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5 days Photography Tour A Wild Foping Golden monke

let me say

              5 days A Wild Foping Home of  Golden monkey

Photography Tour

Tour Code: XQ-S-011
Duration: 5 days

Hiking Distance:  2km/day
Hiking Time:  2- h/day
Time: all day (stay in station for 4 -6hours)
Good time to visit:    Mar- Apr Sep--Oct furs with their body is most beautiful
Group Size: 2 - 8 people
Season:  Four seasons
Difficulty level:  Moderate
Highlights: Qinling Mountains is one of the most biologically rich temperate forest in the world, a gene bank in China, a natural division between northern and southern China in terms of geography and climate.Qinling is an important component of the ecological system, so the wildlife is the precious natural assets, the Qinling Mountains are extremely biologically diverse, is the home to a number of endangered species.  Many Qinling plants and animals are rare and endangered, including the Ginkgo, the Chinese Mountain Larch, the Miaotai Maple and the Chinese Fir, Golden Monkey, Golden Takin, Crested Ibis, Golden Eagle, and Clouded Leopard, the giant panda bears.
 The golden monkey (Rhinopithecus roxellana) is a special species in China, and possesses the highest altitude habitat (4,167 m) in all kinds of primates. So it is very important to study this monkey how to adapt to such a high and severe habitat.

Day by day itinerary:每日行程

Day 1: Your Arrive in Xi An

Day 2: Xi An city tour. .(B,L,D) 
Today we have full day to explore the City with a guided tour to the Terra-Cotta Warriors , Shaanxi History Museum, the Wild Goose Pagoda, and the Old City Wall. We plan to build in some free time to explore on your own. Of course we can also change the sequence of visits. Dinner this evening is a dumpling Banquet (as option)

Day 3: Xi An to Foping Reserve Station.(B,L,D) 
Xi An to Foping Reserve Station. After breakfast we will drive to Foping National Nature Reserve, this reserve located on the south side of the Qinling Mountains has the highest density of Golden snub-nosed Monkey and wild Giant Pandas ever recorded. . Overnight at Foping Reserve Station  Foping county--Drive to Dapingyu for wildlife photography Sichuan Golden Monkey, hiking in Jinsihou valley for watching, tracking wild golden snub-nosed monkeys golden monkey canyon for one day tour

Day04, photographing the wild (sichuan) golden snub nosed monkeys..(B/L/D).
Again drive to Dapingyu for wildlife photography Sichuan Golden Monkey, hiking in Jinsihou valley for watching, tracking wild golden snub-nosed monkeys, overnight in local hotel

Day05,  Leave  xi'an ).(B)
Drive to Xi'an A'port for flight back to Beijing, service ends.(no land service in Beijing).

            Goldenmonkeys are one kind of infrequent animal as pandas . we always know goldenmonkey also called Chuan golden monkey, in Eglish we call them golden monkey.
Goldenmonkey only  spread in the mountain Qin of  Shaanxi  province,about 3000 . One of rest places of them is Foping ,in total ,there are 6 groups for 800. Goldenmonkeys  are one kind of infrequent animal as pandas , they are famous for fuzzes all over of there body. While, be treated as the national treasure as well as pandas.
    There are four categories about golden monkey : Chuan goldenmonkey,Dian goldenmonkey, Qian goldenmonkey and Yuenan golden monkey. But Chuan goldenmonkeys’ hair color is most beautiful.

Sichuan golden monkey is the real monkey, is the human's relatives or neighbours.
Both monkey and panda , are same as the nation treasure, and famous for its long fur covered with its body. Their face look a little light blue, and golden fur, actions are grace and agility .

In QinLing mountains, Goldenmonkeys are living in the broad-leaved forest at 1500-2800 meters altitude, theirs life is regulation.they played in day and gathered with each other at night.hunting for food in all day ,at night ,they will on the big tree get together. When they moving they are like the golden lightning, drawing the outline of mountain Qin. Be treated as faies of jungles on QinLing  mountain . They treated the FoPing reserve station as their home.
Goldenmonkeys like living together, in this way ,look as one faimly,and so many faimlies will constitute one society of race.  

This is a community composed of several families, each confined to a thicket of its own. The families drank beside a stream according to social status: the more powerful the family, the higher the priority for them to drink. Under the leadership of the only adult male in a family, other family members, old and young, drink water by turn. Holding my breath, I fixed my camera on these monkeys, and recorded the amazing moment.

Of the four species of golden monkeys, the Sichuan golden monkey is distinct for its appearance. It has a blue face, and even its lips are blue. On its body grows thick, golden hair. It has supreme elegance, as if it were born to be a king.

Most Sichuan golden monkeys live deep in forested mountains in Sichuan, Gansu, Shaanxi, and Hubei provinces. Except for the Shennongjia area in Hubei, they share habitat with giant pandas. One of their major habitats is the Qinling Mountains. There, some 4,000 golden monkeys live in groups deep in forests, shrouded in mist. Traces of golden monkeys are found in Zhouzhi, Ningshan, Yangxian, Taibai, and Foping counties.

The social organization of Sichuan golden monkeys is based on small family units, each composed of one male adult and many female adults and their children. When the children grow up, the females stay with their own family. The males are exiled. Exiled males from different families then form an all-male unit, and its  individuals will follow the single-male families, always ready to replace the aging dominant male. The social structure seems simple, but complicated relations occur under this structure, which is rare among other species of primates.

Sichuan golden monkeys mainly feed on wild fruits, leaves, and burgeons. In addition to seeking food, they spend most of their time grooming themselves or others. This behavior provides more than simple hygiene. It is also a way to keep members of a family unit together and maintain relations among individuals of various social classes.

The shortage of natural resources and the existence of social classes for the golden monkeys in the Qinling Mountains lead to frequent battles, some of which occur within a family, and some between different family units. Young golden monkeys often chase or fight each other, practicing for real battles. Usually females are initiators of mating activities. They run around the males, indicating they are ready to copulate. Males then cry out to court the females, or they copulate directly.

 At present, there are a total of four species of golden monkey in the world, including the Sichuan golden monkey, the Guizhou golden monkey, the Yunnan golden monkey and the Tonkin golden monkey. Three of these species live only in China, and they are nearly as rare now as the giant panda.

Just as the government has constantly enhanced the conservation of natural environments, people have become aware of the importance of wildlife protection. Local residents now live in harmony with such wild animals as golden monkeys. They even take measures to help these animals-friends of mankind-through the chill of winter. Gradually, these timid animals accept human beings among them, in their world. Thus, we humans can conduct close observation and research on golden monkeys to shed light on their kingdom

In mountain Qin, Foping protection zone is the first place to take photoes and investigate wild animals. Specially feeling where they live. Dapingyu reserve station is far away from FoPing county, located in the reserve place, all the things look comfortable, Wild giant panda training base is building here. Over the years, here have found  more pandas, Sumen takin and other wild animals. After heavy snow season or the beginning of spring. Large monkey groups have their free time in that area. There are hundreds of them so far. They also play with the tourists.

We can confirm where you can take photos for wild golden monkey. And take photos little distance(around 5--50 meters).  this is a trip designed to see Monkey in-the-wild.
For monkey, they are highly ornamental wild animals. So far, it has little distance from station to monkey stay. To create a monkey belonging to their own park, scenic road to the point of view of the monkey, and maintained the original appearance.This section, about 2 km, there is a flood way, people who come to visit need to wear high heels.Carefully flood the slippery, slow adoption of safety.Also, pay attention to forest fire, and no smoking.

Attention tips:    

      1. Don’t be noisey!
      2. Don’t be moved frequently!
      3. Don’t throw food  to !
      4. Don’t effect them when you take photoes.Becase they are in the period of bearing at present.
      5. Please pay attention to the environmental protection, carry off the rubbish by yourself!

In order to spread this rare animal and further know more about them, one decision is make out from the travel government of  Foping.There are 3 chance everyday to enjoy the sight of the goldenmonkeys from now on.If you have the Taipingyu scenic spot ticket,it’s free.This scenic spot ticket is original price .

   Time :09:30am  12:00   16:00pm. Half an hour for each time.  Limited quantity: 20 person

Quotation :(In RMB, per person, 5days, basis of 2persons share one standard room): 7800CNY/p.p.,  single supplement: 1000CNY .Minimum 2 persons.

Included: local style meals, transportation and transfers, 4nights accommodation in marked hotel or similar, entry fee for sightseeing, permit if necessary, English speaking guide service, all air tickets marked (economic cabin) of Beijing-Xi'an-Beijing with its a'port construction fee and fuel surcharge, tour body insurance.
Excluded: tip to guide and driver, taxi, int'l air tickets, service in Beijing,  any other service not included above.

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