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Terracotta Warriors Tour(Xi'an tours)

Welcome to Xi'an (Home of the Terracotta Warriors

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Terracotta Warriors Finding the Terra Cotta Warriors
warriors Cotta Pot No. 1.   Production process of Qin Terracotta Army
Third Excavation of Pit 1  Lifelike Terra Cotta Figures
Terracotta Army Pit No.2   Military Formation of Terra Cotta Army
Terra Cotta Pit No. 3  Exquisite Weapons of Terracotta Army
Bronze Chariots  Terra-cotta warriors show their true colors.
terracotta warriors Accessory Pits The Colorful Uniform of Qin Terracotta Figures
  Stone Helmet and Armor near Emperor Qin mausoleum The Statue of Kneeling Archer
 Stories of Terracotta Warriors  Qin Shi Huang Tomb

Xi'an is home to the world-famous Terracotta Warriors Army and Horses, one of the most significant archeological excavations of the 20th century. Xi'an is the champion among the six ancient Chinese capitals and has the longest history in China. (Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Luoyang, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Kaifeng,Zhengzhou ). It had served as the nation"s capital for more than 1000 year. It is noted for historical importance. The Terra-cotta Warriors and Horse of Xi'an, is the greatest archeological found of this century. The other landmark like Big Wild Goose Pagoda mirrors China"s long history.Xi'an is undoubtedly one of the must-visit cities.


10 Reasons to Visit Xi'an

1:.The Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses is praised as 'the eighth wonder of the world', Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang is listed on the World Heritage List, 

2:the City Wall of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) is the largest and most intact Ming Dynasty castle in the world. You can ride the bike around the wall.
3:The quite charming scenery of Big Wild Goose Pagoda. It's well-preserved ancient building and a holy place for Buddhists. Surrounding the north of the Da Ci'en Temple, there is the biggest Tang-Culture square, the biggest fountain and waterscape square, and the largest-scale sculptures area in Asia and it has the most benches, the longest light-belt, and the largest-scale acoustic complex in the world.

4:Enjoy the strong historic character of Hanyang Tomb Museum
5:The natural landscape around Xian is also marvelous Mt.Huashan one of the five best-known mountains in China, is famous for its breath-taking cliffs and its unique characteristics.
6:Shopping around one of Ethnic Culture Streets --- Moslem Street, which is the hub of the Moslem community in Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province. Located beside the Drum Tower. There are many special local products and imitated Terracotta Warriors counterfeits (but we can lead you to buy the genuine Terracotta Warriors imitation), aslo a great many other snacks to be found along this street, such as preserved meat, casserole, various noodles, and so on. They are waiting for you to enjoy.

7:Visit Donghan Village in Hu County where to learn how to paint peasant’s painting with the local painters, and enjoy various local arts and crafts.
8:See wild Pandas at the Panda Reserve at Zhouzhi in the Qingling Mountains.
9:Enjoy the Tang Dynasty Dinner Show, which showcases the costumes, music, and dancing of China's golden age: the Tang dynasty.
10:Do not miss the opportunity to relish the outstanding Dumpling Feast, a culinary highlight of the region

Spring (Mar-May) and autumn (Sep-Nov) is the nice time to travel around Xi'an for their relative mild climate. And the melting summer (Jun-Aug) and freezing winter (Dec-Feb) are not so comfortable for the outdoor activities.

Without doubt, Xian are the must-see for most of the travellers to China, where you will trace the glorious Chinese long history.

As the cradle of China, Xian served as the home to the ruling house of 13 dynasties since 221 BC. Together with Athens, Cairo and Rome, Xian is among the four major ancient civilization capitals of the world, it was the starting and terminating point of the ancient Silk Road over the land, exchanging culture, religions, as well as valuable materials with the western world. Retrace the steps to the ancient glorious time while visit the Terracotta Warriors and Horse, the Buddhist temples and Muslim mosques, thousands of relics in the museum and the grand city wall. A chance to try the local food and even visit the cave houses and cattle farms in rural areas.

Xian China Travel Service Co. Ltd (CTS) make you who are interested in the history of XI’AN and China have wonderful times and memorial experience when you travel with Xian China Travel Service Co. Ltd (CTS) . Meanwhile  Xian China Travel Service Co. Ltd (CTS)  also sincere and earnest to provide service to help you to fit in your lifestyle and suit your needs about your tour in XI’AN.

We show you Xian at its best by:

  • Following a slow pace with our knowledgeable English speaking guide to show you the rich history of the city.
  • Immersing in local cultures such as learning Chinese paper cutting, calligraphy, musical instrument playing or cycling like a Chinese.
  • Staying in the carefully selected accommodation, from modern luxury to boutique courtyard hotels, Both secure the convenience and comfort.

Who for? Anyone taking a package tour to China will no doubt find a Xi'an holiday is on the itinerary. Those who are intent on seeing the great sights of the world should be sure to put a vacation in Xi'an on their list.

Plan Your Xian Tour? 如何计划您的西安之旅?

This is the right place to plan and achieve your dream to visit Xian! We offer one stop service - airport & railway station transfer, city car rental, hotel reservation, sightseeing bus tour, private day tours and multi-day tour packages as well as China tour including Xian.
来西安旅游是您正确的选择,并且能实现你的梦想!我们提供一站式的服务--机场和火车站,租车、酒店服务、观光旅游服务、包车游、多种旅游方式。以及包括中国游的西安段。   Plan your trip through Xi'an

Place to start Xian tour: We can pick up travelers from: airport, train station, hotels, apartment. And we can arrange shortcut Xian tour start from other cities of China.

If you are fascinated by Chinese culture and history and want to experience more, this is the program for you! You will experience all aspects of Chinese culture, arts, history, people and lifestyles. This program covers tours of Xi'an , Chinese food experiences, participation in local activities, cultural study workshops and a trip to the world-famous Terracotta Warriors in Xian.This is a great opportunity to experience the richness and vastness of Chinese culture in its many forms.

Xi'an Coach tours style (Panda Bus)
It's cheaper than private tours. 。It is not so flexible as a private tour, but you may have a lot of new friends coming from all over the world..Free transfer between attraction and your downtown hotel;.Prepayment or Pay at sight is OKMatured itineraries with tour guide Continue Reading >>

Hiking Tour in Xi'An China
These are fascinating and well worth a visit but don't miss out on exploring a unique part of China. There is something for everyone, so get out and explore, lose yourself in the history and culture of this beautiful city. Here are the top Xi'an hiking listings so you can find the-  Continue Reading >>

By Bicycle in Xi'an
Bicycles are a common way of travel for locals. Xi'an Cycle Tours offers high-quality, unparalleled bicycle adventures allowing people to explore China’s urban and natural regions both nearby Xi'an, and in distant regions, and have other lines ,example, silk road, gobi, --Continue Reading >>

Culinary Tour of xi'an
Xi'an has a long history in culinary culture and has developed a unique cuisine with two culinary styles-the traditional and the modern. The traditional is characterized by the Tang Dynasty cuisine while the modern by the Shaanxi cuisine. --Continue Reading >>

Culture Experience Tour
If you are fascinated by Chinese culture and history and want to experience more, this is the program for you! You will experience all aspects of Chinese culture, arts, history, people and lifestyles. This program covers tours of Xi'an
Continue Reading >>

Xi'an Nightlife Tour

Xi'an is known for the glory of its ancient days, but its nightlife is also starting to sparkle.One of the great delights of Xian is the way in which our ancient culture blends with the new in order to give the visitor a memorable Continue Reading >>

Xi'an Family Tour

Family travel is a wonderful way to introduce your kids to this exciting world we live in. Experiencing a new culture is one of the best educations you can give your children. Learn about the rich history of countries such as  xi'an of China--Continue Reading >>

an Photographing tours

Popular digital cameras, video cameras, memory cards, films and batteries   can be easily found in China. .Travel at your pace. All our tours include a private guide and vehicle, just for you. Enjoy the world finest destinations with itineraries-Continue Reading >>

Xi'an Train Discovery Tour

China railway system is a huge network that connects all of China. It is very convenient to travel especially to the big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi'an. Trains can travel where cars cannot, so passengers on train tours --Continue Reading >>

Student Experience Tours by Group of Xi'an
.Xi’an is a must-see spot for student because which is original place of Chinese cultural and civilization. Xi’an is a city of vitality which welcomes young student to feel her ancient and ou could touch her mysterious--.Continue Reading >> 

Xi'an Airport Transfer service   from RMB280/person      Army of Terra Cotta Warriors Car Rental from RMB500/person   
We could offer Xian car rental service including Business cars, travel cars, pick up at Xi’an airport; Xi’an is a --Continue Reading >> 

Silk Road Adventure tours

If you are looking for a well-organized yet Silk Road Adventure adventure we are the company for you! We offer exceptional tours at reasonable prices and our reputation for quality, safety, leadership and environmental responsibility Continue Reading >> 

Xi'an Travel in Spring

Putting your heavy winter coat away, spring comes and it's time for traveling! Through our China  xi'an  Spring Tours selection and find the one interests you most!  
Continue Reading >>

Xi'an Travel in Summer

summer in china xi'an can be summed in two words: hot, wet. there’s no getting around it, so be prepared to sweat and drink a lot of water.--Continue Reading >>

Xi'an Travel in Autumn
Travel to China in the harvest season! Find the best view of China everywhere you go. China Connection Tours carefully selected the best valued China Autumn tours for you to  --Continue Reading >>

Xian Winter  in Tour

Winter is an off season for traveling in Xian. If you are more of a person who loves winter and would like to go skiing down some of the most breath taking sites in Xian, Xian still we-- Continue Reading >>

This is a special chauffeur service for your convenience. A experinced driver will pick up you (family) at the airport or hotel, also from Xigang Pier. The driver and car, even personal guide, is also available for rent for the rest of your stay throughout.

Xi'an Tour Guide Reservation  西安导游服务

Xian Private Day Tours

Xian Multi-day Private Tour Packages

Xian tours starting from Beijing ( round trip and tour packages )

Xian tours starting from Shanghai ( round trip and tour packages )

Xi'an around the city tour

What is the differences between China tour packages?中国的旅游方式的不同是什么?
Private Tour
: With flexibility and guaranteed daily departure, Private Tour offers you and your family or friends with a private English-speaking guide and van or limousine. There will be no other travelers in your group.
Seat-in-coach Bus Tour:Fixed Departure Small Group Bus Tours are usually from about 6 to 10 people. It is a way to reduce your tour cost. Make new friends and share one luxury coach, professional English-speaking guide and also your experiences with other travelers. Our prices are extremely competitive.
Best season of Xian tour: Generally speaking, spring (from March to May) and autumn (from September to November) are the best time of Xian tour. But you can get a better price in other season to visit Xian.
Must place of Xian tour:Terra-cotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Drum tower, History Museum, Stele Forest, Qianling Mausoleum, Hanyang Mausoleum Tang Dynasty Dinner and Show.

2 Days Ancient Xian Tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAT-10 : 2 Days Ancient Xian Tour
 $240 Up

2 Days to Provincial History Museum & City Wall This two days tour is Cater to the appetite of the majority,2 days make their trip have enough time to visit the classic Xi’an spot. You visit the famous Tang temple-Big Wild Goose Pagoda,visit the Eight Wonder of the world-- Terracotta Worriors to feel Emperor Qin Shihuang’s great style.Then the Shaanxi History Museum---here you can study China’s long history of different Dynasty. At last,,visit the Great Mosque,you can walk in the Muslim street,taste the local food.This two days tour will give you unforegettable experience.此线路是西安外宾旅游经典的线路之一,游览第八奇迹--兵马俑、陕西历史博物馆、大雁塔、大清真寺等西安著名的景点。品尝西安一绝西安饺子宴,观看唐乐舞。漫步西安街头,感觉西安深厚历史---

Beijing & Xian One day Highlight  Tour A-China Unquie Tour
    XAT- 01 : Beijing & Xian One day Highlight Tour A
 $80 Up

This tour is fit for those persons whose time is tight and limited. You can arrive at Xi'an from Beijing in the early morning by air orthe overnight train. You'll visit Terracotta Worriors and ancient city wall. What's more, you can use one day's time to feel the ancient culture of China in Xi'an. Then back to Beijing in the evening.北京-西安-北京一日游双飞,合适有一天闲暇时间,从北京到西安看真正的兵马俑、城墙,感受中国文化历史的源远流长。

Shanghai &xi'an one day highlight Flight tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAT-05 : Shanghai &xi'an one day highlight Flight tour
 $80 Up

This tour is fit to those persons whose time is tight and limited. While Shanghai is the commercial center of China, Xian is one of China's six major ancient capitals, where it had been the ancient capital for 6 successive dynasties for over 1000 years. Visiting Xi'an will add much value to your Shanghai China trip, giving you a clear and better picture of China as a whole. in the evening.虽然上海是中国的商业中心,西安是中国六大古都,它已为超过1000年6历代古都之一。访问西安将增加多少价值的上海中国之行,给你一个明确的和更好的中国图片作为一个整体,看西安最精华的地方-兵马俑、大雁塔,享受旅游带给您的乐趣。

Lovely Panda Half day tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-23 : Lovely Panda Half day tour
 $43 Up

The Giant Panda, known as dà xióng māo in Chinese, is a mammal classified in the bear family that lives mainly in central-western and southwestern China. This chunky, lumbering creature is very endearing but unfortunately is currently an endangered species.If you're interested in China wild animals, this tour is fit to your need. There are many wildlife at risk in Lou Guan Tai National Forest Park, Xi'an. You can have a chance to close to Rare and Valuable Species: Giant panda, Lesser panda, peacock, golden money, crested ibis and so on.大熊猫是中国的国宝,如果您喜欢大自然热爱动物,那么请参加我们的熊猫一日游,您不仅可以近距离的观察大熊猫,而且可以看到小熊猫,孔雀,金钱,朱鹮等珍稀野生动物。

Private Tour B:One Day East Line Tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-02 : Private Tour B:One Day East Line Tour
 $60 Up

This east line tour adds more famous spots to visit. Beside Terracotta Worriors and Big Wild Goose pagoda, you also can look around Chinese royal Huaqing spring and prehistorical site Banpo Museum during one day time.东线旅游是西安最精华的线路:包括兵马俑、华清池、半坡博物馆、大雁塔。您和您的朋友独享车辆、英语导游,随心所欲的游览西安美丽的历史和自然风光。

Private Tour c:One Day Xi'an City Tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-03 : Private Tour c:One Day Xi'an City Tour
 $38 Up

During one day time, you'll visit most famous scenic spots in the city of Xi'an: there is the biggest music fountains of Asia in the Big Wild Goose pagoda North square, ancient typical building of Xi'an-Bell Tower, Hui ethical Great Mosque, Shaanxi Province History Museum.西安市内有地标建筑-陕西历史博物馆、西安的象征-西安钟楼、最具有民族特色的回民街,我们的英语导游将带您游览西安多彩的历史和现在!!

One Day West Line(Qianling Mausoleum Han Yang Tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-05 : One Day West Line(Qianling Mausoleum Han Yang Tour
 $50 Up

The west line tour can offer you to visit a lot of historical mausoleum spots which are different kinds and types tombs to emerge Chinese ancient royal mausoleum. Especially Qianling Mausoleum, it's is the joint tomb of Emperor Tang Gaozong (Li Zhi, 628 A.D.-683 A.D.) and Empress Wu Zetian (624 A.D.-705 A.D.), the only female emperor in Chinese history.Qianling Mausoleum, Princess Yongtai's Tomb or Prince Yide's Tomb, Han Yangling Mausoleum,西安的西线旅游是最有考古的旅游线路:汉阳陵、乾陵不同朝代的陵墓。我们的英语导游带您探索中国古老的历史长河

One day Private Tour of Mountain Hua-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-04 : One day Private Tour of Mountain Hua
 $90 Up

This tour belongs to special tour type, you'll hike Mt.Hua from its foot to top. The whole tour is steep and lofty, also very tired. But you can feel the reason why Mt. Huashan is famous for its breath-taking cliffs.西岳华山以险峻著称,是一条探险的线路,美丽的大自然带给您无限的遐想--不怕苦的您来吧!

Coach Tour A:One-Day Terracotta Warriors Tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAC- 01 : Coach Tour A:One-Day Terracotta Warriors Tour
 $60 Up

Are you traveling alone and want to make some new friends? Do you want to find somebody to travel with you to share the happy time of Xi'an sightseeing? Take a bus tour means other individual tourists like you will join the same tour and as a result you all will enjoy better prices than private tours for the same scenic spots.西安最有名的外宾散客拼团旅游线路,各个酒店的、各个讲英语国家的客人欢聚在同一辆车上,参加我们的兵马俑、半坡、大雁塔之旅。

Coach  Tour  B:Xian One Day City Tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAC- 02 : Coach Tour B:Xian One Day City Tour
 $45 Up

Are you traveling alone or want to make some new friends? Do you want to find somebody to travel with you to share the happy time of Xi'an sightseeing? Take a bus tour means other individual tourists like you will join the same tour and as a result you all will enjoy better prices than private tours for the same scenic spots.外宾散客拼团线路:西安市内最有代表的明城墙、陕西历史博物馆、民族特色的回民街,西安的中心-西安钟楼

Beijing & Xian 2  days Tour( Every Friday)-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-05 : Beijing & Xian 2 days Tour( Every Friday)
 $80 Up

Visit one of the Eight Wonders on the earth - Terracotta Worriors, famous Big Wild Goose Pagoda, ancient City Wall and Great Mosque. During two days, you can feel the long historical fascination of China from Xi'an.采取星期五下班乘坐夜卧星期六和星期天两天在西安旅游,星期天晚上坐火车返回北京,此行程适合在北京的外籍人员经济实惠。(其他时间也可,视客人时间)

Xi'an 2 nights/3 days tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-07 : Xi'an 2 nights/3 days tour
 $140 Up

During 3 days tour, you'll visit Bell Tower and ancient City Wall - the landmarks of Xi'an, the 8th Wonders on the earth - Terracotta Warriors, Xi'an famous ancient Big Wild Goose Pagoda, historical site Banpo Museum and so on.西安常规线路:兵马俑、城墙、大雁塔、半坡博物馆,回民街、钟楼等。三星-五星酒店价格都有供您选择。

4-Day Luxury Tours of Xian-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-09 : 4-Day Luxury Tours of Xian
 $452 Up

From this 4 days tour, you not only visit one of the Eight Wonders on the earth - Terracotta Worriors, royal Huaqing Spring, Great Mosque, Province History Museum, Xi'an landmark City Wall, but also hike Mt. Huashan which is known as the steepest mountain in China. 豪华之旅,保证无自费、提供高餐标,高级车辆。行程 中除了常规行程之外增加了华山一天体验自然之美。

3 Days Xi'an Delicious Cate Tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-24 : 3 Days Xi'an Delicious Cate Tour
 $452 Up

This tour supplies a unique experience in Xi'an. You can visit the typical spots: famous Terracotta warriors, ancient city wall and Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Also you can have a good enjoy of Chinese cate. There are Sichuan Cuisine, Shanghai Cuisine and Dumpling banquet in Xi'an for your taste.If you are fond of wheated food, you must come to Xi’an to try.中国是一个美食国家,在西安您可以品尝到不同风味的菜系:淮扬菜、川菜、鲁菜、粤菜。您可以边旅游边品尝不同风味的美味佳肴。如果你是一位美食家,你一定不会错过西安

Huashan 5days hiking tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-10 : Huashan 5days hiking tour
 $452 Up

This hiking tour can provide a feelling of Mt. Huashan which is one of the five best-known mountains in China and is famous for its breath-taking cliffs. Along the 12-kilometer-long winding path up to the top are awe-inspiring precipices, looking into which will take your breath away. Mt. Huashan boasts a lot of places of interest. Here and there stand Buddhist and Taoist temples, pavilions and buildings as well as sculptures and engravings. Along the cliff of South Peak is a planked path equipped with an iron chain, with the help of which, adventurers can walk on the narrow path.自古华山一条路,徒步爬华山,是一种时尚,探索华山不同的景色,了解中国华山之山色的美丽,体验筋疲力尽的真正感觉。

Xi'an 3 Days Honey Moon Tour-China Unquie Tour
    XH-XA01 : Xi'an 3 Days Honey Moon Tour
 $220 Up

This tour is fit to the newlywed, also suit for the persons who like going to spa in the springs. You can have a good chance to spa in the 5 star Huaqing Aegean International Hot Springs Resort which has high quality in facilities and 26 different kinds of spa. Also have a visit to famous Terracotta Warriors, Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Huaqing Spring.泡骊山著名的温泉,体验26种不同的汤池,游览兵马俑。在华清爱情海国际酒店,享受两人世界。

2 Days Huxian country - Farmer's painting Tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAU-02 : 2 Days Huxian country - Farmer's painting Tour
 $60 Up

Donghan Village is well-known for its Chinese painting art and Chinese paper art. Travel to Donghan village, you will find your trip is not only interesting but also culturally rewarding. It will be interesting to enjoy lunch at the locals' family and learn about Chinese painting and paper cutting.户县农民画驰名中外,学习一下农民画和剪纸,在中国农村里,同农民同吃同住,体验中国农民那种朴素淳朴的生活。

3 Day Tour of learning Chinese diet-China Unquie Tour
    XAU-03 : 3 Day Tour of learning Chinese diet
 $163 Up

For the person looking to broaden their understanding of Chinese cooking, the Chinese Culinary Arts School is the perfect solution. This offers the student flexibility; a person certainly doesn't have to go every day, once on the weekends is a great option. It also helps the cook to understand the different ingredients and flavors used in traditional Chinese cuisine. Thus from the comfort of his/her city one can learn to cook Chinese dishes.中国菜色香味俱全,在西安您可以学习做中国菜的旅程,在厨师的帮助下亲手做中国菜尝尝自己的手艺,如果您有心学习中国烹饪技巧,就参加我们组织的学习中国菜之旅吧。

3 Days Xian Luxury Classic Tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-21 : 3 Days Xian Luxury Classic Tour
 $220 Up

This tour can help you visiting the typial historical spots in Xi'an, the Eighth Wonder of the World - Terracotta Warriors, ---- even enjoy Tang Dynasty Show -performance of Chang'an music and dances that was originated in the Tang dynasty over a thousand years ago, and the dumpling dinner (Jiao zi) which is said that to visit Xian without seeing the fantastic Terracotta Army as well as having a Dumpling Dinner means that you have not really been to Xian at all!西安最经典的旅行线路,夜生活丰富多彩,旅游线路精彩,品尝西安大名鼎鼎的饺子宴,一个真正不容错过的西安之旅。

8 Day Red Tour around Yan'an-China Unquie Tour
    XAU-01 : 8 Day Red Tour around Yan'an
 $60 Up

If you're interested in Chinese military culture, you'd better to have a look at the revolutionary ancient ruins about Chinese Red Army. This itinerary offers you to visit Zaoyuan Revolutionary site, Yang jialing Revolutionary site and Wang jiaping Revolutionary site. You also can visit the Shanbei typical Hukou waterfall which is grandiose grand, of great momentum. This tour together Eastern, Northern and Western lines including Terracotta warriors, Famen Temple and so on.延安中国革命圣地,探索中国红军之谜,了解中国近代历史和现代历史,8天时间您可以参观到陕西东西线,看到中华民族自强不息的象征-黄河壶口瀑布。红色之旅让您体会不同的旅程。

7 Days Xian Experience Tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-20 : 7 Days Xian Experience Tour
 $620 Up

This tour supplies the itinerary from east, north to west in Xi'an. You'll visit the famous Terracotta warriors, Banpo Museum and cliffy Mt.Hua in the eastern line, not only in the northern line can feel historical Huangdi Mausoleaum and the Loess Plateau of Shanbei area, but also visit most typical spots Qianling Tomb and Famen Temple in western line. Wonderful experience you'll get during 7 days 用7天时间旅游西安的东、华山、西、北线将陕西的景点基本景点游览完毕。

Xi'an Golf Tour 5 Days-China Unquie Tour
    GF-XA01 : Xi'an Golf Tour 5 Days
 $365 Up

Containing the world-famous Terra-cotta Warriors and the Wild Goose Pagoda, part of the city's great wall, Xi'an is one of the most famous cities in all of China. Along with these sites are various areas providing you with the opportunity to partake in playing modern sports. Golf and others are available for your enjoyment.兵马俑和打高尔夫两者相结合的旅行,是一种心情的放松,来吧,参加我们的5天高尔夫之旅

2 Days  Xi'an Terracotta Warriors Tours-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-28 : 2 Days Xi'an Terracotta Warriors Tours
 $150 Up

Lying at the eastern end of the Silk Road, Xian,the former capital of China, was the seat of the Emperor for more than 10 dynasties and over 1000 years. In this 2 days trip, you will see the highlights of Xian including the thousands life-sized terracotta warriors, the excellent museums, the City Wall and Big Wild Goose Pagoda.西安精彩的2天旅游合适早到西安第二天晚上离开西安的行程,可以看到兵马俑,大雁塔、历史博物馆、城墙等有着西安明显特征的历史文化之旅

Coach  Tour C :Half Day Terracotta Warriors Tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAC- 03 : Coach Tour C :Half Day Terracotta Warriors Tour
 $30 Up

Half-Day City tour to Terra-cotta Warriors , English-speaking tour guide.you to visit the archeological site where the Terracotta Warriors were discovered. You will have the opportunity to walk through the museum that has been erected on the dig sight and our guide will explain the history of the Terracotta Army and cultural significance to Chinese. 欧美客人散客拼团游经济实惠还可以在旅游车上结交其他国家的客人,我们提供英语导游,空调旅游车,免费的酒店接送服务,西安最实在的旅游线路,只看兵马俑--了解中国历史。

Xi'an Airport Transfer service-China Unquie Tour
     : Xi'an Airport Transfer service
 $33 Up

Ensure you have a smooth vacation by planning your airport shuttle connections ahead of time? Let the professional staff look after you when you arrive in Xi'an. Travel in comfortable air-conditioned vehicles to and from your hotel. Just look out for your name and let the professional team do the rest! 您可以在线预定往返于机场的豪华包车业务。西安中旅社为您准备了干净整洁的高档旅游车以及周到体面的司机口语流利的英语导游会按照您事先约定的时间和地点接送您往来于咸阳国际机场、西安市区之间。从市内出发至机场的业务为机场送机;从机场接上客人至市内的行程为机场接机。从市内出发至机场再返回市内业务为机场往返。

5 Days Crested Ibis and Terracotta Warriors tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-30 : 5 Days Crested Ibis and Terracotta Warriors tour
 $ Up

Vast,ancient, and endlessly fascinating, China is an inexhaustible source of surprise and delight for the traveler. Among the most remarkable ornithological discoveries of recent years is the persistence of a tiny population of the extraordinarily rare Crested Ibis in Yangxian, in southwestern Shaanxi. Equally significant was the discovery and excavation of the fabulous Army of the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an; we'll take time to visit this magnificent collection of statues, along with several others of the Middle Kingdom's cultural and historical jewels.朱鹮是中国的国宝,它那漂亮的飞行吸引着越来越多的摄影爱好者来到洋县,兵马俑是历史悠久的遗迹,自然和文化的相融合,这次旅行一定不会让你失望。

Xi'an Tour Guide Reservation-China Unquie Tour
     : Xi'an Tour Guide Reservation
 $30 Up

China Unique Tour have a group of highly experienced and educated full-time tour guides equipped with all sorts of foreign language including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Thailand and Cantonese etc. Tour Guide is divided into Junior, Intermediate and Senior 3 different levels according to Language level and Work experience. 我社有专业的专职的各种语种的导游 我们的导游按照西安导游员工作年限,工作经验和语言水平将导游员分为普通导游员,优秀导游员和特级导游员。欢迎预订

International Guests Private Tour-China Unquie Tour
     : International Guests Private Tour
 $10 Up

You decide when, where and how you want your guest to travel. We will make the recommendations based on his profile, develop the schedule, and make arrangement for private transportation and a local guide. With us, you can be assured that your most important guests are being taken care of by the professionals who will go the extra mile. 您来决定何时、何地以及如何你想你的客人旅行。我们会作出的建议,制定时间表,提供西安旅游车辆和当地导游的安排。您可以有多种选择在西安。

Essence Of Xi'an Seat-in-coach  3days Tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAC- 10 : Essence Of Xi'an Seat-in-coach 3days Tour
 $180 Up

The cheapest terracotta warriors Tour:This seat in coach tour not only including the characterristic spots,but also can make friends with the other travellers from all over the world.西安最便宜的兵馬俑旅遊線路:兩天您參加我們外賓散客兩條線路的旅遊,把西安最精華的景點包攬其中經濟實惠還可以結識其他國家的客人。

One-Day Express Train Tour to Luoyang-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-31 : One-Day Express Train Tour to Luoyang
 $120 Up

Connect your Xian trip with this day tour, you will find much more grottoes culture in Luoyang and the essence Gongfu Show in Shaolin Temple in a tight travel schedule. reaching by newly-opened fast express train.1 Day Luxury of Xian - Luoyang - Xian

5 Days Xian & Luoyang Culture Tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-32 : 5 Days Xian & Luoyang Culture Tour
 $ Up

Both Xi`an and Luoyang are among the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China and commonly regarded as cradles of Chinese civilizations owing to their long history and rich cultural heritages. Therefore they have preserved plentiful scenic spots and historic relics favored by many domestic and foreign tourists. Xi`an is well-known for the site of Terracotta Army and starting point of the Silk Road in the ancient China while Luoyang is renowned for Longmen Grottoes and Chinese Kung Fu---Shaolin Temple This tour route is highly recommended for those who take a great interest in the most prosperous dynasties of ancient China.

3 Days Xian & Tianshui  Cultur Tour (BUS)-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-33 : 3 Days Xian & Tianshui Cultur Tour (BUS)
 $220 Up

The Chinese section boasts numerous historic sites and cultural relics, which include the terracotta army of China’s first emperor of the Qin Dynasty, Famen Temple, which still keeps bone fragments of Buddha,tianshui once a strategic town on the Silk Road.xi'an to tianshui Scenery along the route .The Silk Road tours have been developed for over a decade as a main tourist product in northwestern China. Meanwhile, infrastructure has improved along the way. Today the road has become one of the most attractive tourist products in China.

4-Day Xian-Tianshui-Lanzhou-Xiahe Travel Tours-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-34 : 4-Day Xian-Tianshui-Lanzhou-Xiahe Travel Tours
 $380 Up

highland scenery and close-knit religious culture tours, travel where they will have grasslands, lakes, temple, valley, rich connotations line, it is memorable. Labrang Monastery is a famous temple, and its scale far exceeds the imagination of visitors, the religious atmosphere, but also by infected people. And along the way, the good of local residents is also a good memory of the way China and the United States.

6 Days Xian - Lanzhou - Xiahe Travel by train Tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-35 : 6 Days Xian - Lanzhou - Xiahe Travel by train Tour
 $490 Up

This one week tour will lead to Xian, Lanzhou, Xiahe, which covers the main sightseeing on the Silk Road, such as the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses,the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Bell Tower, the Ancient City Wall, Shaanxi Provincial Museum in Xian, Gansu Provincial Museum, Binglin Si, Labrang Lamasery, Wuquan Park and White Pagoda Hill.

7 Days  Xian, Pingyao, Datong ,Beijing  Trave tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-36 : 7 Days Xian, Pingyao, Datong ,Beijing Trave tour
 $620 Up

It is a fabulous journey to the destinations associated with the highlights of World Heritage Sites in the north of China. Fantastic. Datong, another ancient city, is next. Here view two important religious sites-Yungang Grotto and Upper Huayan Monastery. You'll fall in love with Pingyao with its quaint atmosphere and extant city wall, before moving on to Xi’an to see the glorious Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses.

Army of Terra Cotta Warriors Car Rental-China Unquie Tour
     : Army of Terra Cotta Warriors Car Rental
 $55 Up

We have the newest and high-level vehicle different in size, shape and colors to be selected for you .Licensed driver in Xi’an will help you see what you are going to see and see it all. We strive to satisfy your specific needs with our reasonable prices and our excellent customer service to ensure that you are totally impressed with your car rental in Terra Cotta Warriors Car Rental

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show-China Unquie Tour
     : Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show
 $60 Up

It's a must for each tourist to Xian to enjoy the Tang Dynasty Show in the in evening,The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show is the best choice of your night entertainments in Xi’an.It can give you unforgettable impression. Dance and music appeared and developed with the people’s life. It originated from the ancient sacrificial ceremonies to pray for bumper harvest and better life. With the time passing by music and dance became a delicate performing

Beijing Xi'an Day  Travel by train tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAT-02 : Beijing Xi'an Day Travel by train tour
 $198 Up

China has one of the biggest and busiest rail networks in the world, and trains link almost every town & city. Chinese trains are a safe, comfortable & cheap way to travel around China, and a Chinese train journey is an experience in itself, a total contrast with environmentally-unfriendly internal flights

One day tour of Beijing and xi'an(flight and train-China Unquie Tour
    XAT-03 : One day tour of Beijing and xi'an(flight and train
 $289 Up

Beijing Xian One Day Tour by train and flight of Army of of Army of Terra Cotta Warriors and Big Wild Goose Pagoda The Muslim Street, offered by Xian China Travel Service Co. Ltd (CTS)

Three Gorges Tour(Ordinary Ship,Chongqing/Yichang)-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-37 : Three Gorges Tour(Ordinary Ship,Chongqing/Yichang)
 $93 Up

Highlights: The Yangtze River is the longest river in China as well as one of the longest rivers in the world. The Three Gorges on the Yangtze River are Famous for their breathtaking scenery, and are praised as nature's art gallery and wonderland. Travel on this boat is much more cheaper than the others,because in this boat you will travel with chinese travellers.it's cates the foreign students,the backpakers who want to see the beautiful sights of Three Gorges but need to save money. 长江是中国最长的河流,也是世界上最长的河流之一。长江三峡是其美丽的风景而闻名,被称为大自然的仙境画廊。这艘游船船票的价格比起其他涉外船只来说很便宜,因为它是内宾船。这个游船适合外国学生,背包客等想参观三峡美景却开支有限的游客。

BeiJing & xi'an  2 Day Tour by Flight-China Unquie Tour
    XAT-04 : BeiJing & xi'an 2 Day Tour by Flight
 $480 Up

As one of seven ancient capitals in China, it served as the capital for 12 dynasties spanning over 1,000 years. The long history endows Xian with many marvelous historical and cultural relics. The magnificent Terracotta Warriors and Horse is the first choice of most tourist who travel in Xian and is praised as 'the eighth miracle of the world'. Xian tour products will bring you to go through the time and back to ancient China to visit The Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, Ancient City Wall, The Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Shanghai  Xi'an Day  Travel by train tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAT-06 : Shanghai Xi'an Day Travel by train tour
 $280 Up

It is a short and relatively inexpensive flight or overnight train ride from Beijing and it is a highly recommended visit if you have an extra day or two while you are in China

Three Gorges Tour(duluxe Ship Chongqing/Yichang)-China Unquie Tour
    XAT-38 : Three Gorges Tour(duluxe Ship Chongqing/Yichang)
 $ Up

Three Gorges tour is very popular during the foreigner travellers,choose the duluxe Ship with the other foreigners will make you fell easy to exchange the information,feel more comfortale,also make friends with them.On this boat,all of the workers can speak english,also have English speaking tour guide,make your journer much more easy! 外宾游客对三峡旅游早已非常熟悉,选择涉外船只与来自其他各个国家的游客一起旅游将会让您更方便的交流信息,结识更多朋友,让您的三峡之旅充满惬意.涉外游船上的工作人员都会讲英语,当然还有英语导游,让您免除语言不通带来的麻烦,让您的游船旅行更方便。

Shanghai Xian flight 3 Day Tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAT-07 : Shanghai Xian flight 3 Day Tour
 $480 Up

Xi’an is a modern city with long history and rich Chinese culture. If you have just couple of days in china, Xi’an can not be skipped. Xi’an package tours will not only give you the opportunity to touch Chinese history, but also see the Chinese life.

Three Gorges Tour(duluxe Ship ,Yichang/Chongqing)-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-39 : Three Gorges Tour(duluxe Ship ,Yichang/Chongqing)
 $ Up

This upsteram tour will give you the new experience compire with the usual itinerary.The same as the other duluxe ship,you needn't to worry about the language problem.The workers in the ship can speaking English,it will be helpful for your Three Gorges Tour. 比较起常规的重庆到宜昌下水之旅,宜昌到重庆的三峡上水之旅将会给您另外一种全新感觉。跟其他的涉外船只一样,所有的工作人员都会英语,这将极大的方便您的豪华游船旅游。

5 Days Xi’an/Chengdu/Mt.Emei/Panda Base Tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAP-40 : 5 Days Xi’an/Chengdu/Mt.Emei/Panda Base Tour
 $540 Up

The Panda is arguable the most recognizable symbol in China. This area is the natural home of the Panda and features the world famous Panda research center. Why not see that Pandas and take in the other amazing attractions at the same time. 此次旅行的重点是看中国的国宝—大熊猫。四川成都是熊猫的故乡,在熊猫基地您可以近距离的接触可爱的熊猫。除此以外,您还可以游览到其他一些特色景点。

    xap-- 41 : 4 Days Xi’an/Jiuzhai Vally/ Huanglong super luxur
 $ Up

There goes the saying : You don't need to visit other mountains after returning from Mount Huangshan and you don't need to visit other waters after returning from Jiuzhaigou.In this saying,you can imagine how beautiful view of Jiuzhai is!You will never fell regretful to visit it. 俗话说:黄山归来不看山,九寨归来不看水。从这句俗语中您可以想像九寨的风景是多迷人,多值得一看!

5 Days Xi'an & Lhasa cultural by train tour-China Unquie Tour
    XAP--42 : 5 Days Xi'an & Lhasa cultural by train tour
 $ Up

Tibet - it's the trip of a lifetime. No other destination provides so many unforgettable memories, such a deeply moving experience. Our mission is to make your dream of a trip to Tibet a reality.

3 Days Xi'an bike tour panda tour-China Unquie Tour
    XQ-S-002 : 3 Days Xi'an bike tour panda tour
 $400 Up

Whether you consider yourself a serious rider in search for a real challenge, or you’d rather enjoy the beautiful landscapers and the picturesque rural atmosphere in a slow tempo, the set of bicycle tours below won’t disillusion you.

3 Day Ancient Mountain Bike Festival Adventure-China Unquie Tour
    XQ-S-003 : 3 Day Ancient Mountain Bike Festival Adventure
 $500 Up

The mountain top Chen Lu Pottery,Home to a small community of traditional Chinese potters, the Chen Lu Pottery has produced porcelain, ceramics and carved celadon wares for many centuries and dates back to the Tang dynasty. Today, the kilns are still fired using coal and traditional methods, which remain virtually unchanged

4 Days Terracotta Warriors Huashan hiking-China Unquie Tour
    XQ-S-004 : 4 Days Terracotta Warriors Huashan hiking
 $ Up

Xian holds more than the infamous Terracotta Warriors,here was only one way to reach the top of Mt. Huashan since ancient times. Most of the trail is very narrow and steep; some parts are almost vertical. Iron chains have been set up along the path, but courage and an adventurous spirit are still necessary if you decide to climb Mt.

3 days photographing wild Qinling Golden Takin-China Unquie Tour
    XQ-S-010 : 3 days photographing wild Qinling Golden Takin
 $860 Up

Trekking along the mountain road to track wild Takin.for wildlife wild animals photography tourists,This is an Ecotour that will make a difference to you, and to the areas we visit. located at the southern side of the Qinling Mountains

5 days Photography Tour A Wild Foping Golden monke-China Unquie Tour
    XQ-S-011 : 5 days Photography Tour A Wild Foping Golden monke
 $ Up

for wildlife wild animals photography tourists,This is an Ecotour that will make a difference to you, and to the areas we visit. located at the southern side of the Qinling Mountains.Trekking along the mountain road to track wild Golden monkey.

7 days Wild Panda Tracking Tour-China Unquie Tour
    XQ-S-012 : 7 days Wild Panda Tracking Tour
 $1800 Up

Our expedition trekking tour take you into the heart of the natural habitat of this enigmatic species in Foping Protecting area, which has the highest density of wild Giant Pandas ever recorded. Foping Nature Reserve, where the rare brown giant panda founded by the research scientists and preservation staff, located at the southern side of the Qinling Mountains, Foping County, Shanxi Province, China, is one of the three major habitats of the giant panda in China. It's altitudes above 2,200 metres.

4 days  Hongjiannuo Lake  Bird Watching-China Unquie Tour
     : 4 days Hongjiannuo Lake Bird Watching
 $ Up

Hongjian scenic natural environment provides an ideal for migratory bird habitat, a total of more than 30 species of wild birds multiplied here, mainly at national level to protect Relict Gulls, national second class protected animal White Swan and cormorants, Osprey, wild duck, Mandarin Duck, etc.

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