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3 days photographing wild Qinling Golden Takin

let me say


       3 days photographing wild Qinling Golden

Takin (budorcas taxicolor bedfordi)

Tour Code: XQ-S-010
Duration: 2 days

Hiking Distance:  20km/day
Hiking Time:  7-10h/day
Good time to visit: June - July you can watch the fighting for breeding and mating of budorcas taxicolor bedfordi.
Group Size: 2 - 8 people
Season:   All year around available. Four seasons
Difficulty level: Severe
Highlights: Qinling Mountains is one of the most biologically rich temperate forest in the world, a gene bank in China, a natural division between northern and southern China in terms of geography and climate.Qinling is an important component of the ecological system, so the wildlife is the precious natural assets, the Qinling Mountains are extremely biologically diverse, is the home to a number of endangered species.  Many Qinling plants and animals are rare and endangered, including the Ginkgo, the Chinese Mountain Larch, the Miaotai Maple and the Chinese Fir, Golden Monkey, Golden Takin, Crested Ibis, Golden Eagle, and Clouded Leopard, the giant panda bears.
 such hold some of the best high altitude primary forest and flora to be seen in China. Around 220 species of birds and other endangered mammals including Clouded Leopard, Takin, Goral and Tufted Deer also inhabit the park. There is a village named takin village in Yao Zi liang in Foping in Qinling Mountain Here's an elevation of about 2400-2600 meters. And neighbour with Zhouzhi and Ningshan ,all the plants are adjacent to the dense to maintain the original style and become the most densely distributed in Qinling Wildlife areas, especially as the takin of the natural .This China wildlife rare animal photography tour just for wild animal photographer to watch, tracc, photograph wild golden takin (budorcas taxicolor bedfordi) in Foping, Qinling mountains area.

Hiking tour route: Xi'an--Foping--changjiaoba-ShaWoFuXingTemple(by motorbike)-ZhiFangPing--Yaozi Liang  back to hotel for  original.

Please note: We hope to encounter  Wild Golden Takin and there's a big opportunity to see them, however sightings ofWild Golden Takin cannot be guaranteed. We will not visit any of the captive "sanctuaries" - this is a trip designed to see Wild Golden Takin

Day01: Earlier morning drive (car and motorbike) and hike up  to Yaoziliang area for tracking,  watching, photographing wild Golden Takin (budorcas taxicolor bedfordi), and overnight in local house (local family nearby, you'd bring your own sleeping bag),(ZhiFangping--Small wooden house(camping place)-- takin observation place).(B/L/D)

Distance of about 17 KM: along the stream on the winding from Zhifang plain to small wooden house , can be divided into three segments.
  For first parts, is relatively flat and wide of way. Moving through in the forest, so many streams around us, occasionally, can see waterfalls and pools. Having rest 2 times on the way. Play in the streams urgently, someone go into water and walk on the stones in streams. How beautiful it is! Water in the streams is very cold, you can wash face with cold water, This moment, every thing is for you so fresh.

   Second part:After climb the relatively elevation,there is no trees to covering sunshine.But go through taller grass ,as i will say the third part, actually is a lot of stones in the way before reach small wooden house,it may have about more than 10 Km,but is a  challenge for you, wasting around 5 hours.

   Third part: starting challengeing last distance--go to takin observation place.for 1 km ,however, is the most difficult in three parts. There are 3 features, 1,steep slope, in my opinion, i felt the slope should be 45 degrees, some parts of slope more than 60 degrees;2,Sliping muddy mountain road, but many places do not have roads, are not open. 3, particular in some parts of the road is very dangerous, we are all close to the cliff, from the narrow slope, there just only enough to contain one person. And this section of the slope is particularly cliffy, very deep canyons near us, and if once the slip.Life can not be maintained.
Time: 2 days is appropriate(you can cross for one day, but very hard)

Day02, Full day  for tracking,  watching, photographing wild Qinling Golden Takin (budorcas taxicolor bedfordi), overnight in local house

Although a seldom seen animal, tracks and signs are commonly found in anywhere between 1500 and 3500m.They travel in herds and very nimble climing a hill as well as a goat. If they are disturbed, they usually crashed into the undergrowth; on the other hand if you approach an unsuspecting takin too closely they are quite likely to charge-so take care as they have been known to kill people.

The Foping Takin belongs to the Shaan'xi subspecies, other members of the same species being found as far west as Bhutan. The local form is attractive and a soft pale brown. Their horns are thick and curled back but the general
impression of the face is soft and moose- like. They are browsers and can eat an incredible variety of herbs as well as the leaves of trees and shrubs.
Saplings are often bent over and broken in the course of feeding.

The more overgrown areas such as abandoned farmland or where regeneration
after logging is taking place seem to suit them well. They may also seen on grassland slopes in late spring in herbs of thirty or more. In the denser
forest it is more usual to see small herbs of six to eight animals.

Mating takes place in August when the herbs are high up on the alpine meadows
or in the rhododendron zone near the tree line (3000m). During the rutting
season, there is some competition between river rival males. Young maybe seen with their mothers in April. In May you may witness the rather extraordinary sight of one female looking after a group of several young calves while they rest of the herd make up for winter loss in weight by grazing the new grass.

Takin used to be hunted, shot and snared but are now fully protected and seem to be re-establishing themselves rather well; enjoying the protection that the reserve offers.

Day03:Moring tracking, watching and photographing, at late afternoon trekking down and car to Xi'an for night

Small wooden house(camping place)--takin observation place, according to backtrack .

Takin, is a clever animal, it's said that it's the generation of Huangfeihu and five colours oxens.every summer and autumn, there are a lot of takin from all over the place to mountain. Combine a large breeding herds.
Body Length: 170-220 cm / 5.6-7.3 ft.
Shoulder Height: 100-130 cm / 3.3-4.3 ft.
Tail Length: 15-20 cm / 6-8in.
Weight: Up to 350 kg / 790 lb.
The plump, bovine-like body is covered with dense, long yellow to brown hair.  The short, stocky legs have broad hoofs and strong dew claws as an adaptation to their mountainous environment.  In profile, the face is convex with the nasal ridge arching outwards.  Both sexes carry strong horns that are 25-30 cm / 10-12 inches long, and curve out, backwards, and upwards at the tips.  The bases of the horns may have transverse ridges.
   According to discovering, always in daily morning and evening. When the sun rise,they can go into the bamboo forest in order to disturbing from gadfly.  lying on top to enjoy a mud bath; others just lay on the ground with the morning eat regurgitated food.
   In september, still is the most dynamic season of QinLing mountain .During this time,takins begin migrating to the low altitude, It is the most difficult for those takins. Some of them are very weakness, even leave beautiful world.
   Each spring, takins gather in large herds and migrate up the mountains .  As cooler weather approaches, and little food for them, the takins move down to forest valleys. As they move up and down, or across the mountains.
   In June or july every year, Is takins' behaving, mating, breeding period of most frequent, is also the best viewing takin . At the same time , wild boar, yellow deer, golden monkey and many birds frequented there Peak drug sub-beam is very wide, wide vision, very easy to capture and observe wildlife. location and climatic conditions and rich three-dimensional mountain of rare wild animals Here listed as important area by FoPing county.
   There is a village named takin village in YaoZiliang in Foping in Qinling Mountain Here's an elevation of about 2400-2600 meters. And neighbour with Zhouzhi and Ningshan ,all the plants are adjacent to the dense to maintain the original style and become the most densely distributed in Qinling Wildlife areas, especially as the takin of the natural park.Takin was called "Aries"in the local town , its shape is a form of cattle and sheep on the boundary between the large rare animals, which is endemic specie in Asia.Takins are distribution of the narrow all over the world , the World Conservation Union (IUCN) divided them into 2 parts (Si Chuan subspecies and Qinling subspecies) listed in the "Red Book" as rare and protected animals, our government also list them to the national level

   We are looking for the takins in order to take some photos, some takin were having dinner in the bamboo forest. Best bamboo is delicious food to them . However,they can use their legs to play branches. A male takin try its sharpen horns on the trees, is ready for the last battle. But the other male takin may has the lover, give its all the love to another female takin, also called "White Princess". doing the mating foreplay.
   Takin have highly alertness and careful everything around them. Vision is also more developed. Soon , we were found by them. but they did not run away immediately, stareing at us, even takin pups are motionless.Then through the deep roar of the female takin and lead them transfer to the depths of the forest.

   At this time, we are still losing in the happiness. sun rises in the sky and stay on our body across the leaves and breaches. Everything felt quietly of YaoZiLiang. suddenly, a heavy sounds go into our eyes, a lot of takins are startled by the sounds, twist to the back of the head of the horn plate looked very sharp.We and takins are both shocked , takins straight to us , disappeared in front of us.in this case, we aren't faster than takins. but takin are not panic, the best way is to finding a favorable terrain, such as crude, is not easy to reach high takin hide, or around rocks, trees, and play around,avoid beating by takins.

   At 6:00 in the morning of next day, we were lucky to watch the battle between takin.A group of nearly 60 takin from the breeding colony in another place.Two male takin magnificent public leisure to walk in the front , covered with massive muscles, like fitness champion.Suddenly, a male takin bull from back to the front , breathing heavily, round and round in the meadow.It is active fighting, the huge sound of stirring the collision.And the cows walk of in front is also important of them . At this time, it tried its best to beat another one.It hard to distinguish lose or win,Do in this  way  reduplicatively: comparing  the weight ,  resistance, power, sensitivenesse and so on … A  moment , challenger is beated ,  rushing  at  the bottlem .The winner will  chase his  favourate-- famale takin, steepping   the pardise of  love.

   On the Rocks, gradually approaching a group of young takin, about seven or eight, they are look like small wild boars, color for dark brown, the back have clear pattern, which is a camouflage color.February of each year, cubs are born at this time, a cubs per litter.takin are division of labor clearly, take care of seven or eight pups female takin to play the "aunt" role, to help other female takin care of pups.There are two cubs takin unwittingly ran around us, look us up and down. They seems want to know about us from the camera.
Takin is a dream for foreigners in foreign.

Travel Information

Thanks for choosing China with Terra Incognita Ecotours, Inc. It is our pleasure to help you plan for your upcoming ecotour. To ensure that your travel arrangements are made to your satisfaction, please take a few minutes to read through this information.

Quotation (per person in RMB, 5days): 5800CNY/p.p..
Included: local style meals marked (some foods arranged as ready-food or fast-food while tracking if necessary), 4nights accommodation in marked hotel or local house, transfer and transportation by private car marked, motorbike if necessary, entrance fee and  permit, local guide (or leader) service, tour body insurance.
Excluded: tip to guide and driver, any other service not included above.

Equipment needing: Warm clothes and hiking shoes (at least spare jacket, best are camouflage uniforms, military and police anti-slip shoes, preferably with high waist), headlamp or flashlight, a large bag (bags and rope can be), rain equipment (poncho), camera and video equipment, personal supplies, personal medicines and so on.
Important caption(s):
1,physic fitness for strong activities;
   2: who is interested in wild animals and love QinLing, also protecting environment, know more about to this species.
   3: knowing takin's habits and better mental quality.
   4: like exploring, and have ever climbed mountain
   5: weather always change in QinLing Mountain, rains can stop our trip. You must prepared the raining coat , clothes and emergency medicine . 
      6: avoid beating from animals, especially takin.

If you meet the takin, at least 20 meters between them. Can't rolling stones to them.

       1: Activity leader and guide who only travel about with on the team , does not assume any liability to the tourist. All participants who register as a person with full civil capacity, if in the activities of the consequences of personal injury occurred, activity leader and the guide do not bear the liability . according to law by the injured person, and this statement shall address, where the registration there , as theTo accept this statement.Refused to apply for others.
     2, Buying their own insurance on their own expenses by the applicants, insurance is necessary, you'd better purchased for yourselves.
     3, The outdoor activities have exploring adventure elements, but not the adventure.This line we have organized several people to shareing.We would explain precautions for safety education and training before departure
    .4, All applicants must obey the arrangements, pay attention to safety, there are problems or illness, please inform the organizers as soon as possible .5, please care about the weather forecast the day before departure.Or broadcast weather hit Tel: 12121. 6, solidarity, mutual helping each other, promote teamwork spirit. 7, Do not throw about the rubbish, and all their garbage should take back by yourselves.8, Noteing fire for forest, non-smoking when you explore

Note of climbing mountain:
    1: in order to climbing mountain faster, taking few things when you climb mountain.

     2: Taking rain coat, not umbrella as heavy wind.
     3: Don't climb to the top place in thunderstorm; do not shelter under the tree to avoid lighting.
    4: For the temperature, Daily moring and night is very low,  taking some warm clothes when you step up to the top of the mountain.

Minimum: 2 persons.
Booking: 50days in advance, so that we can arrange the permit.

Please bring your own sleeping bag with you, and keep quiet while in reserve, don't disturb any wild animals.

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