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Xi'an Tour Guide Reservation

let me say

                Xi'an Tour Guide Reservation


Xi’an international guide

We mainly offer the  Xian China Travel Service Co. Ltd (CTS)
The below is general introduction of us

Xian China Travel Service Co. Ltd (CTS) is an important member of Shaanxi Tourism Corporation Group. We are among the first group of travel agencies that are authorized by China National Tourism Administration (CNTA). In the evaluation upon the top 100 international travel agencies of China in the past years, we have always occupied the front rank.

We are staffed with a member of professional tourism management personnel and proficient tourism marketers. Our tour guides offer the first-class services that are guaranteed by their good command of about 20 languages. In the past many years, numerous overseas tourists who came to China for sightseeing, business have enjoyed the standard and considerate services of us.

The tour guides who are all well- trained and have received high education are capable of conducting tours in English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, Cantonese and Mandarin as well. Among them, two guides were named the “Xi’an Tourism Ambassador”.
CTS believes that a fine brand comes from our honest and credit. The company development bases on the service we provided. We keep the way as we always do to provide China travel service to the clients sincerely, patiently and closely.
After years’ development, it has established great reputation among foreign travelers who are interested in China. Because of its high-qualified service, it has also established close relationship with some international travel services and organizations all over the world.

In order to promoting the cooperation with others in the industry, improving intellective skills and the service personalities, and for the purpose of common development, we match our national policy and make the national tourism as the aim.
There are English guides, French guides, Spanish guides, German guides, Chinese guides, Italian guides, Portuguese guides, Japanese guides, Russian guides, Korean guides with the professional tour guide ID card ,and so on. We all devote ourselves to spreading Chinese culture to the world. Guide is a very important part of the tourism employees’ team, and they are the motivators and pushers in the development of our national tourism, erectors of the socialist modernization, and communicators of advanced culture, friendly envoys of international communication.
    We will offer you correctly travel information, route suggests, and scheduling, and explain the history, style and feature of different attractions in detail. We should arrange tickets, vehicles, booking rooms, board and lodging …

The service of  tour group guide :

1 :Meet you at the airport/train station for transfer service At every departure, your  guide     will stay at your side until you have checked in and passed through the security checkpoint.
2:Give you an insight into the cultural heritage of the places you visit.
3:Arrange activities and independent sightseeing, where possible.
4:Tell you about local restaurants when there is a chance to eat out.
5:Generally help you with anything else you need to know.
6:Offer your tour suggestions for your next holiday.
7:When changing your itinerary is needed due to unexpected reasons, your private tour guides will be more than accommodating in suggesting alternatives to ensure that you have a wonderful experience.

The service of   our private tour guide:

0ur service is different from the tour group guide service, because our service is very particular:
1:the destinations contain the attractions but more them
2 :the scheduling is according to the visitors’ willing
3: every visitor has enough time to communicate with the guide
4 :our English guides have experience in translation, they know Chinese and western cultures very well, in the other hand, the guides can offer commercial translation, etc. the service is according to the requiring of visitors. (Price discusses moreover)
5 :the English tour guides graduated as English undergraduate students, and they are trained for international reception.
6: our tour guides have the professional tour guide ID cards, and they have already been guides more than 3 years.

We have different language speaking tour guide,all of them graduated from college and have passed the tough national exam to be licensed as aguide.
When you visit in China, you will experience the magnificent ancient and modern of the most beautiful heaven:Beijing,Shanghai,Xi’an an so on.We offer a complete tour service that fulfils all you need: Private City Guide, Private Assistant , Secretary&Interpreter, social escort, culture tour hotel booking,ticket booking and Car hiring and more. Get the information you need and experience your destination. Besides guide round trips we offer outline programmes for conferences, sports events, study trips and adventure holidays.

We would like to help you to be better prepared, save valuable time, make your stay in China more comfortable, overcome the language barrier and bridge the cultural gap.I am dedicated professionals work,and hard to ensure that your tour exceeds your expectations.

We have the experience and flexibility to make your time with our guide a success, so fly with our guide,,just like a bird; go with our guide, in the perfect world...

 There are excellent foreign tour guides in all languages, they are divided into ordinary tour guides, excellent tour guides, and superfine tour guides according to the working time, working experience and language proficiency. Then the company and individual could choose the suitable guides to meet their need, to avoid wasting recourses. The ordinary tour guides service ordinary international visitors; excellent tour guides service international customers or company partners; and       the superfine tour guides service the VIPs in the company from the world.
Our travel service have excellent foreign tour guides in all languages, they are:

English guides ,
French guides ,
Spanish guides,
German guides,
Japanese guides,
Chinese guides,
Italian guides,
Portuguese guides,
Russian guides,
Korean guides
Yueyu guides,
Indonesisch guides,

Our guide is alreaday,contact us now!

             西安外賓導遊 預訂



Quotation of Tour Guide Service

The price for the travelers number is 1-9 :

English Speaking Guide

     Junior Guide                                   30USD/d   (9 working hours/d, 10USD/h for exceed)
     Intermediate Guide                       65USD/d   (9 working hours/d, 14USD/h for exceed)
     Senior Guide                                  85USD/d  (9 working hours/d, 21USD/h for exceed)

Janpanese/Korean Speaking Guide

     Junior Guide                                   85USD/d   (9 working hours/d, 21USD/h for exceed)
     Intermediate Guide                       114USD/d  (9 working hours/d, 28USD/h for exceed)
     Senior Guide                                  170USD/d  (9 working hours/d, 28USD/h for exceed)

Russian/Spanish/French/German/Vietnamese Speaking Guide

     Junior Guide                                   114USD/d   (9 working hours/d, 28USD/h for exceed)
     Intermediate Guide                       170USD/d   (9 working hours/d, 28USD/h for exceed)
     Senior Guide                                  228USD/d   (9 working hours/d, 35USD/h for exceed)

Arabic/Italian Speaking Guide

     Junior Guide                                   142USD/d   (9 working hours/d, 28USD/h for exceed)
     Intermediate Guide                       170USD/d   (9 working hours/d, 35USD/h for exceed)
     Senior Guide                                  342USD/d   (9 working hours/d, 35USD/h for exceed)


The price for over 10 travelers (including 10person):

English Speaking Guide

     Junior Guide                   7USD/p.p/d   (9 working hours/d, 1.2USD/p.p/h for exceed)
     Intermediate Guide       8.5USD/p.p/d  (9 working hours/d, 2.2USD/p.p/h for exceed)
     Senior Guide                  14USD/p.p/d  (9 working hours/d, 2.8USD/p.p/h for exceed)

Janpanese/Korean Speaking Guide

     Junior Guide                   8.5USD/p.p/d   (9 working hours/d, 2.2USD/p.p/h for exceed)
     Intermediate Guide      11.4USD/p.p/d  (9 working hours/d, 2.8USD/p.p/h for exceed)
     Senior Guide                  22.8USD/p.p/d  (9 working hours/d, 3.4USDp.p/h for exceed)

Russian/Spanish/French/German/Vietnamese Speaking Guide

     Junior Guide                11.4USD/p.p/d   (9 working hours/d, 2.8USD/p.p/h for exceed)
     Intermediate Guide     17USD/p.p/d     (9 working hours/d, 3.4USD/p.p/h for exceed)
     Senior Guide                22.8USD/p.p/d  (9 working hours/d, 4.6USD/p.p/h for exceed)

Arabic/Italian Speaking Guide

     Junior Guide                14.2USD/p.p/d   (9 working hours/d, 2.8USD/p.p/h for exceed)
     Intermediate Guide     21.4USD/p.p/d   (9 working hours/d, 3.5USD/p.p/h for exceed)
     Senior Guide                34.2USD/p.p/d  (9 working hours/d, 3.5USD/p.p/h for exceed)


1 :the above quotation for whole day, it means the working time is no more than 10 hours, and if overtime, you should pay a flat rate for it. No more than 5 hours ,we charge as half day.
2 :over 12pm,two times as an extra pay
3 :if you want to have meals with the guide, you should pay for it, if you don’t like to eat with the guide, you must give 20RMB each time to the guide for allowance.
4 :this price is for visiting Xi’an, for other places, Price discusses moreover.
5 :for Putonghua guide, English guide, yueyu guide , Japanese guide, you should make a reservation seven working days ahead of time; for French guides, Spanish guides, German guides, Italian guides, Arabic guides, Russian guides, you’d better make a reservation a month ahead of time because those languages’ guides run short of. April, May, September, October are the busy time, you’d better make the reservation as early as possible to ensure you journey going well.
6 :above price is for FIT, tips is exclusive. If you have more demands or you are tour groups, please call us for the price.

1 以上報價為全天,即小於等於10小時,超時按以上超時標準收費。不足5小時的按半天算
2 超過晚十二點,超時費加倍。
5普通話,粵語,英文,日語,最好提前7個工作日以前預定。俄語,西班牙語,阿拉伯語,意大利語,韓語,法語,德語為小語種, 全年都很緊缺,請最好提前1個月以上預定。
每年的4月,5 月,9月和10月為旅遊旺季,請最好儘早預定以確保我處安排導遊為您服務。

China Unique Tour have a group of highly experienced and educated full-time tour guides equipped with all sorts of foreign language including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Thailand and Cantonese etc.
Tour Guide is divided into Junior, Intermediate and Senior 3 different levels according to Language level and Work experience.

You also can pay the tour guide for half one day or more than one day, we may have any change for these above quotation according to your actual request. We'll try our best to make eveything suited for you. You can leave your special required in the Tailor-made System, we'll make the reasonable price as soon as possible.   

Company Overview          Why choose us?

 Our Provide  How  Services ?

Our Customers

  Our customers come from all over the world. They are the best reference for !!!
It is the customers that make us different. We cannot appreciate more highly, their feedbacks and suggestions in helping us to continuously improve our services.

What past customers say about us?


Xian China Travel Service Co. Ltd (CTS) Overseas Department Reception Specification

Our department grows following the market growing, in order to ensure the work is going on smoothly, we should guarantee the quality of the reception to decrease complaints. Let the visitors come with happiness, go with satisfaction. Now our department sets a rule for the whole staff, so every one work according to the roles. If someone breaks the roles, he blamed with different conditions. Every worker should read the Reception Specification carefully, work in conjunction with others, to finish the work perfectly.
一 Preparation
  Tour guide should receive the travel plan one day ago before the tour group arrive Xi’an, if meet holiday or hot season, tour guide should receive the travel plan as early as possible, and phone the marketer before going to the office .
 After receiving the travel plan, tour guide must read in carefully, and pay more attention to whether including meals, and check the paging board, list of attractions, menu, and etc. the tour guide must take Service Flag if the tour group contains more than 10 people. If there is something confusing, tour guide checks it with others in time. 
Tour guide must communicate with the driver the previous day, ensure the meeting at the airport. Tour guide and the driver make sure that they have enough time to picking up the visitors avoiding the failure to meeting.
In the hot season, after receiving the travel plan tour guide must order the meals ahead of time.
After receiving the travel plan, if the tour guide can’t finish the work, he/she should inform the marketer in advance, and then the office will adjust. The tour guides can’t adjust themselves.
(一) flight and route
  Because the information isn’t very correct, especially changing greatly in hot season, the tour guide should call Airport Information in the morning in that day to make sure the accurate time of the flight.
 After meeting tour group, tour guide must check the plan with the national guide, team leader or visitors. Such as tour itinerary, hotels or flight price, and etc. if there’s something wrong, the tour guide should contact the officer timely, to reduce economic loss.
 If guest has flight ticket, tour guide should help to check it to ensure the departure time, if it’s first-class ticket, tour guide should confirm the seat.
 The tour guide should ensure the accurate departure time that day.
(二) Vehicle
  Tour guide should monitor the driver for security all the time. Pay more attention especially in bad weather or in bad road. The driver can’t call when driving, the tour guide could help him answer the phone in an emergency.
  When tour guide’s opinion clash against the driver’s, they should report the situation to the higher organization. Quarrelling before the guests is absolutely prohibited.
  Tour guide should monitor the driver not to complain for benefits or hard working, not to ask for tip.
   If the driver could not finish the work during the visit, the tour guide should contact second driver beforehand, make sure of the time and the place.
(三) Meals
  Catering is an important part for complaint, so tour guide should pay more attention to it.
  After meeting the tour group, tour guide should find out the taste of the visitors. Tour guide should cooperate with the restaurant to meet special requirements, if not actually failed, tour guide should explain to visitors.
  Tour guide should take a look at the menu in advance, and exchange the duplicative dishes.
  At meal times, tour guide should take care of the guests, ensure their satisfaction for the food. If the guests aren’t satisfied with the meal, the tour guide should contact the restaurant timely to make it up.
 If the FIT don’t want to eat in hotel, tour guide could take them to the local restaurant, and the cost should be under the standard line of the meal. If the guests want beer, soft drink or expensive food, tour guide should explain that the guests should pay for the extra money.
(四) shopping
Shopping also is an important part for complaint, so tour guide should pay more attention to it.
If the tour guide has special requirements, tour guide should arrange shopping according the different requirements. In principle, going to one shop in one day, additionally, no matter how long the guests stay in Xi’an, tour guide couldn’t bring the guests to more than two shops. If the tour group has great purchasing power and the team leader and guests want to go shopping again, tour guide must get the approval from the higher organization. tour guide must get the approval from the higher organization. If tour guide hasn’t get the approval, he/she will have to abide by the consequences.
3When the long-term visitors have already gone into too many shops, so they don’t want to go shops again, the tour guide should put the reception quality first, respect the opinions of others, and explain to the driver well.
(五) optional tour 。
1 If time allows, tour guide could sell the Optional Tour to the guests. Considering most guests’ interest ,with the whole opinions, tour guide can not make a hard sell. Lastly, making adequate arrangements of few guests avoids causing complaints.
2 Tour guide would better not give the guests some advice to go to some other places with hidden troubles.
(六) Security
1 Besides safe trip, tour guide should watch the visitors during visiting , especially old people, climbing the mountains
2 Tour guide should draw everybody's attention to their purses, and advice guests to put their passports and large amount of money into the safe. At the same time, tour guide should notice the way to reminding of security or the visitors will be afraid to go out by the big words.

三 Airport see off
Please note that tour guide must reconfirm the flight reservations in case the flight is changed or cancelled without notice.
Before leaving the hotel, tour guide must remind the guests not to put their passports into their check-in luggage or forget their passports in rooms.
The time to airport must be according to the time of the ticket or the time from Airport Information, not from the guide’s memory.
If there’s possibility that the luggage will be overweight, tour guide should explain clearly. If the guests don’t want to pay for the overweight, tour guide could advice the guests to put something to their hand-carried luggage.
Tour group don’t pay for their luggage, tour guide should explain to the national guide, team leader or visitors in advance, and then decide how to deal with the luggage. Tour guide should explain that charge for luggage is confirmed to the roles of airport not tips. If the guests should pay for the overweight, let them knew the weight for luggage.
If meet bad weathers, tour guide should make the guests go into airport early in case missing the fight.
Generally, tour guide could leave when the guests all through airport security. Don’t forget to give the national guide, team leader or visitors the mobile number in case something happens. Tour guide must check that the flight has already left Shaanxi. (If meet bad weathers, tour guide should leave when the flight has gone.)
四 Filling form
Please fill the tour list or menu carefully, and make the number clear and being in accord or put the account to trouble.
 The day after sending group (no more than 3 days), tour guide should go to the Department for account. If tour guide can’t do it indeed, he/she must phone the Department why.
 Please try to take fu ll documents.

Contacts:  Peter Jia  Miss Yang
Tel:      029-87238990  13488197185
Tele Fax:  029-88143797
QQ:      99705398
E-mail:    inquire@chinauniquetour.com
Company:  Xi’an China Travel Service CO.LTD
Address:   203, Chang’an North Road


隨著市場的不斷擴大,我部團隊數量在逐漸增多,為保證所有工作的順, 利進行,確保團隊的接待質量,做到最大限度地減少(希望達到杜絕)客人投訴,讓客人高興而來,滿意而, , , , 去,根據以往工作中出現的一些問題,我部特製定以下有關接待工作的具體要求細則。希望海外部的所有陪同在工作過程中務必嚴格按照如下要求操作。如因違反規則而導致團隊投訴或造成經濟損失的,部門將視情節追究相應的責任。希望辦公室各工作人員及各陪同仔細閱讀此件要求並在工作過程中予以認真執行,積極地配合對方的工作,圓滿地完成各組團社交給我們的接待任務。

一 . 準備工作

領取計劃之後請仔細閱讀團隊的具體行程及有關要求,尤其是注意是否含餐,並請注意檢查接機牌、遊覽單、餐單等是否有遺漏。 10人以上團隊請記住帶社旗。

二 .接待工作









購物為客人投訴較多的另一個方面,請陪同嚴格按照, 部們裡規定執行。

對購物無特別要求的團隊,請陪同根據團隊的實際情況進行合理安排。原則上只能一天一店,但請注意的是不論團隊在西安停留時間多​​長,全程最多不得超過兩個店。如遇團隊購物力極​​強,領隊或客人提, 出再進店,請陪同務必要取得部門同意,不得擅自做主。


如時間允許,陪同可向客人推銷OPTIONAL TOUR。但請一定從全局出發,考慮大部分客人的利益,不得強行推銷。另請安排好不加點的少數客人,不能因為安排不當而引起少數客人的投訴。




如發現客人行李有超重的可能性, ,請一定提前一天跟客人做好解釋工作。如客人不願付超重費,可建議客人將較重的物品放在手提行李裡帶上飛機。不包行李托運費的團隊,請陪同向全陪、領隊或客人提前說明,再決定由行李員托運或自行托運。請陪同一定要跟客人解釋清楚,行李托運費為機場規定費用,並非行李小費,以免客人誤會。



联 系 人: 贾先生 杨小姐
咨询电话:029-87238990 029-819965502
在线QQ: 99705398


 If you want to get the essence of Chinese delicacies, learning to use chopsticks is highly recommended. As for me, one of the most exciting thing when travel to xi'an Dumplings Making
What happens during the class?
1. Full illustration of dumplings making by your tour guide.
2. Demonstration by the chef.
3. Learn to make different types of dumplings.
4. Taste dumplings you cook.

Price from: $8  p/p (2-5 persons)

 Tai Chi is an internal martial art system which places emphasis on the development and control of Chi (Consciousness) energy within the body. Learning Tai chi on the Ancient City Wall is a way of relaxing during your tour and also a way of experiencing a traditional Chinese passtime.

What happens during the class?
1. Full illustration of Tai chi by your tour guide.
2. Demonstration by Tai Chi masters.
3. Experimenters are invited to compete doing Tai Chi after class.

Price from: $50 p/p (2-5 persons)


2012/10/15 16:32:54
Thanks for starting the ball rolling with this ingshit.
2010/10/24 20:12:38
Hello, my name is Ana. I live in Shanghai. My parents anre comming in January and I will like to book a spanish speaking guide for Beijing 8,9,10 of January and Xian 11,12 of Janury. Can you help me?
2010/10/25 22:19:36
admin replied:
Hello, <BR> Yes,We can book the tour guide for you, and please tell us your e-mail, and we should ask you some questions. our message add:inquire@chinauniquetour.com .Thanks.
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