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Xian City Travel Guide 西安旅游指南


Welcome to Xi'an (Home of the Terracotta Warriors) 欢迎来西安(兵马俑的故乡)


 As one of the most important travel destinations in China, there are a lot to see in Xian! Serving as the capital city of China for thousands years, Xian has wonderful historical and cultural value for travellers worldwide!作为中国旅游最终的一个目的地之一---西安,有许多著名的景点。几千年以来都是中国的都城,西安对于旅游者来说具有广泛的历史和文化价值。

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 Xian, the eternal city, records the great changes of the Chinese nation just like a living history book. Called Chang'an in ancient times, Xian is one of the birthplaces of the ancient civilization in the Yellow River Basin area of the country. During Xian's 3,100 year development, 13 dynasties such as Western Zhou (11th century BC - 771 BC), Qin (221 BC - 206 BC), Western Han (206 BC - 24 AD) and Tang (618 - 907) placed their capitals here. So far, Xian enjoys equal fame with Athens, Cairo, and Rome as one of the four major ancient civilization capitals. 西安,一个永恒之城,记录了中国的巨大变化,就像一本活着的历史书一样。古代被成为长安,西安是古代黄河流域文明的发源地。 在西安3100年的发展中,是13朝的古都,如西周、秦、西汉和唐。到目前为止,西安和雅典、开罗、罗马并成为四大文明古国。

Xi'an  Overview          Xi'an History       Xian Facts      Xi'an High Tech Industries Development Zone        Qujiang Lake

Xian Facts Xi'an History The center of Xi'An is the Bell Tower Xi'an High Tech Industries Development Zone Qujiang Lake Xian Winter Sightseeing Winter is an off season for traveling in Xian. If you are more of a person who loves winter and would like to go skiing down some of the most breath taking sites in Xian, Xian still welcomes you during the winter months. Winter which lasts from December to February is dry and cold with a little snow. This is the best time of the year to experience Chinese culture. Christmas in Xi'an Don't despair! There's plenty of Christmas in China so if you find yourself traveling here over the holidays, you'll be able to find a lot of the pageantry around Christmas,Enjoy Christmas in China.Xi'an Xian is the capital of Shaanxi province, located in the southern part of the Guanzhong Plain. With the Qinling Mountains to the south and the Weihe River to the north, it is in a favorable geographical location surrounded by water and hills. It has a semi-moist monsoon climate and there is a clear distinction between the four seasons. Except the colder winter, any season is relatively suitable for traveling. 西安是陕西省的省会,位于光中平原的南部地区,南依秦岭、北临渭河,具有很好的地理位置,临山临水,它是半湿润急风气候,一年中四季分明。除了寒冷的冬天,其他任何季节都是旅游的好季节。 xi'an map 西安地图 Xi'an City MAP

In ancient times, as the beginning of the Silk Road, Xian was one of the transport junctions in China. Now, it is the axis from the east to the west China even to the countries in the western Asia. The extensive transportation system consisting of aviation, trains and buses connect Xian with other major cities all around China. The urban transportation of Xian has been somewhat frustrating in recent years because of the subway construction. Subway line 2 will be in operation in 2011. Several other lines are also under construction or in the planning process. For now the buses and taxis can take you to around the city. 在古代,最为丝绸之路的起点,西安是中国重要的交通路口之一。现在,西安是中国东西部地区的中轴线,甚至涉及到西亚地区的国家。由广泛的运输系统组成,火车和公交连接西安和中国其他的主要城市,但是西安现在的交通有点堵塞,是由于西安这几年在进行地铁建设。地铁2号线将在2011年运作,其他的线路还在计划和施工阶段,现在公交和出租可以带你到西安的任何地方。 Transportation     By Bicycle in Xi'an  

 Xi'an  Bus    Xi'an Taxi      By Train   Xian Trains Timetable 
  Xian Airport     GETTING TO XIAN BY AIR   Travel transportation     Airfares Of Xian Domestic Flights
        Xi'an Subway      Train Timetable & Fare:(Depart from Xi'an)     Xian train travel guide    Getting to Xi'an ,Xi'an by air

  Xi'an Subway The cultural and historical significance of Xian, as well as the abundant relics and sites, help Shaanxi enjoy the laudatory title of 'Natural History Museum'. The Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses is praised as 'the eighth major miracle of the world', Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang is listed on the World Heritage List, and the City Wall of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) is the largest and most intact Ming Dynasty castle in the world. In the city, there is the 3,000 years old Banpo Village Remains from the Neolithic Age (approximately from 8000 BC to 5000 BC), and the Forest of Stone Steles that holds 3,000 stone steles of different periods from the Han Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. Around Xian, the Famen Temple enjoys the reputation of being the 'forefather of pagodas and temples in Central Shaanxi,' because it holds the finger bones of Sakyamuni -- the founder of Buddhism. The natural landscape around Xian is also marvelous Mt.Huashan one of the five best-known mountains in China, is famous for its breath-taking cliffs and its unique characteristics. 西安的历史和文化意义,以及丰富的文物和遗址,帮助陕西成为了一个自然的博物馆。兵马俑博物馆以世界第八大奇迹著称于世,秦始皇陵被列为世界文化遗产,明城墙是世界上最大的并且保存最完好的的明代城墙之一。在这个城市里,有3000年遗留下来的半坡遗址,还有保存有3000个石碑的碑林博物馆,从汉代到清代。西安周围,法门寺是以塔祖和陕西中心的寺庙著称,因为它拥有这释迦摩尼的佛骨舍利--佛教的创建者。西安周围的自然风景有以著名的五岳之一---华山。
Xi'an Top Attractions


Drum and Bell Towers 

Ancient City Walls

Great Mosque 

Han Yangling    

Big willd Goose Pagoda

Shaanxi History Museum

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show 

Mountain Hua

Muslim Steet Xian(Huimin Jie)

Traditional downtown Xian refers to the area encircled by the city wall, this has now been expanded to encompass the area within the second ring road (Er' huan Lu). The Bell Tower is the geographical center of Xian and the four main streets are respectively Dong Dajie, Xi Dajie, Nan Dajie and Bei Dajie which are also the main commercial streets. Xiao Zhai, the busiest commercial area is in the southern part of the city and is popular with both youths and students since many universities are located here. Shuyuan Men and the still under construction Luoma Shi are must-visit pedestrian streets in the city. Xian is also famous for its quantity of colleges throughout China. The old campuses of many colleges and universities are massed in the southern suburb of Xian, but most have established new campuses in far southern suburb - Chang'an District due to the lack of space within the city. 传统的西安市中心是城墙以内的地区,现在已经扩展到二环路以内了。中国是西安地理位置的中心,紧邻这四条主要的商业街道,东大街、西大街、南大街和北大街。小寨,南部地区最忙的商业地区,自从许多大学建在这里,这个地方在年轻人和学生群体之间很受欢迎。书院门和骡马市是来这个城市必须的参观的街道,西安也以它的高等学府在中国著称,许多搞笑的老校区已经在南部修建其新校区,但是许多都是建在距离西安市中心较远的南郊--长安区,是由于这座城市没有足够的空间。

Xian Tours    Shaanxi is Chinese history. "If you want to see China of 100 years ago, visit Shanghai; China of 500 years ago, Beijing; China of 2000 years ago, Xi'an." This old saying tells the unique position of this legendary region. Shaanxi is a chronology of history. It played a pivotal role in the early years of China and practically it was here that Chinese empire started. 陕西是中国的历史。“如果您想看到100年前的中国”,去上海;如果您想看到500年前的中国,去北京,如果是2000年前,那就来西安。这句古老的话告诉我们,传奇地区在历史上独一无二的地位。陕西是历史的一个时间表,它在中国历史上起到了举足轻重的作用,实际上,中国的帝国时期也是在这里开始的。

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  As tourist development grows in Xian, the hotel industry flourishes more and more. It is very easy to find a hotel in Xian, ranging from 5 star hotels to youth hostels. Of course, it will be any traveler's first choice to stay in the city center due to the superior geographical location and the convenient transportation 西安作为旅游行业的领跑者,酒店业也越来越兴旺,在西安您可以很容易的找到一个宾馆或酒店,从5星级酒店到青年旅社。当然,许多旅游者会选择西安市中心的酒店是因为较好的地理位置和方便的交通工具

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Xian hotel reservation ( best value hotels in Xian )
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 Bell Tower Hotel-Xian 4 star $ 72  Grand New World Hotel-Xian 4 satr $ 69
 Aurum International Hotel -Xian 4 star $ 68  Mandarin Hotel-Xian 4 satr $ 66

 LongHai Hotel-Xian 3 star $ 37  City Hotel-Xian 3 star $ 47

 Citadines Xi'an Central -Xian 4 star $ 55 Xi'an Xiangzimen Youth Hostel $ 8
 Xi'an Super 8 Hotel Xidajie  $ 21  Xi'an ShuYuan International Youth Hostel  $ 8

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Xi'an is not only a birth place of brilliant culture, but also a food paradise. Visitors to Xi'an usually end up spending a lot of time on street food. Xian's local cuisine is well known throughout China for its diversity. No matter which city you go, you can always find some Xi'an style dishes and snacks. It is believe that visitors who want to get a close look at the lifestyle in Xi'an should start with its food. Praised as 'the capital of table delicacies', Xian has been rich in the delicious Shaanxi snack, delicate Guangdong Cuisine, various kinds of fashionable foreign delicacies, and popular Sichuan Cuisine such as the hot pot. Among all the delicacies, the most famous and popular one is the Muslim Snack Street. 西安不仅是辉煌文化的发源地,而且也是食物的天堂。来西安参观的游客经常花费很长的时间在小吃街上。西安当地的菜肴在中国是家喻户晓的。无论你走到那里,都会找到西安的小吃,相信让很多游客都会感受到有种亲近西安风格的感觉,被誉为“菜品的首都”,西安有陕西最丰富的小吃,丰富的广东菜,各种各样流行的外国菜,也有四川菜,如火锅。在所有的菜品中,最著名的而且最流行的是回民小吃一条街。

Yangrou Paomo

with Stewed Lazhi Meat

Xi'an Dumpling Feast.

Pizza Hut Orr Gunther

Starbucks coffee in Xi'an

Xi'an cuisine is rich in the northwest flavor, with wheat flour as the main material. Among the local cuisines, Meat Broth. Dumpling banquet and Tang Dynasty banquet are the most well known local food, known as "three treasures”. 西安菜在西北地区也很出名,白面作为主要材料。在所有的当地菜品中,羊肉泡、饺子宴和宫廷宴是当地最出名的食物,被视为:“三宝”。 Yang Rou Pao Mo Xian Dumpling Dinner western dinner chinese meal local snack Xi'an arts and crafts are distinctive and far-famed for their old-fashioned and antique flavor, elegant and graceful designs, and consummate making techniques. There are many tourist goods stores in Xi'an, e.g. the Antique Street near the Forest of Steles Museum; Xi'an Antique market placed near the Middle Rose Finch Road in the southern suburbs of Xi'an; Wenbao Room located on the No.5 Middle Yanta (goose and tower) Road etc. In these places you can purchase terra-cotta warrior and horse figures replicas, reproductions of Chin Dynasty bronze chariot and horse, Tang sancai replicas, calligraphy rubbings, paper cuttings, farmers' paintings, color-painted clay figures. Xian Shopping 西安艺术工艺具有独特而深远的历史,古色古香、典雅而优美的设计,高超的技巧。西安有许多旅游商店,碑林旁边的仿古一条街,西安仿古市场位于靠近玫瑰街,在西安南郊。文宝屋位于雁塔中路5号,在这些地方,你可以购买到兵马俑复制品,还有铜车马的复制品,唐三彩,书帖,剪纸、农民画,彩绘陶俑等等。

Native arts and handicrafts            

The replicas of Terracotta Warriors and Horses

The Chinese Traditional Art of Lacquer

Jade carving

Classical Chinese furniture

Shaanxi Leather

Native arts and handicrafts The replicas of Terracotta Warriors and Horses The Chinese Traditional Art of Lacquer Jade carving Classical Chinese furniture Shaanxi Leather Xian is the most important city in northwest China, and so there are a lot of shopping outlets for locals and tourists alike. There are many big shopping centers, department stores and supermarkets in and around Xian city - the biggest and most comprehensive being Kai Yuan Shopping Mall and Century Ginwa Shopping Mall. 西安是中国西北地区最重要的城市,因此这里有许多当地人和游客都非常喜欢的购物店。有很多大型的购物中心,分店,和超级市场。最大和最全的购物商场--开元商城和金花购物中心。

One of the great highlights of Xian is the way in which our ancient culture blends with the new in order to give the visitor a memorable experience of life in the city both as it was long ago and as it is today.The night life in Xian has a unique glamour. Traditional ways include enjoying the night scenery around the Bell Tower, taking part in a Tang Dynasty Dinner Show, strolling on the ancient Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square and watching the music fountain performance. More modern and fashionable ways include singing in the KTV, hanging out in a bar, or dancing in a Disco. All in all, any experience in this ancient city will bring you fun and possibly a little surprise! 西安的亮点之一就是以其古老的文化是为了想给客人留下一个难忘的城市生活经历,无论是现在还是很久以前。西安的夜生活有独特的魅力,传统的方式是欣赏钟楼周围的夜景,参加唐歌舞表演和晚餐,环绕在大雁塔北广场看夜景,或者是看音乐喷泉表演,更多现代流行的方式是去KTV,酒吧、跳迪斯科。总之,在这座古城的所有经历将会带给您或多或少的惊喜。

 Xi'an Bar

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show 

Xi'an Nightlife

Xi'an Bar Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show Xi'an Nightlife Xian is a fascinating city bearing a rich heritagem, Xian is a fascinating city bearing a rich heritage, the remnants of which are still strewn across the city. Xian now stands as a central China and a number of tourists flock here each year to trace the city's medieval past. The city offers its visitors a number of things to do during their stay.This ancient yet modern city has is filled with unique cultural aspects that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.The most interesting engagement in Xian is naturally looking around the city. Sightseeing in Xian offers a number of interesting destinations for the tourists. As a capital of the country for more than thousand years, and home to several dynasties, the city has a rather interesting history to narrate. The ancient architectures and the traces of the past civilization attract the tourists with their old world charm. Given below are some of the most interesting places to see in Xian: 西安是一个迷人的地方,拥有丰富的文化遗址,仍有许多的遗址留在这座城市里,西安现在是代表的是中国的中心,每年都有许多的游客慕名而来一睹古城的风采。这座城市提供其独特的文化因素,在世界的其他地方是不可能找到的,西安最有趣的地方是西安城周围的风景,西安也有许多有趣的地方供游客参观,作为一个拥有2000多年的都城,这座城市有着极为有趣而又厚重的历史。古老的建筑和古代文明的遗迹,还有其迷人的古老境界吸引这大量的游客来此参观,


推荐以下景点: Self-guide city tour 私人导游 The Army of Tettacotta Warriors兵马俑 Big Goose Pagoda大雁塔 Forest of Stone Tablets Museum碑林 City Walls城墙 Bell Tower and Drum Tower 钟鼓楼 Muslim Quarter回民街 Night life in xian西安夜生活 Hua Shan Mountain华山 Dumpling Banquet and Tang Dynasty Show饺子宴和唐歌舞表演 Practical travel tips and suggestions on Xian are offered in this part for visitors' better travel experience in this city. You may be interested in the following topics :Xian Travel Tips Xi'an Map Bank Society Sport Park Health Education hospital On the yellow land of Shaanxi, some unique customs have been formed due to its unique climatic, economic and cultural conditions. Local Shaanxi people (or "Guanzhong people") have their own styles in terms of clothing, food, housing, transportation etc.Ten Unique Customs in Guanzhong Plain Xi'an is not only ancient,but also modern; not only a rich historical and culture old city and a party to invest around the land of a friend ,we sincerely invite you to xi'an conspriracy cooperation and common development. 西安不仅是古老的,而且也是现代的,不仅有丰富的历史和文化,而且是一个朋友相聚的地方,我饿美女真诚的邀请您来西安与我们合作,共同发展。 The Army of Tettacotta Warriors , Bell Towe, r and Drum Tower , Muslim Steet Xian(Huimin Jie) Ancient City Walls , Han Yangling 、Shaanxi History Museum、Big willd Goose Pagoda 、 Ba Xian An Monastery (Temple of the Eight Immortals ) Tang Dynasty banquet 、 Meat Broth. Dumpling banquet 饺子宴 、 Steamed Bun Soaked in Mutton Soup Xi'an Local Snacks Tang Dynasty Music and Dance , ; Changan Banquet 长安夜宴、Commonly Qinqiang, Shaanxi Leather 、 concentration of bars: Defuxiang 德福巷\

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 Practical travel tips and suggestions on Xian are offered in this part for visitors' better travel experience in this city. You may be interested in the following topics   :Xian Travel Tips

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  Sport      Park        Health

  Education      hospital 

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