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Shopping is the best things if you visit a place where you like, there you can buy something, it can confirm you have been to the place. If you don’t want to buy something, if you can buy things with value and in good quality, for reasonable prices, then why not? Particularly in China, known as the world factory, you can always find a good buy as long as you go to the right places. 当您游览您喜欢的地方时,购买东西是证明您曾经到过那里的最好方式之一。如果您可以买到物美价廉的好东西,何乐而不为?尤其是中国,已经被认为是世界工厂,在中国买的东西一定会让您爱不释手的。

Shopping is not obligatory 购物不是强制性的

Don't feel obligated to shop. Our guides offer shopping opportunities as a courtesy but if you're not interested, say so.  Some of them may be quite enthusiastic, thinking this is what you want, so don't be embarrassed to tell them directly and immediately that you don't want to go shopping. You'll often find several attendants trying to help you make a purchase. This doesn't mean you have to buy; it's OK to say no, or just to look
Something worth buying  我们不会强制性要求您去购物。我们的导游在合适的时候会给您去购物的机会,当然如果您没兴趣,就说不想去。导游会对您很热情,是因为您找到了您想要的东西了,所以不要为您直接说您不愿意购物而感到难为情。你会遇见一些服务员帮助您选购商品。但是这并不意味着您一定要买。您可以说不买,或者只是看看。

Good Price好价钱
Every country has the different price of the same thing, for example, clothes, shoes, books etc. but if you buy same thing in different price and in different countries, how to do for you?即使是相同的东西,在不同的国家价格也是不同的。例如,衣服,鞋子,书等等。但是如果同样的东西,不同的价格,您要怎么做呢?

Meaningful Souvenirs有价值的纪念品

From time to time when we travel, we are searching for the perfect memento for ourselves and those we care about. In China, cultural items like folk art and traditional handicraft, luxury items like silk, embroidery, jade, and pearls are all ideal souvenirs.
Something of Chinese style
When you come to china, not only tour , but also appreciate the deep culture about china, you should to buy something can stand by Chinese style, for example, Tang suit, cheongsam, Calligraphy, Painting and so on. You can take these things into your countries, and show them to your friends.
Don't buy everything in the first day or two.  Each city has its own specialty.

中国风  当您来到中国,不只是为了旅游,仅仅是被中国深厚的文化氛围所感染,您也会想要购买具有中国特色的东西,如唐装,旗袍,书法,国画等等,您可以把这些美好的东西带回您的国家,给您的朋友看看,旅游刚开始的前一两天,不要买太多东西。每个城市都有自己独特的纪念品。

Unworthy buying毫无意义的购物

During the tour, you can find some shopping-trap. Sometimes, guides pick up you to some shopping stores, if you don’t want to buy , you can not go into it, and tell the the tour operations.在旅游过程当中,你会发现有一些购物陷阱。有时,导游会带你们去购物店,如果你不想买东西,你告诉导游以后,可以不进店。

We understand your concern我们明白你的担心

This why our company policy clearly states that forcing customers to shop is forbidden. Staff violation of this policy will be strictly punished. Do not hesitate to report the it, if it happens. You will have the phone numbers of your travel consultant and the local managers.这就是为什么我们公司制度明确规定禁止强制游客进店的原因了。如果工作人员违反了本条例会被严肃查处。如果这种事情发生了,不要犹豫,一定要向公司报告。您会有旅游顾问和当地旅游管理人员的电话。

We respect your decision我们尊重您的决定
All of our recommended shopping activities are evaluated by continuously getting feedback from our past customers. If you do want a no-shopping tour, it is perfectly fine. Just let your travel agent/consultant know, he or she will avoid including shopping in your tour plan. 我们推荐给您的购物店都是过去的游客评价很高的店。如果您想要无购物旅游,当然可以。只要让您的旅游顾问或计调知道了,他们就会给您安排无购物的旅游计划。

Be cautious of fake items

Shopping is great in China and you can expect to be able to buy many things at a much better price that at home. Please however be warned that if a bargain price for a world famous brand seems too good to be true…….. it probably is!
Antique buyers should know that many experts have been disappointed to find that their find of a lifetime is beautiful but fake. Antiques should be officially certified to be exported legally. The penalties are severe. Keep all receipts, certificates and official documents that are received when you purchase any antiques. Antiques are those items over 120 years of age.在中国购物是件不错的事情,因为您可以买到许多比您的国家便宜的多的东西。当然,我们要提醒您的是,如果您要购买的是世界品牌的物品,但价格又过于便宜的时候,您就要提高警惕了。有可能是赝品。古董购买者都知道,很多专家倾其一生寻找到的很美丽的东西,最后令人失望的是,却是赝品。您想要购买的古董必须是有官方证明的合法出口商品。

China shopping tips外宾购物秘籍

Look for jade, silk, porcelain, pearls, tea, special Chinese seals called "chops," Terracotta Warrior statues.you should be more careful.

There is no bargaining in major stores. But in shopping markets and small shops, haggling is the norm.The government-controlled exchange rate is $1 equals 6.8 yuan. Carry a calculator with you, or bring a cheat sheet so you can quickly figure the price of an item. I estimated cost in dollars by dividing the yuan price by 7.

Cash is king in shops. Save credit cards for very upscale stores.

Make sure that you get the things you buy at prices you are satisfied with, and that the products are flawless and the ones you prefer. It is possible that you will take pleasure in practicing the exciting art of bargaining.



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You should check the import restrictions in your home country as some items may attract tax on arrival in your home country, especially if it is mailed or shipped separately.

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