International airlines from Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, totaling 10 Asian, cities have well established services at XIY. In 2005, there commenced 7 new international airline routes to and from Germany, France, Britain, America and Canada via transfers in Beijing. In 2006, eight other international airline routes to and from Europe, America and Asia were put into use via transfers in Shanghai. International air connections with Hong Kong and Macau are also available depending on the airline schedule. Presently, with a total of 17 international air routes, Xian has become the city with most international connections in Western China.


來自日本,韓國,馬來西亞,新加坡和泰國共10個亞洲,國際航空公司,建立了良好的城市在西安到服務。 2005年,有7個新的開始和國際航線的航空公司從德國,法國,英國,美國和加拿大在北京通過轉移。 2006年,其他8個國際航班航線和來自歐洲,美洲和亞洲都投入在上海通過轉讓使用。與香港和澳門的國際航空連接,也可以根據航空公司的時間表。目前,有17個國際航線總,西安已成為中國西部城市最繁忙的國際機場。

Airport Transportation:

Airport Shuttles:

Line 1 Depart Stop Operating Hours Ticket Fare
Xian Airport→Bell Tower T1:IF of T2 24 hours CNY27
Bell Tower→Xian Airport Melody Hotel 6:00——19:00 every 30 minutes CNY27

Line 2 Depart Stop Operating Hours Ticket Fare
Xian Airport→Xian Railway Station 1F of T2 9:15——17:15 CNY27
Xian Railway Station→Xian Airport Grand Sunshine Hotel 7:00——19:00 hourly CNY27

Line 3 Depart Stop Operating Hours Ticket Fare
Xian Airport→Xian High Technology Industries Development Zone IF of T2 9:05——18:05 CNY27
Xian High Technology Industries Development Zone→Xian Airport Ziction Liberal Hote 7:15——18:15 hourly CNY27

Line 4 Depart Stop Operating Hours Ticket Fare
Xian Airport→Xishaomen 1F of T2 9:05——the last flight CNY27
Xishaomen→Xian Airport West Gate Airport Ticket Office 6:00——18:30 hourly CNY27

Line 5 Depart Stop Operating Hours Ticket Fare
Xian Airport→Xianyang City IF of T2 The first flight——20:30 CNY15
Xianyang City→Xian Airport Rainbow Hotel in Xianyang City 7:00——18:00 hourly CNY15

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