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Xi'an The theatre西安剧院

Xian’s nightlife is vibrant enough to satisfy a whole range of taste and tempos and offers a fine example of how the site of an ancient civilization can blend well with new culture. Pubs & Bars are essential parts of a city's nightlife and the Chinese really know how to throw a party, both the younger and elder generations.

If you wish to go to a movie, A Pang Gong Cinema is close to the Drum Tower at No. 61 Zhubashi Jie. In addition there is another cinema at No.323 Dong Dajie. This is Northwest Film City and is some 500 meters to the east of the Bell Tower. Cinema tickets in Xian are inexpensive. Generally speaking, it will cost you between 60 and 80 Yuan to see a film.Each Thusday are 50% discount. It is a great pity that films are seldom shown in English and are Chinese dubbed in. Never the less, if you are interested in improving your command of Chinese, what better way can there be to learn more of our language!

Cinemas 电影院

Watching movies is a popular form of amusement among the people of Xian. Come weekends and the Cinemas in Xian are marked by long queues of families in varying numbers. There are little over thirty Cinemas in Xian. Watching a Cinema in Xian is quite an inexpensive affair, with the ticket costing not more than 20 to 80 Yuan.


Bell Tower Cinema (Zhong Lou Dian Ying Yuan) 钟楼电影院
Bell Tower Cinema is located across from Kaiyuan Shopping Center on Dongda Street. This  state-of-the art cinema seats approximately 1000 people.

Opening Hrs: 10:30 am - 7:00 pm 开放时间:10:30am--7:30pm
on the opposite of Kaiyuan Shopping Center, Dong Dajie, Beilin District, Xi' an 
地址西安市东大街开元商城对面  电话:029--87281677

Afang Palace Cinema  阿房宫电影院
 22 Zhupa Shi, Beilin District, Xi' an  西安碑林区竹笆市22号
  (029) 8725 2540; 8727 5825; 8837 6137; 8837 6242  


Xian Oscar International Cinema西安奥斯卡国际电影院
Oscar International Cinema is one of the five-star cinemas in Xian. It is located in the convenient city center area with comprehensive dining, shopping and other entertainment facilities. The audio-visual apparatus are great and the atmosphere is comfortable.
Location: close to Bell Tower and Drum Tower


Address: 6/F, Xingzheng Yuan Plaza, No. 1, Luomashi, Beilin District
Phone: 029-87656866

English Name
 Addreess:3 F Ginwa Shopping Mall,Hi-tech zone,Xian  地址:西安高新区金花大厦3楼
 Homepage:none  主页:无

Wanda International Cinema  万达国际影城
Address: 4/F, Wanda Plaza, No. 8, Yanta Road, Beilin District
地址:碑林区雁塔路8号万达 大楼4楼
Tel: 029-87859999 电话:029-87859999

Xian Hongye Cinemas  西安红叶电影院
Address: 9/F, Lifeng International Plaza, No. 56, Jinhuanan Road, Beilin District
Tel: 029-87281677  电话:029-87281677

Changan Banquet 长安夜宴
Changan Banquet is the latest dinner + performance show now opened in Xi’An. In the span of 3 hours, guests are transported back to the era of ancient dynasties in which a sumptuous feast and a dazzling dance performance awaits. Wait staff are dressed in costumes of olden times, serving exquisite dishes in the Canto-Chaozhou cuisine style. Each person enjoys a 6-course dinner, starting off with Japanese abalone, and followed by king prawns and other delectables. After dinner, the sound of drums heralds the start of the dance performance portion of “Changan Banquet”.
"Changan Banquet" developed by the Ever Rich Group (HKG), is a concept borne of Xian, the historic capital of China. Two thousand years later, this production is poised to make great strides onto the international stage
Hours: Dinner (6:30pm-8: 30pm), Show (8:30pm-9: 40pm)
Address:Changle Theater No.17 Jinhua South Road,Xi'an

Tang Dynasty 唐乐宫
Xi'an is known for its long history and been reputed as China’s natural museum of history. And bringing this all together in the form of modern song and dance is the Tang Dynasty Theatre Restaurant, where visitors can sample this cultural experience in an ambience befitting the emperors of Tang (618-907 AD).
Situated near the city centre, this world-class theatre restaurant can comfortably sit 650 diners in its 2,000 square metre auditorium. And the Cantonese cuisine, prepared by internationally-acclaimed chefs is a gourmet meal to whet the appetite of the most disconcerting guests. It is bright and airy depicting a garden atmosphere with its greenery and colourful flowers. It is a place to relax, enjoy a fine meal and partake in an exciting non-stop show of cultural beauty.
Opening Hours: Dinner (6:30pm-8: 30pm), Show (8:30pm-9: 40pm)
Address:No.75Changan Road,xi'an 西安长安北路75号
Ticket Price : RMB 500 Yuan

Shaanxi Opera House 陕西歌舞大剧院 
Sponsored by Shaanxi Provincial Government, Shaanxi Grand Opera House is an entertainment center of Tang Palace Dance Show and dining theater opened to public in 1998.  The opera house is elegantly decorated and has a first class stage and performers with 700 people seating capacity.
Tang Palace Show is performed by Shaanxi Dancing Troupe and   created in 1980s. It was jointly designed by a group of scholars, artists specialized in Tang culture. We have given more than 24,000 performances to over 10 million visitors which is the largest scale in recent Chinese history. Several pieces, such as Percussion music ‘Gossiping Duck & Hungry Tiger’, 'Fairy Dance in Feathered Costume', 'A Moment of Idleness' and 'White  Sleeve Dance' have won national and international awards.
The stage is designed with professional standard, and is the only theater in Northwest China. The backdrops are hand-painted for each different dance  reflecting the brilliant Tang culture
      The dance troupe has toured America, France,  German, Italy, Sweden, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong over the years.
        In addition to the spectacular show, the theater restaurant serves Dumpling banquet, Tang palace meal and many local flavor. We also accept wedding banquet and conference booking.
Add: Wenyi N. Rd, Xian  地址:文艺南路
Tel: 86 29-87853295 电话:8629-87853295
Description: It provides a professional Tang Dynasty Dance and Music Show together with dinner.
Hours: Dinner (6:30pm-8: 30pm), Show (8:30pm-9: 40pm)
时间:晚餐:6:30pm--8:30pm  表演:8:30pm--9:40pm
Ticket Price : RMB 398 Yuan

Sunshine Beauty City Grand Theater
Located outside Wenchang Gate, Sunshine Beauty City Grand Theater is a luxurious golden palace architecture with ancient European style. It combined professional performances with featured dining and created the fashion, comfortable and elegant atmosphere. With the audiences capacity of about 1,000 and wonderful audio-video equipments, it is the most famous theatre in Western China.
Add:  No. 29, South Huancheng Rd.
Phone: 地址:环城南路20号
Tel: 029-87858555, 87859888 
Description: It provides a professional Tang Dynasty Dance and Music Show together with dinner.
Hours: Dinner (6:30pm-8: 00pm)Show (8:00
pm-9: 10pm)
时间:晚餐:6:30pm--8:30pm  表演:8:00pm--9:10pm
Ticket Price : RMB 368 Yuan


Tel People's Theater(RenminJu Yuan)人民剧院
#50 Beida Jie (North Avenue),xi'an

Xian Yisu Grand Theatre西安艺术大剧院
Address: No. 26, Anban Street, Xian 地址:案板街26号
Tel: 0086-29-87277832  电话:0086--29--87277832
Commonly known as Qinqiang, Shaanxi Opera is among the oldest ones in China. Based on folk singing and dancing in ancient Shaanxi and Gansu areas, it was initially formed and later became matured in the Ming Dynasty (1271-1368). Sonorous and exciting singing is a distinctive feature, making the opera another cultural spectacle in Xian. And the locals are crazy about the opera. It is said that they can survive from a lack of flavors in dishes but could not live without Shaanxi Opera. Either when celebrating the birth of a new child, or the wedding of a new couple, Shaanxi opera is always a necessity。

"Dreaming Back to Chang An" is not only a simple combination of Shaanxi Opera and symphony. It has its special artistic particularity: oversized new stage with 300 actors performing at the same time; merging of Shaanxi Opera elements and symphonic music; poem representing epic of Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang Dynasty; stage decorated with fantastic pictures and atmosphere; elaborate plan, powerful lineup of famous directors and actors.
Where:Yisu She Theatre - Xi'an
Street:Anban St., Near Xiyi Road
Category:Opera and Dance Shows
Ticket Price : RMB 200 Yuan

Xi'an Gets Ready For The 2011 World Horticultural Expo

The World Horticultural Expo, themed Eternal Peace & Harmony between Nature & Mankind, Nurturing the Future Earth, will no doubt be a highlight. This is to be held in Chanba District on a site designed by PlasmaStudio architects and entitled Flowing Gardens.

The 2011 World Horticultural Expo
The 2011 World Horticultural Expo is to be held in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, in the People's Republic of China. The Expo is expected to open on 28 April and close again on 22 October. This gives keen gardeners and horticulturalists a 6 month window to travel to China and visit the site.

A special site is already under construction in Chanba District, between the airport and downtown. The design by PlasmaStudio Architects is called Flowing Gardens and takes 'circulation' as its key concept. The site will contain a lake as well as three main buildings - an entrance gate, an exhibition hall overlooking (and overlapping) the lake and a horseshoe-shaped greenhouse that plays with the whole idea of centre.By focusing on ecological civilization, the Exposition is intended to reveal the historical and cultural highlights of Xi'an and, in the meantime, demonstrate the novel concepts and creations based on the harmonious coexistence between man and nature as well as city and nature. The venue of the Exposition, which covers a land area of 418ha. including 188 ha. Of water area, will for sure become the largest one of its kind so far.

The design of the site was put out to international competition and won by PlasmaStudio architects. Their masterplan, entitled Flowing Gardens, takes Circulation as its key factor. A single stream enters the grounds and then diverges much as a river does on enterings its delta. The water enters a lake but this is not the end; that same water is cleaned naturally by reed beds and then re-used in the irrigation systems that keep the whole in pristine condition.

The site will have three main buildings:

Gate Building: There will be a formal gate building that allows access to the site. This is positioned so as to give visitors a side-on view of the main axis and therefore an idea of the layout.

 Hall: This amazing building is positioned on the main axis beside, and even over, the lake. Yes - the structure is cantilevered out beyond the banks, perhaps to break down the physical boundary but certainly to provide a better angle for views over the lake. A ramp leads to the top of the exhibition hall and many visitors are sure to head up there for a better perspective too.

Boats will leave from near the Exhibition Centre for pleasure trips across the lake.

Greenhouse: The artificial climate zones induced by a greenhouse are always of interest but this structure is meant to be an interesting and attractive feature in itself. The tunnel is contorted into a horse-shoe shape creating a central space on the outside - if that's not a contradiction in terms. A third dimension is added by the craetion of a pathway through this centre an up over the greenhouse structure.

It will be held on a new site in Chanba District, between the airport and the downtown.

The expo is expected to bring some 10 million visitors to Xi'an (that's 50 000 per day on average, though 200 000 are expected on peak days).

Will You Visit Xi'an in 2011? 

China is an increasingly popular destinations for foreign tourists. For keen gardeners and horticulturalists the Expo provides an added incentive to visit. 10 million visitors are expected to visit the Expo. Will you be one of them and, if so, why?

visit the World Horticultural Expo in Xi'an  and see the World Horticultural Expo for yourself

World Horticultural Expo 2011, Xian

This Expo will be held in Xian from 28 April to 22 October, 2011. Thats a six month window of opportunity for any keen gardeners or horticulturalists who would like to see amazing plant displays in extensive purpose built grounds.

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