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Park & Churches in Xi'an

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Park & Churches in Xi'an


Xi’an ranks of the eight Chinese cities, the highest in the ancient capital of six Chinese (Beijing, Xi’an, Luoyang, Kaifeng, Nanjing, Hangzhou) first in the history of the world and be all of Athens, Cairo, Rome’s famous “four of the world One of the ancient civilization. Full of imperial capital of the domineering, precipitation for thousands of years of profound cultural, buried 13 of the ancient capital of North Korea’s history of civilization. Here, the future of the First Qin Emperor BR reunification of the great achievements of China, the Emperor bestowed blazing China’s future standing of the national self-confidence, good governance is more of the Tang Dynasty of China in this regard China’s Yang opened up a splendid era of the wind! Now
rapid economic development of Xi’an, a city full of modern flavor of the show in the world. here is not only “national and even Asia’s largest fountain plaza -” Big Wild Goose Pagoda Plaza North, “as there are “The history of the Chinese garden, the spirit of the park, nature park, park on the humanities, art park”, a symbol of the rise of China’s great era of all-round display style of the Tang dynasty imperial garden, as well as Northwest is currently the only one Marine Aquarium Museum …… If you are
Xi’an, you should be proud of! If you are outside, then you are always welcome to come to Xi’an!

National parks

 Other parks

  • Xi'an Qujiang Ocean Park
  • Xi'an City Sports Park
  • Qinling Mountains National Botanical Garden
  • Xi'an Qingling Wildlife Park
  • Tang Paradise

Peace Forest Park  太平森林公园
Forest Park is located in Xi’an Suzaku Huxian southern Qinling Mountains, East waterlogging River, an area of 3,000 hectares, Suzaku cliff, Qinling Liang, Barred Plymouth Rock River, odd Xiufeng, Longtan son, Ice Green 6 National Forest Scenic Area was included Park. Park is located in the boundless expanse of forest hinterland, channel open, forested, amazing scenery and pleasant weather, the summer maximum temperature of 27 ℃.  Ticket:51 RMB
Tel :029-84812716

Tang Furong(Lotus) Farden (Da tang fu rong yuan) 大唐芙蓉园 

It is the country's first theme park featuring the royal garden of the Tang Dynasty. People enjoy the beauty of different themes of Great Tang’s culture in the twelve scenic areas. There are also places to relax and enjoy song and dance shows about the Tang Dynasty. The attractions include Ziyun Tower Block, Elegant Lady Area, Imperial Banquet Hall, Fanglin Fragrant Garden, Phoenix Theater, Apricot Garden, Lu Yu Teahouse, Tang Marketplace and the Floating-drink at Qujiang Lake.1 Furong Lu,Xi'an East fo Big Wild Goose Pagoda.大雁塔东侧,芙蓉路1号

Xi'an Botanical Garden 西安植物园
Address:#17,Hua South  Road.
Built in 1959, Xi'an Botanical Garden is located in the southern suburb of Xi'an (next to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda). Covering an area of 20 hectares (about 49 acres), it is one of the eight botanical gardens that were built in the early years of New China, as well as the first one in the Northwest China. Xi'an Botanical Garden is a public service based research institution, which focuses on the scientific research of plants, the protection of biological diversity and the educational popularization of plant sciences.

 Xian City Wall Park 西安环城公园
 Xian City Wall Park, built in 1982, borders the 13.7-kilometer-long (about 8.5-mile-long) Ming Dynasty City Wall. It is a park for public benefit, and consists of  three parts: the ancient city wall, moat and forest belt. It is a unique characteristic of the city and has an inimitable style and features. It fulfills the functions of recreation, fitness development, sightseeing, environment and cultural heritage protection. The construction of the park had popular support. There is no doubt about the changed it made to the city character. It would be one of the most important places for local people to walk about casually or for pleasure.

A Park on the Ruins of The Tang Dynasty Outer City Wall 大唐遗址公园  Newly opened to public, it is built on original site of Tang outer wall in the architecture style of the Tang Dynasty. The park focuses on the layout of the Tang capital with some reconstruction of streets, city wall, moat, gates and complex in the Tang Dynasty. With 3.6km in circumference, it is100m in width and covers an area of 540 mu. The park, designed as an open artistic gallery, is the ideal place where residents and tourists enjoy themselves and appreciate poems, calligraphy, sculpture and gardening landscape.

Qujiang Ocean World Covering an area of 90 mu, it was opened to public in 2005. It boasts more than 300 types of freshwater and seawater creatures. It is fun to see dolphin performance and experience the tropical rain forest and seabed tunnel. With a lot of samples of marine life, it is highly recommended to children. Since it was open in 2005, millions of people have visited Qujiang Ocean World.

Xi'an Tang Dynasty Lotus Park,Datang Furongyuan
Tang Dynasty Lotus Park (Datang Furongyuan) is located adjacent to the ancient capital of Xi’an-Yan Tower. It is the first large scale park that displayed the Tang royal garden style culture theme park in the country.

The Park was built in the original site of the Tang Dynasty Lotus Park and demonstrated the brilliant civilization of the Tang dynasty. The entire park landscape is divided into 12 cultural themes; from emperors, poetry, civil life, food, female, tea culture, religion, science and technology, diplomatic, service, songs and dances and the gate, which shows brilliant civilization of Datang.

The pavilion and tower in the park includes the Purple cloud building, lady Museum, Royal Palace Banquet, Fanglin Court, Fengming Jiutian Theatre, Apricot garden, Lu Yu tea house, Tang City and many other attractions. Each attractions of the garden staged many wonderful programs every day. It staged the world’s largest water screen film every night.

Name:Xi’an Tang Dynasty Lotus Park (Datang Furongyuan)

Mount Zhongnan National Forest Park, Xi'an

Mount Zhongnan National Forest Park, Xi'an is one the Qinling Range's manin peaks with a height of 1,700 meters above sea level. Located 40 kilometers from Xi'an, this place of beauty includes Mount Nanwutai, Mount Cuihua, Mount Lishan and Mount Guifeng, each which has their own high peaks and beautiful scenery. For those unfamiliar with Xi'an, it was, in ancient times, called Chang'an, and it now the capital of Shaanxi Province. It's a very well know city, and is also the economic, political and cultural center of the entire northwestern part of the Province and the location of many cultural heritages.

Over 120,000 historical relics have been discovered and kept as well as over 4,000 tombs and historical sites. Mount Zhongnan National Forest Park is just another of its many tourist attractions and pleasers. You'll notice the continental climate in Xi'an with long hot summers and dry cold winters being very common here. Although they do also have a spring and fall, they are very brief so you may want to plan your vacation or time here around the type of temperatures you prefer. The majority of their precipitation, which comes in the form of rain, occurs from August through October. You'll find that Xi'an offers an wide range of tourists attractions that make visiting this place well worth the time. They also have many excellent forms of hotels and lodgings nearby. This is the perfect place for the nature lover or those interested in mountain climbing or photography. Regardless of what time of year you visit Mount Zhongnan National Forest Park, you won't be disappointed.

Xingqing Park :Xingqing Palace Park in the East of Xian is the oldest ancient park. The park locates in the north of Xianning Road outside the Peace Door in Xian, original the Xingqing Fang. The Xingqing Palace is the key of the Emperor Xuanzong, and the residence place of Emperor Xuanzong and Concubine Yang. Its design inherited the Chinese traditional style and absorbed foreign gardening art characteristics. Xingqing Lake in the park is built on the original address of Dragon Pool. The lake shore has lush trees, rippling as flowers, thick grass, and pleasant scenery. There are building site of Tang council original address, and imitating the buildings of Chenxiang Booth for the amusement of Emperor Xuanzong and Concubine Yang, Huaexianghui Building, Changqing Pavilion, Fulong Hall, Nanxuen Palace, Zhucui Pavilion and other scenic spots and ABeiZhongMaLv memorial monument.

Add: West,Xian'ning Road,Bei Lin District,Xi An City
Tel: 029-82485375

Lotus Park It locates in the original site of Chengtian Door in Tang Dynasty. Qing King Zhu Shuang (second son of Zhuyuanzhang) took its rugged terrain, cited canal water, and built garden here. For digging, planting lotus, it was named "lotus pool". In the seventh year of Kangxi of Qing Dynasty (1668), the governor Fuhan Jia decided to clean the pool, and renamed it as "free life pond." In 1916, it was built into lotus Lake Park. The park is very beautiful, more and more scenic spots, improved facilities. The north door of Park is traditional architectural elegant. Water divides the water into north and south parts; the Nan Lake is very deep and with more water, which the canoe can visit; the North Lake is shallow with less water, planting lotus. There is “Lotus Garden” beside the North Lake with high and low buildings around and a lotus pool in the center. There are “Chess Garden” and “Small Robot Statue” in the east part of the North Door. Tea Room and Eight-angle Pavilion are in the west shore of South Lake. Chengtian Cabinet is the main building in the park. And there are also library and children's playground.

Add: No.18,Lianhu Road ,Lian Hu District,Xi An City
Tel: 029-84838324

Qujiang Chunxiao Park  Qu River Chunxiao Garden locates at the foot of the Goose Tower, attracting the visitors by its small and natural, a rich poetic and natural plant layout. In the garden less than 60 acre, there are natural hills and valleys, steps, stone avenue, wooden pavilion, stone bridge, Buddha statue, corridor, landscape architecture, etc. The flow imitates the natural lakes, waterfalls, melted, lakes, and coming into circulation water. The Chunxiao Garden is built according to relevant legends and pastoral poems of tang dynasty, famous landscape poems, with infinite charm. There are 10 places about stone entrance, royal horse and honored cup, Liulang Pavilion, white stone beach, birdsong gorge and Zhuli museum. The park is very famous for its unique style of landscape and cultural connotation in our city.

Add: No.1,Yanyin Road,Yan Ta District,Xi An City
Tel: 029-8248537

Wangshun Mountain Forest Park   The world famous mountains, hope this alone in the landscape.” This is the scenery of Wangshun Mountain in the pen of LiuJi, the famous poet in Ming Dynasty. Lantian Wangshun Mountain, which was called Yu Mountain in the ancient times, is famous for Wangshun’s bearing Mother by holding the soil in his shoulders, in its 24 filial piety of female. It is a famous tourist attraction in Shaanxi, only 60 kilometers from the ancient capital Xian. The Xilan highway connected with 312 national highways after rebuilding, the reformed 312 highway is through the foot of the mountain. The special tourist line connected with the state highway can reach the attraction directly, safely and conveniently. Park business area is 3645 hectares; the forest coverage is 89.5%; the elevation of Yuhuangding is 2239 meters; totally dividing into six meters, 150 scenic spots. It has the virile beauty of Huashan, and the charm of the Huangshan.

Add: Xi An City
Tel: 029-8282507

Tang City Wall Relics Park The park is located in the southeast part of Dun city outside of the original Changan City in Tang dynasty, belonging to national key cultural relic preservation organ; the core region of Xian Qujiang newly developed area. This project is an open park built on the original Tang city wall site, according to the Tang background, the main elements of Tang style, designed by great master, Zhang Jinqiu. 

Add: the 4th Gaoxin road,Bei Lin District,Xi An City

Weiyang Lake Park Xian WeiYang Lake Park is a modern large-scale park, leading by water, combined with tourism, vacation, leisure, and entertainment as one, covering an area of nearly 1000 acre, of which the waters area 480 acre, the largest artificial lake in northwest. WeiYang Lake Park is located 15 kilometers north of Xian, 18 kilometers from Xianyang international airport, east side of copper grade highway, the traffic is very convenient. Xian WeiYang Lake Park not only created a nice environment in Xian for travel, leisure, entertainment, holiday for the people, and improved the investment environment of this area, bringing the rapid development of economic construction, and at the same time, greatly alleviates the local employment.  

Add: 3 Fengcheng Road,at Weiyang Road,Wei Yang District,Xi An City
Tel: 029-8667177

Churches in Xi'an

East Church--- Christ the King Church   
Add:3 Dianchang Xilu, Baqiao District, Xi'an
Getting there:Take bus No.11, 15, 42, 105, 213 to Banpo

South Church--- St. Francis of Assisi Church
St. Francis was founded by Ma Daidi, an Italian Catholic missionary who was appointed by the Bishop of Shaanxi Catholic Church, between 1716 and 1727. St. Francis is the patron saint of animals and ecology, and was the founder of the Franciscan order.
Add:17 Wuxing Jie, Xi'an

West Church---Sacred Heart of Jesus Church
Add:29 Yimin Xiang, Xi'an
Getting there:Take bus No.4, 23, 31, 201, 202, 222, 223 to Nanxiaoxiang

North Church--St.Peter's Catholic Church
Built by French missionary Jin Nige in the late Ming Dynasty, St. Peter's is the oldest church in Xi'an.
Add:41 Tangfang Jie, Xi'an
Getting there:Take bus No.6, 26, 28, 37, 39 to Beimen


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