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7 days Wild Panda Tracking Tour

let me say

7 days Adventure Trekking Photography Tour  Looking for

the biggest area of Panda in China

(7 daysTrack Wild Panda Bears in Foping Nature Reserve

Qinling Mountain)

Tour Code: XQ-S-012
Duration: 7 days
Hiking Distance: 
Hiking Time:  6-8h/day
Good time to visit: 
Apr, May, breeding season.
Group Size: 2 - 15 people
All year around available. Four seasons
Difficulty level: Severe
Qinling Mountains is one of the most biologically rich temperate forest in the world, a gene bank in China, a natural division between northern and southern China in terms of geography and climate.Qinling is an important component of the ecological system, so the wildlife is the precious natural assets, the Qinling Mountains are extremely biologically diverse, is the home to a number of endangered species.  Many Qinling plants and animals are rare and endangered, including the Ginkgo, the Chinese Mountain Larch, the Miaotai Maple and the Chinese Fir, Golden Monkey, Golden Takin, Crested Ibis, Golden Eagle, and Clouded Leopard, the giant panda bears.Many ecotourists to China come in search of the few Giant Pandas left in the wild. The Chinese government has created over 50 panda reserves protecting more than 10,400km² and yet despite these efforts there are estimated to be less than 1,600 Giant Pandas left on earth. A popular vacation starting point is the Qinling Mountains and Foping Nature Reserve where many wild giant Panda tours orginate.

 The Giant Panda is a true icon for endangered wildlife. Yet today the future of the Giant Panda is particularly fragile. This peaceful, bamboo-eating member of the bear family faces a number of threats. Its forest habitat, in the mountainous areas of southwest China, is fragmented and Giant Panda populations are small and isolated from each other.
Hiking tour route:  . Liangfengya area--- Sanguanmiao Protection Station's (15KM)--Sanguanmiao Protection Station's----Liangfengya area

special surprise: We hope to encounter wild Giant Pandas on this trip, however sightings of wild Pandas cannot be guaranteed. We will not visit any of the captive "sanctuaries" - this is a trip designed to see Pandas in-the-wild.

The giant panda, a black-and-white bear, has a body typical of bears. It has black fur on ears, eye patches, muzzle, legs, and shoulders. The rest of the animal's coat is white. Although scientists do not know why these unusual bears are black and white, some speculate that the bold coloring provides effective camouflage into their shade-dappled snowy and rocky surroundings. The panda's thick, wooly coat keeps it warm in the cool forests of its habitat. Giant pandas have large molar teeth and strong jaw muscles for crushing tough bamboo. Many people find these chunky, lumbering animals to be cute, but giant pandas can be as dangerous as any other bear.

Giant Panda:China Giant pandas are known as the living fossils and the national treasures . They are black and white bears that live in temperate-zone bamboo forests in central China. Among the best recognized but rarest animals in the world, they have come to symbolize endangered species and conservation efforts.


Day by day itinerary  (每日行程)

Day 1 Arrive in Xi'an 


Place & Transport: Arrive in Xian, Flight not included

Today's Activities:Upon your arrival in Xian, our tour guide will meet you at the airport and take you to the hotel.

Day02:xi'an To  FoPing  .(B/L/D)

departure from xi'an, along the XiHan highway. Exit of ShiQuan in FoPing. Pass of DaheBa town, along the 108 state road , then arrive in FoPing county,it has 38KM between them. 200KM from xi'an to FoPing, around 3 hours. Visiting the publicity and education center of human and natural, is regards as" the first animal's Herbarium in northwest." With the world's only brown giant panda named"Dandan" close to one place, visit the hundreds of species of rare wild animals' herbarium, and enjoy the Foping ecological pictures, understanding  the Qinling informations, to enhance the harmony between human and nature .(about 40 minutes)  along State Road 108 to the north, after the arrival at Taping valley for 22KM, sightseeing other interests.

In FoPing, There are more than 87% forest there, rich in natural resources, is regards as the natural biological gene room. There are 13 species of first level of national protetion, in which giant panda, takin, golden monkeys and other animals protection at the national level.and have the giant panda protection center to protect them ,the most important is Foping National Nature Reserve.
Giant Panda in QinLing is a newly name of panda in China.mainly in QinLing mountain in Shaanxi.FoPing located in the south of QinLing mountain. And have more than 110-130 giant panda, About each 0.48 Sq Km has one panda. DanDan was found here, Mar-May of each year, pandas are all go down to the mountains foot, always can met them to tourists
Foping, is the only approved by the UNESCO in Shaanxi to the World Network of Biosphere Reserves in the Reserve. But the most beautiful and attractive are the giant panda, golden monkey, takin, golden eagles and other national  wild plants and animals.The greatest density of giant pandas, Qinling has the best preserved primeval forests, quiet graceful landscape, honest folk, drawing people's footsteps. Go into the Foping World Biosphere Reserve, to experience nature, explore the giant panda.

Day03: FoPing to  Sanguanmiao Protection Station's .(B/L/D)

About 18KM to FengLiangya by bus.This is the end of the road,and is also the ending of model civilization , go on driving to direction of xi'an to DongHeTai,
Along the road,then turn light to enter FoPing reservation(remarking).Then along the cement road about 2 KM, then continue 6KM, reach the reception of PianYanzi(also named YangFengYa),then reach the reservation , you can see a beautiful landmark in FengLiangYa--panda eye, then take photos here, about 1.5 hours.the pack up, Drive to  viewing tower, and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Here is the Giant Panda Conservation Area boundary line in Foping,then begin trekking, go into the habitat of giant panda, find out panda signs, meet panda, takin, Golden Pheasant and other rare animals, bird. Through the HuoDiBa, watch the stream and fortes of bamboo. Entrance to the unqie giant panda research center, seeing the beautiful scenery while walking, About 8 KM, eat food during the way, around 3.5 hours. Arrive in Sanguan temple before dark. There are 26 pandas, here is the biggest area in China. so everyone should be in good physical condition as some days the tracking may be quite difficult. Indeed, if you wish to join this trip you should be able to walk up and down sometimes slippery terrain, the trails can be quite steep and scrambling up or down steep slopes may be necessary.

Experience:as the Europeans who live in the developed countries,facing the quiet mountains, We loving this place right now. And eyes is not enough to watch everything around us. Surprised with everything, walking 8 KM from Liangfengya to Sanguan temple.  things are too beautiful to feeling tired. Climbing the mountain about 15KM, the higher , the more difficult,  and feel a little tired, arriving in Sanguan Temple at night. The feature is about 2500KM here.Talking with staff of protecting station. To know more habits of Giant panda.

Meal(s):The price of Sanguan Temple's meals slightly higher than other places, everything went by the operation, they do not produce,by themselves. about breakfast  farm's special meals about  a table for eight people, game, bamboo shoots, black fungus mushrooms simmered chicken, egg and other soil, the staple food rice

Day04: Foping Nature Reserve / Panda tracking..(B/L/D)

Full day hiking and trekking around, to track the trace of wild pandas in the mountains, hike up or walk down per the season time (wild panda will go lower to the area at about 1500M for food in winter, even 1000m , and 2000m in summer) , wild Giant Pandas and of course some of the other wildlife found in the area, such as Golden Takin, Asiatic Black Bear, the elusive Golden snub-nosed monkeys and a wealth of birdlife, including Crested Ibis, pheasants and tragopans. Indeed the Foping National Nature Reserve has recorded some 68 mammal species, 217 species of birds, 38 species of reptiles, 15 species of fishes and over 1,250 species of insects.
You should be able and willing to carry a small day-pack with you, that contains your camera, binoculars, rain gear, bottled water, and your boxed lunch, to allow us maximum time out in the reserve.                    overnight in Sanguanmiao Station hostel

After breakfast,Searching the giant panda on foot in this area. Walk in the  dense forest.Just only little sunshine in the trees,sometimes,

DAy05: Foping Nature Reserve / Panda tracking...(B/L/D)

climbing and trekking the mountains whole day, Tracking the traces of wild giant pandas in the mountains, climbing up or walking per season (wild giant pandas in the area will be reduced to about 1,500 meters in the winter food, and even 1000 meters, and the summer of 2000 meters), in the SanGuan Temple Station Hotel overnight.

Day06: Foping Nature Reserve / Panda tracking...(B/L/D)

Trekking in different road or directions, this way, you can visit the
        panda inner mountains. Live in SanGuan Temple Full day hiking and trekking around, in different direction or different mountain road, per the possiblity to watch wild pandas in the wild mountain, overnight in Sanguanmiao Station hostel.
In the remote mountain forests of Qinling Mt.Qin, there are rare wild animals as: giant panda bears, golden snub-nosed monkeys, pere david's squirrel, flying squirrels, serow, golden takin, musk deer, goral, golden pheasant, elliot's laughing thrush, black-throated tits, great tit, vinous-greasted parrotball, Chinese babas, rufous-capped babbler, streak-breated scimitar babbler, white-capped river chat, orange-flanked bluetail etc.
In this tour, you can watch most of above wild animals, of course if good luck, you can watch the wild live panda even loving / breeding pandas / panda fighting, as well as the brown giant panda bears. In general no problem to catch the footprint or panda trace of wild panda. And usually we will arrange local ranger to help us to track wild pandas, and the ranger is familiar with the wild panda's ranging route and activity.

Day07: Sanguanmiao Protection Station's tO Xi'an .(B/L/D)

trekking on the mountains and tracking giant panda, it depends on chance. To see the Panda is the opportunity, you may not see a wild giant panda, but you can proudly say, "I am traveling in protecting areas I have close to the Panda ever. "The last wild pandas live in this land is not isolated, Qinling takin, pheasant can all can met,  i confirm that you can see the panda,.about 12:00 ,drive back to Xi'an. Free day in Xi'an, overnight in Xi'an


Quotation (In RMB, per person, 7days, basis of 2persons share one room):
12000RMB/p.p.  single supplement:
Minimum 2 persons, Maximum 10 persons.

Deparutre: Daily.
If falls 30Apr-07May, 29Sep-07Oct, then cost adjusted up..

Included: local style meals marked (ready-food arranged while trekking), accommodaiton in marked hotel or hostel, transfer and transportation by private car, private Engilsh speaking guide service, entrance fee for sightseeing, permit to Foping Nature Reserve, Natural Reserve environment protection fee,  tour body insurance.
Excluded: tip to guide and driver, taix and free day, porter fee for your luggage if you need, any other service not included above.

Leading by the guide:We went into the giant panda habitat.Wizard has repeatedly cautioned, against cross the foot of the branches, feeling the habitat of giant pandas , Don't deliberately to find out it, depends on luck, in short, do not disturb its normal life.In the evening, early morning or evening activities are done of giant pandas,

Live in reserve station, although not as the city's star hotels, room two beds, some simple, but the silence of the night, a short while, the dream came from the heart ---

We make a contribution of $250 per person to the Foping Nature Reserve on behalf of each tour participant, funds that help support the ongoing protection and conservation of wild Giant Pandas.
We employ local people throughout operation of the tour. By employing local people (guides, porters, cooks, drivers, etc) this trip contributes to the local community of the people living adjacent to the National park, it helps improve their well-being. We use locally owned and operated lodges and outfitters. This ensures all revenues help support the local community and help reinforce the concept that responsible and sustainable ecotourism can improve the local community and is a viable economic pursuit. We use only local goods and services.

In our home office we constantly strive to improve our conservation practices, and reduce paper and printing by doing all of our communication electronically wherever possible. All our practices and efforts help demonstrate that ecotourism is a viable economic alternative to exploiting natural resources in a non-renewable or non-sustainable manner.

Special meal(s): the territory of the protected areas inaccessible by road, so alll the things there should by horses.for Foreigners, hanging on the fireplace on the bacon, and some do not understand, until they eat , he kept praise, blink of an eye, the plate is empty.
Transportation(s):scenic spots in the access to highways.Return from Liangfengya Sanguanmiao, horse riding, but riding in advance to contact,
To pack luggage, return very hard, physical bad, to advance to contact the horse.Specialty: specialty Sanguanmiao well, such as walnuts, honey, soil, meat, edible fungus, mushrooms, pure Baogu wine, local hospitality but also the land of honey to the boil Baogu Riga Heat wine to drink, be careful drunk.

Wizard:  find the panda needs wizard . the wizard about 100 yuan / person / day for at least need to arrange for 1-2 Wizards. And have good relationship with guide, to guide an ample supply of dry food and water,need to pay for the meals to guide

the area we are visiting is in the mountainous interior so temperatures will be cool at night, warm during the day. We advise pack clothing that can be worn in layers, and be prepared for cool and/or possible wet conditions.

2009, the research staff of protected areas Foping Sanguan Temple protection stations in the vicinity of Lijiagou, fire dam area to find  five or six pandas mating competition for the precious right to fight scenes, shocking Giant fields.Data shows that the around the SanGuan temple, about 1.5 square kilometers with a giant panda, giant pandas of all nature reserves in the region with the highest density, and big chance of meeting giant panda.Here is the high degree of harmony between human and nature areas, but rather cold in winter, especially during the winter to find pandas, walking in the snow, more cold, warm to do well.backing Few days journey, did not feel tired , but people think it is something more to say.Sitting on the returnbus, watching the scenery speeding backwards, and my heart feel more sadly, beautiful Foping, gave me an unforgettable life experience, it is difficult to describe surprising moment, with the scenery outside the window, i left this beautiful place.I'm going !Foping ,unforgettable experience for me, I gradually moving away from you in waves between the blur, but in my heart, have left a deep imprint in my memory. If there is an opportunity, I will come back to this palce, the magic of Foping!

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