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  Fun & Entertainment

Fun & Entertainment

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      Fun&Entertainment of china中国娱乐文化

Showing and things to do to relax your day 


Visitors traveling in different areas may be impressed by the local unique attractions, culture and history. How to show them thoroughly and efficiently during a short time is always considered by many artists and travel experts. Currently for visitors to better understand the tourist destination, many local authorities tried their best express their charm in different ways. The main way is various stage shows, indoor shows and outdoor shows. These shows based on the local culture, history, mythology and customs are concentrative performances of the local best. Today, the most popular and well-known shows include: Impression West Lake, Impression Lijiang, Impression Liu Sanjie, , , Legend of Kung Fu Show and Tang Dynasty Dancing and Singing Show.不同地方独特的旅游景点,文化或历史背景都会给游客留下深刻的印象。如何高效而完整的在短时间内将他们表达出来则取决于艺术家和旅游指导者。为了让游客跟你搞好的iaojie旅游目的地,各处当地旅游相关部门做出了很多努力来体现自己的魅力。主要的办法是各种舞台表演,室内表演和室外展示。这些表演是当地的民俗,文化,神话,历史的最集中体现。如今比较著名的节目有:印象西湖,印象刘三姐,印象丽江,功夫展示和唐歌舞表演。

Major shows and performance in China

The Legend of Kung Fu at Red Theat 

Peking Opera at Liyuan Theater

Acrobatics at Shanghai Circus World 

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show 

Impression Lijiang Show 

Impression West Lake  

Impression Liu SanJie

Chuan Opera (Face-changing Show)

Recommended things to do for relaxation

Chinese Tea House

Foot Massage

 Night Boating

Bar Street

Night Market

China's Top Ten Nightscapes

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