preserved,only 1,000 precious opened to the public covering the Qin and the Han dynasties to the Qing dynasty.The exhibition area was divided into two sections:stone tablets and stone carvings.Of all famous tablets are Christian Nestorian Tablet,Stone-base Classic of Filial Piety and Kai Cheng Stone Classics etc.  

City Walls Xi'an city walls are still visable and it is possible to walk or cycle all way around on the wall which is 14km.  There is still a lot of restoration works sometime and sections may be closed to the public. Bicycles may be rented on the top of the wall at the each main gate.  From the Forest of Steles Museum, you can walk along the wall to the South Gate, along the streets on this walk they are lined with shops and stalls which sell many souviners.

Bell Tower and Drum Tower  They are the most famous landmarks of the city. The Bell Tower is situated in the very heart of the city and at the connection of the four main streets.About 500 metres northwest of the Bell Tower stands the Drum Tower.It is an old saying that the Morning bell and the dusk drum told us the function of the towers.


Muslim Quarter Xian has a large Muslim community. There are many narrow laneways and some of which are lined with shops and stalls. There are some very good teahouses and resturants in this area. Nanyuan Men, Huajue Xiang, Damaishi Jie and Biyuanmen are some very good streets to wander along.


Night life in xian  Normally thought of as an ancient city, Xian has became a modern metropolis, and its nightlife is a proof of this. The most famous bar street in Xian is the Defu Lane. This street has bars to cater to everyone's taste. Every evening, businessmen, students, and visitors congregate here to enjoy live music, performances, and drinks. It is a great way to unwind after a busy day of touring. Another great place to go during the night is the Bell and Drum Towers in the center of Xian's ancient city. At night the towers are lit and look spectacular.The market behind the Drum Tower is fantastic and offers wonderful arts and crafts, tea, shadow puppets and art supplies. Also at night many visitors like to go to the musical fountain near the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. The spectacular fountain is lit and computer controlled to dance with music. It is especially popular with children who marvel at the dancing water.


Hua Shan MountainA couple of hours from Xian to the eastern direction is the Hua Shan Mountain that hosts numerous tourists to relish the serenity of the lofty range. The east peak is an ideal locale for enjoying a sunrise and the mountain provides ample scopes of exciting things to do like hiking and mountaineering.

Dumpling Banquet and Tang Dynasty Show There is no better way to experience a different culture than to try out the local food, right? Enjoy a night in Xi'an feasting on a Dumpling Banquet, whilst sitting back and relaxing to a cultural Tang Dynasty Show filled with vibrant costumes, colorful dance and traditional music that have graced the region for centuries. This is a wonderful introduction to this ancient city.

Your evening experience in Xi'an begins with a feast of local dumplings, nearly 20 varieties that are steamed and stuffed with a delicious assortment of vegetables, meats and seafood. But the banquet is only the prelude to another feast for the senses. You'll experience the local color and pageantry of the Tang Dynasty Show. The performance showcases the music, dance and colorful costumes that have graced the region for centuries.


The dinner and entertainment lasts for two and half hours and will fill a memorable evening in the walled city.

Shopping remains a major attraction for the tourists in any city. Xian also has numerous options to tempt its shoppers with a fabulous range of goods. The street markets of the city are a fascinating array of numerous items to cater to every taste and need. The street markets are frequented by a throng of buyers who come here for some of the best deals in the city. The markets are particularly known for their fashion accessories, cosmetics, and leather goods. The markets are a haven for the food buffs, as the street side stalls supply a delicious spread of finger foods and local delicacies. A number of world class malls have also sprung up in the city to provide it with the best international brands.


 If you want to get the essence of Chinese delicacies, learning to use chopsticks is highly recommended. As for me, one of the most exciting thing when travel to xi'an Dumplings Making
What happens during the class?
1. Full illustration of dumplings making by your tour guide.
2. Demonstration by the chef.
3. Learn to make different types of dumplings.
4. Taste dumplings you cook.





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