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3 Day Ancient Mountain Bike Festival Adventure

let me say


3 Day Ancient ceramics  Mountain Bike Festival

(Chen Lu  Town 、 Fuping Pottery Village,Yaozhou Kiln Museum )



Tour Code: XQ-S-003
Duration: 3days
Biking Distance: 120 km/day
Biking Time: 5-8h/day
Good time to visit:
Group Size: 2- 30 people
Season: January - December
Difficulty level:Intermediate

Level of Difficulties:Intermediate to advanced

Highlights:  With  the pottery theme of the cultural center have distinctive pottery studio, can accommodate hundreds of people making pottery room,makes you return to the childhood fun,makes your potters arts’s  dream became  true. The hometown of Yaozhouthe porcelain,still kilns uprisings porcelain flourished kiln fire extension ancestors handed down, the original handmade porcelain art Passing the torch, still in use now.


Day by day itinerary:

Day 1  Xi'an  to  Chen Lu  Town
Place & Transport:By Bicycle
地點和交通:西安-陳爐古鎮 114公裏     全程騎自行車時間約6時。
Today's Activities: 
Meals:  Chinese Lunch


In the afternoon,  Arrival  Fuping Pottery Village,  Visit  Fuping Pottery Village: Ping Fu Pottery Village is the first to pottery domestic theme-pottery culture, catering accommodation, leisure, tourism, shopping for one visit Tao cultural centre where located in the North Qiao shan of Fu ping County. The FuLe International Ceramic Art Museums (FLICAM) was established in 2004 under the management of FPAV. In the last four years, FLICAM has built more than ten international ceramic art museums, and more than 150 international ceramic artists have spent two to four weeks in FLICAM as resident artists who have donated all their art works to the newly built museums,  By examining the types of pottery (including brick, roof-tile, pottery vessels, celadon and porcelain), the various colors of the glaze (black, yellow, celadon, white and milti-colored glazes), different forms of vessels; and in addition, the thin clay body, the right glaze color, and the exquisite carving, it is quite positive that this kiln site is a major one in Chinese history. Likely its productions exceeded Yao-zhou Kiln in quality and quantity, and likely earlier in age than Yao-zhou Kiln. As a unique pottery studio which could accommodate hundreds of people playing mud pottery where you can find the fun of childhood. Garden villas and facilities are available here, Nearly 10,000 square meters of leisure Squares, fountains, water bridges, swing hammock chairs are around here. Fu-Le International Ceramics Museum exhibited thousands of international-class ceramic works, with its unique charm, and provides visitors a view and understanding of domestic and international development of modern ceramics and provide a opportunity for people with high-grade enjoy the arts.

Main Buildings (completed in 2004)
French Museum (opening July,2005)
Scandinavia Museum (opening Nov. 2005Including Sweden, Denmark, Norway,Finland)                                                                                                                     斯堪的納維亞博物館(2005年11月開幕 包括瑞典、丹麥、挪威和芬蘭)
American Museum(Including Canada, USA,Central and South America)
            美洲館(包括加拿大、美國和美洲中南部)                                                                 Oceanic Museum (including New Zealand, Australia,and minor island countries) 
            大洋博物館(包括新西蘭、澳大利亞以及周邊一些較小的島國)               Mediterranean Museum (continuation French Museum,Including Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey)
            地中海博物館(附加法國館,包括意大利、西班牙希臘和土耳其)                      North European Museum (including Great Britain,    Ireland,Belgium, Holland, Germany)
            北歐館(包括英國、愛爾蘭、比利時、荷蘭、德國)East European Museum 东欧馆
Asian Museum 亞洲館                                                                                                     China Contemporary Art Museum 中國當代藝術博物館


Dinner before the arrival: 
Chenlu town is in central Shaanxi province, north of Tongchuan City, 15 km southeast of the Guanzhong Plain and the Loess Plateau in northern Shaanxi. Chenlu Porcelain created in the end of the Southern Song Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty peaked which is boasted as “Ancient Chinese ceramics town.” The narrow hillside potential here, surrounded on three sides by mountains, plains less, and the rocks physique, and has also increased the difficulty of fighting a cave. In order to reduce the pressure below cave, householders fired abandoned porcelain, the "Xiabo" or scrapped, after the firing of the pots and urns, all of these were used for spelled the wall. This created a unique town Chenlu.

Day 2   Chen Lu  Town
Place & Transport:By Bicycle
Today's Activities: 
Meals:  Chinese Lunch

It is called "Town," but actually it is an ancient ceramic village in the mountainous area of Shaan'xi Province, between the Guan-Zhong Flatlands and the North Shaan'xi Plateau. Chen-Lu is approximately 20 kilometers (about 11 miles) southeast of Tongchuan, and about two hours' driving from Xi'an. In Chinese, Chen means display, and Lu means oven or kiln. So, the town is a kiln-displaying village. The kiln sites have been laid one after another since the Song Dynasty. The living houses are unique in this part of China. The style is called Yao-Dong. Yao means kiln, Dong means cave. The brick-built houses usually are built half way into the hillside. The ceilings are usually curved like an arch. This design is cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The bed the residents use is called Kang, which is a brick-built bed with a fireplace underneath. The walls around the yards are usually made out

Day 3   Yaozhou Kiln Museum
第三天:參觀耀州窯博物館 返回西安
Place & Transport:By Bicycle
Today's Activities: 
今日旅程:Yaozhou Kiln Museum
Meals:  Chinese Lunch

Yaozhou Kiln Museum is located in Huang-pu Town, Tongchuan of Shaanxi Province, the site of the well-known Ruins of Yaozhou Kiln, a unit of cultural relics under state protecixton.
Started burning in the Tang, developed in the Five Dynasties, reaching its peaks in the Northern Song, continuing in the Jin and ended at the end of the Yuan dynasty. The Yaozhou Kiln, known as "Ten-li Kiln" in history . has a history of burning over 800 years, leaving behind the richest cultural heritage, More than 3 million piecces of various kinds of cultural relics and 200 of workofshops and stoves have been excavated on the site, It is seldom seen in the ceramic history of the world that such big excavation areas, great numbers of the cultural relics, well reserved ruins and rich cultural intensions, and it is a huge treasure for ceramic culture.
Yaozhou Kiln Museum is now the largest in scale, the richest in intention in China, three in one , a special museum for the remains of ancient pottery and porcelain including the Exhibiton for the Protection of the Remain. Exhibition for the sample of the cultural relices and Demonstration of the Ancient Pottery making.
Covering an area of 60000 square metres, Yaozhou Kiln Museum has an exhibition area of 9000 square metres with the collection of 500000 pieces of cultural relics. The remains of the Kiln sites are consisted of three protection hall, the celadon-making Kilns and works and workshops of the Song Dynasty, the tri-colored Kilns and woudshops of the Tang dynasty as well as the celadon-making workshops of the Jin Dynasty, reflectiong directly and vividly the production scale and the complete process of technologies of the Yaozhou Kiln. The main parts for the basic exhibition of the museum are consisted of 3 parts and 7 exhibitions. "The exhibition of the history of Yaozhou Kiln" exhibites thousand of cultural relics, reflecting the burning history of more than 800years of the Kilns; In "Demonstration and Participation",demonstrated by artians, visitors may personally take a hand in the work, learning ghe delight of production through practice, In "reference and Research" technological personnel and teachers and students of collegues to practice and research.

We hope the Yaozhou Kiln Museum may be a classroom following the trail of history and seeking knowledge, a Temple of God to observe and learn from the aesthetic feelings and mold person's temperaments, a bridge to meet history and future.

Afternoon Return Xi'an tour  finish..

Friendly Note from  Xian China Travel Service Co. Ltd (CTS)
1.Please watch out and keep away from busy traffic, and be ready to get off if there is too much crowding.

2. Obey traffic rules. When biking in the city, wait for the green light when you want to cross the street. Do check if both sides are clear even when the green light is on.

3. Ride carefully. Wear a helmet, and ride near the right hand edge of the road.

4. Do not swerve when looking over your shoulder. Use hand signals when making a turn.

5  Cycling routes involve many small rural areas, where the sanitary condition may not be so good. It is sensible to take with you some sanitizer or wet tissues to clean your hands before you eat.

6. Bring some necessary medicines with you, such as: the medicines for flu, sore throat, coughing, diarrhea, etc that you use at home.

7. Bring hat, sunglasses & sunscreen with you.

8. Purchase some raw ginger in the local market. Eat a little piece each time with the meals or put it in the warm water, which can help your circulation and stomach and relieve pain.

9. The water from the tap in the most hotels is not drinkable, so always drink the boiled water or bottled water.

10. Respect the customs of local people, especially when you go to visit the areas of different minorities. Ask your tour guides about the proper etiquettes, behaviors, manners and taboos to avoid offending people.

11. Most Chinese people are friendly, but before you take their pictures, it is better to ask for the permission beforehand.

12. Do not tease the dogs along the way.

- 2 -5 people: $ 650
- 6-9 people: $ 600
- 10-16 people: $ 550
- 16-30 people: $500

Prices Includes:
- Bilingual bicycle tour guide
- All hotel room accommodations (double occupancy) for 2 nights
- Meals eaten as group
- All group entrance fees
Optional rental bicycle.

- Optional vehicle support

Price exclude:
Private meals, snacks and alcoholic
Tips  for the tour guide  and  driver.
Expense  have  nor  mentioned above .
Things to Bring:
Hiking shoes, water, energy complement
Our Promise: No Tourist Restaurants, No Souvenir Shopping, No Hidden Costs.

Custom Tailoring: Design your own tour with our help to meet your unique interests, You don't have to compromise, do exactly what you want to do! Let us assist you to tailor-make your own China Experience. Tell us what you need now!

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Reservation & Payments:

  1. Just fill out the online reservation form, or send your travel request to  inquire@chinauniquetour.com  then our tour advisors will contact you with your detail tour information.A phone number and email address where we can easily reach you
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