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Xian Facts 西安现状

Xi'an  Overview     Xi'an History     Xi'an High Tech Industries Development Zone        Qujiang Lake

Xi'an is the capital city of shaanxi proviance,The world's famous historical and culture city.is an important central and western regions of chinese reasearch,higher education,defense industry and high-tech industry bases. July 1992 the state council approved the inland open city,The new Euraisan Continential bridge section of Longhailanxin is the china's largest cities online.9 districts and 4 countys has jurisdiction over a total area of 9983 square km.西安是陕西省的省会城市,世界著名的历史文化名城。中国中西部地区最大最重要的科研、高等教育、国防科技工业和高新技术产业基地。92年7月,被国务院批准为内陆开放城市,新欧亚大陆桥中国段和黄河流域最大的中心城市,西安市辖9个市辖区、4个县,辖区总面积9983平方公里。

Distrubition on the region economial in the country,xi'an has the east and west,est with the west into the region advantadges;It is an important stragetic position in the western development strategy,the comparative advantages of xi'an prominently on three levels:a world-class tourism resources,national level scientific research and education and high-tech industrial bases advantages;fegional -level finacial,business center and trasportation hub of information superiority.By deepening reform and expanding opening up, xi'an is becoming an important inland open city in china.西安是中国重点高等院校最为集中的城市之一,综合科技实力居全国前列。西安是中国西部地区最大最重要的科研、高等教育、国防科技工业和高新技术产业基地,电子信息产业基地,航空、航天工业的核心基地,是中国科技实力最强,工业门类最齐全的特大型中心城市之一,是活力四射的内陆新特区,中国西部和北方内陆地区的金融中心、交通中心,全国科技资源统筹试验特区、以及关中—天水经济区的核心,国家赋予西安的定位是:建设现代化国际大都市,国家只提出三个城市建设国际化大都市,除西安外,还有北京、上海。 

Unique toursim resources, is famous home and abroad, and is one of the world's historical anf cultural city,Xi'an is the human civilization and the birthplace of chinese tradition, one of the city of the 3100 years of building history,There have been Zhou,Qin Han and Tang dynasties where the capital city of 13,has been the chinese polotical,economic and cultural city and  the first opening of the city , famous for the "silk road",is to xi'an as the starting point is with atnens,Rome,CAiro,ancient history world famous par. in 1981,xi'an was identified as the "city of the world history "by UNESCO.国内外著名的独特旅游资源,世界历史文化名城,西安是人类文明和中国传统文化的发源地,具有3100多年的城市建设历史。曾是周、秦、汉、唐等十三朝古都,是中国的政治,经济,文化中心,而且是第一个对外交流的城市,是通往罗马,开罗等世界古文明城市的“丝绸之路”的起点。1981年,西安被教科文组织认定为世界历史城市。Xi'an Attractions 

There are rich cultural hertiages of xi'an, hailed as "the world enigth wonder"--terracotta warriors pit ,the world best preserved and largest ancient city wall -area of the wall and Zhou Feng Hao,Qin Metrical and Han Chang'an city ,Tang Daming Planace the four sites and so on.are all valiable historical and cultural heritage of mankind.Rich historical and cultural heritage are the unique natural beatuy at home and abroad to xi'an to become a preferred destionation of tourists.西安又极其丰富的文化遗产,世界第八大奇迹——兵马俑遗址,世界上保存最好最大的古城墙周丰镐,秦格律和汉长安城,唐大明宫等历史遗迹。丰富而独特的历史文化遗迹是西安吸引国内外游客最好的旅游资源。

Weather data for Xi'an, China
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average high °C (°F) 3.9
Average low °C (°F) -3.9


Today, despite the searing summer heat and freezing winters, Xian is a joy to visit. The central city is pleasantly compact and its grid layout within the city wall makes it easy to navigate. The Bell Tower is the geographical center of Xian, from which four main business streets radiating, North Avenue, South Avenue, West Avenue and East Avenue. With many universities around, Xiao Zhai is popular with youth and students and thus is one of the busiest commercial areas. The ancient streets of Shuyuanmen and Luomashi commercial area are two must-visit places. Actually, sightseeing in and around Xian can keep even the most energetic visitors busy for a week or two.  Xi'an  Climate


The cuisine of Xian is not among the eight great cuisines of China, but it enjoys enormous popularity. If you visit one of the local cuisine restaurants and taste local favorites like Yang Rou Pao mo, you will find out why. After dinner, you can either enjoy a traditional form of entertainment, like the Qin Opera and the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show, or indulge in modern bars and karaoke places.

西安美食不属于中国八大菜系,但是它非常流行,如果你参观当地的一个餐馆并品尝当地的最受欢迎的美食 像羊肉泡馍,你就会找出为什么流行的原因了。晚餐后,您可以欣赏当地传统的娱乐表演,像秦腔、唐歌舞表演,或沉迷于现代的酒吧和卡拉OK场所。

Xi'an specialties include: 西安特色包括:

  • Yang Rou Pao Muo is one of the signature dishes of the area, it consists of a piece of bread and a kettle of lamb soup. The diner shreds the bread with his hands and places the shreds in a bowl, the soup is then poured over the shreds. The trick is to shred the bread into pieces that are as small as possible. Most first-timers will shred their bread in pieces that are too large. Tong Sheng Xiang Restaurant is recommended.
  • 羊肉泡馍是当地最有特色的一道美食之一,它是由一个馍和几片羊肉和羊肉汤组成的,用手撕碎馍片放到碗里,然后把汤倒进碎片里,诀窍是碎块尽可能的是最小的,大部分的顾客都是第一次,将碎块掰成很大的,在这里推荐您同盛祥餐厅。
  • Biang Biang Mian is a local provincial specialty noodle dish that is extremely good. The wide noodles are spiced, have a broth, and include toppings such as eggs, tomatoes, beef, etc. A popular chain has a red sign with white characters, and includes the face of the "Noodle King".
  • Rou Jia Mo is the closest thing to a beefburger, this is a local tradition and should be very easy to locate, sandwich like, with pork, beef or lamb, this is a must try item for anyone who is in this area.
  • 肉夹馍是是最接近于牛肉汉堡的,这是当地的传统美食很容易找到,像三明治加猪肉、牛肉和羊肉,这是对于任何一个外来的人必吃的东西。
  • Xiao long bao-zi are basket-steamed dumplings (one basket ¥3), common as a midnight snack. Look for its big brother "Da bao-zi" only available first thing in the mornings, like a steamed cornish pastie, but very nice.
  • 小笼包子是用笼蒸制的饺子,(一笼3元),一般作为宵夜,像它的个个大包子一般是在早上才能吃到,像一个蒸的科尼神,但是很漂亮。
  • Guan Tang bao-zi are steamed buns served with sauces inside.
  • 灌汤包子是馒头里边带酱汁肉的大馒头

Some good places to look for restaurants are:


  • The Muslim Quarter close to the Drum Tower is a vibrant area with many
  • 距离鼓楼很近的回民街
  • restaurants spilling out onto the street and mixing with the street sellers.
  • 餐厅前面的街头小贩
  • Street food (mostly sold after sunset, or some near night clubs/bars after 11PM) presents a variety of local/regional dishes, ranging from noodle soups, dumplings, hot pot, and so on by tens of little food vendors on street side, each with a red lamp.
  •  街头美食(许多都是在太阳下山以后才开始买的,或者是晚上11点以后在俱乐部/酒吧附近)有很多种当地/区域的美食,从汤面条、饺子、火锅等等,街边有数以万计的街头小贩,每一个都在红灯区。

Budget  讨价还价
A good way if you do not want the expensive hotel food or just want to try real Chinese cuisine, is to simply go into a small restaurant and point to a dish somebody else is having and you will get a meal for less than ¥10 (seldom ¥20) per person.


A good street for eating is Xiyang Shi running east-west near the mosque in the Muslim quarter.对吃的来说一个很好的街道就是西羊市,从东到西, 在回民街大清真寺的旁边。

  • Wen Xin Jiaozi Guan, 123 Xushimiao Street (Next to the Good World Hotel, off of Lian Hu Lu). A good cheap place for jiaozi (Chinese dumplings). There is no menu, but endless supplies of fresh jiaozi of many flavors. From ¥4-5 a bowl.
  • 温馨饺子馆,许士庙街123号(好世界大酒店的隔壁,在莲湖路),一个吃饺子很便宜的地方。那里没有菜单,但是有许多口味无穷的新鲜饺子,大约4--5元一碗。
  • Lao Sun Jia, G/F Dong Dajie. Has fantastic yangrou paomo which is very cheap but flavoursome. No English spoken but easy to communicate with sign language!
  • 老孙家,G/F 东大街。有迷人的羊肉泡馍,很便宜但是很受欢迎,没有英文名称但是通过单一的语言可以交流。

Mid-range   中档
McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC or its Chinese brother, Dicos, are widely available within city walls for a change from the daily Chinese cuisine. There are also three Starbucks within a 5-minute walk of the Bell Tower.


  • Highfly Pizza, (Down the right hand street after coming out of South Gate). Real pizza and other western food.
  • 高飞比萨,(从南门出来后向右边的街道转去,)有真正的比萨和其他的西餐
  • Green Molly Restaurant & Pub, (200m north of Ginwa Shopping Center on the intersection of Gaoxin Road and Keji Road), ☎ +86 29 81883339. 10AM-11PM. A restaurant where you can indulge in the tastes of home, whether that be in the US, Europe or even Mexico. The restaurant owns only the second authentic pizza oven in Xi'an. Downstairs, the first and only real pub in Xi'an has a wide selection of beverages ranging from imported beers to wine and delicious cocktails.
  • 绿色餐厅和俱乐部(科=科技路和高新路交汇处的金花购物中心向北200米),电话:8629 81883339   早10点---晚11点, 在这里您可以尽情享受家的口味,不管是在美国,欧洲甚至墨西哥。餐厅拥有第二只在西安正宗的比萨烤箱。楼下是第一个也是唯一真正的酒吧。在西安,有一个进口的葡萄酒和啤酒美味的鸡尾酒饮料可供选择。
  • Small World Cafe, Huancheng Nanlu Dongduan 90# (Outside Jian Guo Gate). Run by a Dutch women. Great European cafe feel. Good food. Pizza, salad, fried chicken and real cake.
  • 小世界咖啡,位于环城南路西段90号(建国门外)。是一个荷兰妇女经办的,有高品味的欧洲咖啡,可口的食物、比萨 沙拉和炸鸡和真正的蛋糕。
  • Delhi Darbar, Dayanta West Road (Directly west of the Big Goose Pagoda on a street full of upscale bars and restaurants). Authentic North Indian food run by a wonderful Indian manager. Service is good, food is devinely delicious, and prices are very affordable. Mango Lassi for only ¥10 is a must have. Average meal price is about ¥40 per person. Highly Recommended.
  • 德林酒吧,位于大雁塔西路(径直从大雁塔的往西边的街道上走都是酒吧和餐馆),有正宗的北印度菜,是由当地的印度经理过手的,服务很好,食物也非常的可口,价格也非常合理,芒果沙拉10元一份,平均一个大约40元左右,极度推荐

Yangrou Paomo

  with Stewed Lazhi Meat

Xi'an Dumpling Feast.

Pizza Hut Orr Gunther 


Since reform and opening ,Xi'an tourism infarastructure and full scale industrical sustem, is the first regard as "china Excellent Toursim city", Xi'an toursim as a pillaf industy for economic development and a major source of non-trade foreigh exchanges.自从改革开放以来西安市还首批获得“中国优秀旅游城市”称号,近年来,西安旅游业发展迅猛,旅游设施不断完善,旅游业已成为西安市真正的支柱产业和先导产业。

Xi'an successfully integrates its architectural heritage with the modern city, its imposing walls and ancient geometric street plan, centring on the Bell Tower, giving it a distinct identity. Downtown Xi'an, inside the walls, is just about compact enough to get around on foot, with enough sights to fill a busy day. The Beilin Museum holds a massive collection of steles, while the Muslim Quarter preserves a different side of old China in its labyrinth of alleys centring on the Great Mosque. The area south of the Ming-dynasty city walls is scattered with architecture from the Han and Tang dynasties. The excellent Shaanxi History Museum and the small Daxingshan Si sit between the two Goose pagodas and their temples, which are some of Xi'an's oldest – and certainly the most distinctive – buildings.

西安成功地结合了现代城市的建筑遗产,它那雄伟的城墙和古老的几何街道规划,以钟楼为中心,赋予它一个独特的身份。城墙内的西安市中心,差不多是徒步游览,有足够的景点,以充裕忙碌的一天。碑林博物馆收集有大量的碑石,而在穆斯林区保留其对大清真寺为中心的小巷迷宫依旧中国不同的一面。南部地区的建筑城墙从唐汉时期开始修建的。优秀陕西历史博物馆和两个塔之间有大小兴善寺,小雁塔和寺庙,这是一些坐在西安最古老的 - 当然是最特 - 建筑物。

Xi'an Museum (Small Wild Goose Pagoda)

Ba Xian An Monastery

Huaqing Hot Spring
Famen Temple

 Shuyuanmen Ancient Cultural Str eet

strong science and technology,advance higher education scientific researchmand education in china and an important base for hi-tech  industry ,Xi'an city comprehensive ranked the forefront of scientific and technological strength especially in aerospace ,power ,transmissionequipment instrucuentation,telecommunications,sewing,machines large fans,heavy-duty ,vehicles ,textiles ,watches and other fields with strong research capacity,Xi'an.existing national reaearch base 9,xi'an universities, research institutes many with a number of open international standard.domastic first-class laboratories and test and inspection equipment , a number of cutting-edge technology in a leading position.


In recently years, xi'an optimize the layout of regional development,high-tech industry development zones,economic and technological development zone,QuJiangNew district, Chanba ecological zone, YanLiang National Aviation.High-tech industry  base remarkablezone approved by the state council in 1991,There period as a national high0tech zone and was named the Ministry of science and Adcanced high-Tech Zone is one of the top ten. in 1997 the state council approved xi'an High-tech zone ,is one of the first four pairs of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation(APEC)members of the specially opening of the high-Tech Park.is one of the country"15"key .during the construction of five national demonstration of high-tech zones. At present ,Xi'an high-tech zone has become the largest in western china in scientific reaearch,production commerce housing culture, education and enterainment in one of the high-tech industrial park,Has been the united stated, IBM, Philips and  other companies entered the world-famous high-tech business district.  Xi'an High Tech Industries Development Zone

近些年来,西安市不断优化产业发展布局,高新技术开发区、经济技术开发区、曲江新区、浐灞新区、阎良国家航空高技术产业基地建设成就显著,行程 了“四区一基地”的开发新区格局,成为西安科技成果转化基地,对外开放的窗口和促进经济增长发展新的增长点。西安高新技术产业开发区1991年3月经国务院批准成国家级的高新区。并被科技部评选为全国十大先进高新区之一。1997年,国务院批准西安高新区成为我国首批4个对亚太经合组织(APEC)成员特备开放技术的高科技园区之一,是国家“十五”期间重点建设的5个示范高科技新区之一。目前,高新区以成为中国西部地区最大的集科研、生产、商贸、居住、文教、娱乐于一体的高科技工业园区。已有美国IBM公司、荷兰菲利普公司等世界著名企业进驻高新区。

location advantages,is an important area of finance,commerce and transportation and information hub,xi'an ia located in the central and western China conjunction of the two mjor econominc regions.leading to the southwest central Plains ,East China and North China's gateway around the city and transport hub,Since ages,xi'an finance commerce undustry in the regional economu has an important rold.xi'an has formed as the main state-owned commerical banks .the coexistanceof a variety of financial institution and the common development of multi-level,diversified,multi-functional financial system.establish by the captical market, money market, foreigh exchange markets constitute a financial market system and by hte banking supervision,securites.regulation ,insurance regualtion constitute a financial regulatory system.


The conivironment transportation of Xi'an advanced communications and complete urban service functions xi'an is the western regional aviation,railways road transport hub. the rapid development of information constructon of xi'an, have formed a fiber-optic,digital microwave,satellite program-coontrolled exchange ,data and multimedia variety of communication means the whole city urban and rural,commected the country and around the world modern telecommunications ,communications network."digital xi'an" are under construction coordinated development of agriculture and industry and all-round progess,xi'an maintain a rapid growth of industrial production county economic development spend,steady development of the rural economy,the city's social security systemis being completed ,persion, unemployment ,medical, work unqury and maternity insruance system basically established to further enhance the level of social security.


Seize the historical opportunity of western develpoment,ride on the mornenturn of the work of creating a new situation.in recent years,the city conscientiously implement the national and priviacial government for this work, around the western development, the great develpment of xi'an, seeking truth from facts, advance with the times, put forward the construction of the western economic powerhouses, to achieve xi'an , China. best western.


Building  a well in xi'an in the overrall cocept of the general three steps forward:first, by the end of  2006 before the full completion of "15"plan, expedite the development of our strength, to ensure that average annual GDP growth speed more than 13%, try to reach 14%. Second ,From 2007 to 2015, and must advance breakthrougths in key areas, off  the main indicators of social compliance or exceeding, 5 years ahead of gross domestic product  and per capita gross domestic product, "doubling" The Third step,from 2016 to 2020, the realization of well-off society in all indicators of economic prosperity, science and technology education development , coordinated  urban and rural development , urban in frastructure, complete, beatiful ecohogical environment, social wenning harmonious, properous well- off, people live and work in western economic powerhouses.



Countries since the implementation of western decvelopmen strategy xi'an infrastructure and economic and social development  has made remarkable achievements, Recently, the musicipal government put forward by intrernational,market, human culture and ecological philosophy, to further enhance and enrich the development of the state and contents of xi'an


xi'an is not only ancient,but also modern; not only a rich historical and culture old city and a party to invest around the land of a friend ,we sincerely invite you to xi'an conspriracy cooperation and common development.

西安不仅是古老的,更是现代话的,不只是一座拥有丰富 历史文化积淀的古老城市,也是一座蓬勃发展,充满活力与希望的现代化城市,更是各地朋友投资兴业的一方热土,我们诚挚邀请大家来西安参观旅游,领略神奇文化交融的古老西安。


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